Batman 1 - FANCAST

Batman 1 - FANCAST

My second fancast and this time it's the Caped Crusader.

Right well, this is my second overall fancast but my first actually about a CBM and I'm doing a Batman trilogy.

The main reason of doing this is to fill my abscence while I'm working on an L.A. Noire one. Most of the inspiration for this movie I've got in my head is Mask of the Phantasm and Batman: Year Two.

Bruce Wayne/Batman - Eric Bana 42 6'2.5" (Munich, Star Trek)

I wanted an older, more grizzled Batman than the usual big screen adaptions, and I narrowed it down to 4 choices Jon Hamm, who I eliminated because he looks too well-kempt to be the Batman I'm imagining, Hugh Jackman, who I went against due to him already being Wolverine, Karl Urban and Eric Bana, I chose Eric Bana mainly due to fact I think he's a better actor than Karl and he's just that bit taller.

The Joker - Joaquin Phoenix 36 5'8" (Gladiator, Walk the Line)

Joaquin is a phenomenal actor and I would love to see his take on the Joker, plus he was a way more original choice than my other two picks, James Franco and Michael Fassbender.

Rachel Caspian - Jenna Fischer 37 5'5.5" (The Office, Blades of Glory)

I wanted an actress who was no more than 5 years younger than Batman to make the ages work, eventually I ended upon Fischer and granted I've only seen her do comedy, I think she could do this.

District Attorney Harvey Dent - Henry Cavill 28 6'1" (Stardust, Tristan + Isolde)

Yep, I've chosen Superman but this is my DCCU so Zack Snyder's Superman won't exist. I chose the relatively young Cavill to give Dent the young hot shot appeal that he's achieving things faster than most. The other actors I considered but decided against were David Boreanez, I just thought Henry Cavill would do a better job, Richard Roxburgh, would've picked him if he still looked like when he played Dracula in Van Helsing but he's aged since then, and Hugh Dancy, I just remembered that he was one of the last candidates for Nolan's Batman so he must be good but that's also why I went against because I just dont know who the hell he is.

Judson Caspian/The Reaper - Stephen Lang 58 5'10.5" (Avatar, The Men Who Stare at Goats)

I chose Lang because he delivers what I need for the Reaper, an old man but still believable that he could do what he does. The others I considered for Reaper were Harrison Ford, who I thought would be good but Lang would be better, and Ian McShane, who I thought would be too small and not as believable as Ford or Lang.

Sal Maroni -Jack Davenport 38 6'2" (Pirates of the Carribean, The Talented Mr. Ripley)

An unusual choice, yes, but not unfounded, I believe that Davenport is a hugely under-rated actor deserving of more Hollywood roles. The other considered actors for Maroni were Jim Caviezel, who I thought would be too physically imposing for this role, Christopher Eccleston and Aidan Gillen, both of which I just thought Davenport would do a better job than.

Alfred Pennyworth - John Hurt 71 5'9" (V for Vendetta, Hellboy)

No stranger to CBMs, I picked Hurt because he's one of the greatest actors ever and would be perfect for the role of Alfred. The other contenders for Alfred were Malcolm McDowell, Terence Stamp and Jeremy Irons, but none of them have that almost fatherly appeal that Alfred has.

Commissioner James Gordon - David Wenham 45 6' (300, Public Enemies)

Wenham is one of my favourite actors and in my opinion he would be amazing as Jim Gordon.

Detective Harvey Bullock - Mark Wahlberg 40 5'9" (The Fighter, Entourage)

When picking Bullock, I ended up upon two choices, Liev Schreiber, who I believed would be physically brilliant as Bullock, and Wahlberg who I thought would be mentally brilliant as Bullock in the end I went with the mentality of Bullock as it's easier for fans to accept physical change than mental change.
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