BATMAN (Bale) vs HULK (Norton) : CBM Battle Poll

BATMAN (Bale) vs HULK (Norton) : CBM Battle Poll

Battle of the BRUCEs, this is a classic scenario of Brains vs Brawns. Another David and Goliath fight but who is the David and who is the Goliath?

“Universe diverges” -anonymous
“Multiverses converge” – anonymous

My name is Bruce. I held my own against a man who can fly, who moves faster than a speeding bullet and stronger than any mechanical monstrosity I know, a superman. I held my own against a man with swords coming out of his fist, who is able to heal instantaneously, and behaves like a feral creature, like a wolverine. The odds are always stacked against me but I always prevail. Now I find myself standing on the soft blades of grass outside a city’s perimeter and what I see blending with the green shade of grass is a hulking behemoth left arm winded and ready to launch a haymaker. Do not panic Bruce remember your training.

My name is Bruce. Right now, I am only a portion of the consciousness of a hulking monster.
A monster who is rage incarnate, a monster who thinks that he is the strongest there is. He would not have been wrong if only he did not meet that flying man in blue tights. This is the first time he met defeat and believe me he will try to make it the last. I cannot control what he does but can see what he sees. And now what he sees is a man dress like a bat, he will reason with this man the only way he knows how – with his fist.

“Initiate battle scenario.”
“BATMAN of universe nlv chosen”
“HULK of universe 199999 chosen”
“Battle scenario initiated.”



[RULE: Try to base the outcome on the characters abilities in the movies and not the comics. You could check them here.

info for BATMAN[here].]

info for HULK[here].

The battle is not planned. The arena is a grassland.

Writing a detailed description of the battle and the result is greatly encouraged (go wild!). You know where to write it.

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