Batman Beyond Fancast

Batman Beyond Fancast

For my first fancast, I chose one of my favorite series, Batman Beyond. I tried to use some out of the box picks and keep it original, so let me know what you think.

Batman Beyond Fancast

Terry McGinnis/Liam Hemsworth

I have seen a lot of people put Logan Lerman on a lot of fan casts for Terry, but I think he is too small for the role. I think Liam Hemsworth has the right edge necessary for Terry and do justice to the role.

And for the big guy…

Bruce Wayne/Robert Redford

Now I know this seems odd at first, but I think Redford would be perfect in this role. I saw an article on here a while ago that says at one time Paul Newman was the studio’s choice when they were considering making a movie. I thought that Newman would be perfect, but since he is dead I began thinking of other actors like him and I thought of Redford from when they did Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. He is the right age and definitely has the chops for an older Bruce. If you go back and watch Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid he can definitely pull off a great older Batman.

Barbara Gordon/Linda Hamilton

For Barbara I think we need a really badass actress and who better than Sarah Connor herself. Her in T2 is just perfect for an older Barbara.

Sam Young/Delroy Lindo

The husband of Barbara Gordon not a big role. I loved Lindo in Gone in 60 seconds and think that he looks just like Sam Young.

Derek Powers(Blight)/Michael Douglas

Who better than Gordon Gekko himself as Derek Powers. Just go back and watch either Wall Street movie and you know he would be awesome in this role.

Dana Tan/Brenda Song

I know this one isn’t very original, but I looked online for a while and there aren’t that many young hot Asian actresses who can also act. I considered Jamie Chung, but at 29 I felt that she was too old in comparison to Hemsworth so I went with Brenda Song. I think in the Social Network she proved herself to be a good actress and worthy of a bigger role.

Max Gibson/Kat Graham

This is the pick I struggled with the most, but I think Kat Graham would be a good pick. She’s the right age, only a year older than Hemsworth and I believe that she does a great job on the Vampire Diaries and could do a great Max, but if anyone has any better suggestions I’m definitely open to whomever.

Warren McGinnis/Sam Neill

I know that this isn’t a very big role, but I feel that its important to have a veteran actor play Terry’s dad and I think that Sam Neill has the right feel to portray this part and convey the right emotions to motivate Terry to become Batman.

Mary McGinnis/Julianne Moore

This pick has been used a lot, but I recently saw The Kids are all Right and while watching it I had this in mind. If you watch that movie she is perfect as a mom and could do a great job in this role.

Matt McGinnis/Colin Ford

I have only seen him on Supernatural, but I think he does a great job as a young Sam would nail the role of Matt.

The Joker/Tim Drake/Michael Shannon

Ever since I saw him in Revolutionary Road I thought he would make a great villain, particularly the Joker. I think it might be cool if Tim started to resemble the Joker as he got older as a result of the Joker’s experiments as seen in Batman Beyond Return of the Joker. If you’ve seen his monologue in Revolutionary Road you know he would make a great joker.

That's it for now, tell me what you guys think.
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