Batman Decadence Part One

Batman Decadence Part One

Part one of my Batman script.

Batman/Bruce Wayne - Kit Harington
Carmine Falcone - Viggo Mortensen
Pamela Isley - Jessica Chastain
Hugo Strange - Robin Williams
Alfred Pennyworth - Geoffery Rush
James Gordon - Bryan Cranston

Film starts with a pure black screen showing the name of the movie, cast members, director, ect, ect in white font as he hear Bruce Wayne's voice.

Bruce Wayne: I beleive my comitiment to Gatham stems from me seeing it fall lower even since my parents murders. I worry about people that have gone through the pain I've gone through, and with crime rates up and employment low that worry would eat me alive if I didn't do my share to help out.

We see a room full of students and professers applauding and Bruce on a podium in the front.

Bruce Wayne: Any questions?

Student: What go you attribute Gotham's rapid increase in crime rate in the last three years to.

Bruce Wayne: I think there was an ignorance to notice that the crimes happening in Gotham were not just random occurences, but likely well organized and manipulated by a higher power.

Student: Any guesses as to who that higher power might be?

Bruce Wayne: That's for the Gotham City Police to find out. Any more questions?

Hugo Strange: What's your opinion on the so called Batman who it seems has been fighting more crime than the police as of late.

Bruce Wayne: He seems like a pretty interesting dude doesn't he. (laughs) But really as of right now there is nothing I can have aganst him. It looks like I'm out of time. I would like to thank Gotham University for having me and I wish all of you a great year. (applause)

We cut a giant Batman logo with loud, intense orchastra music playing in the backround.

Next we see Bruce and Alfred walking down a hall with a long line of paparazi following.

Bruce Wayne: I tell you Al these press apperences are going to be the death of me.

Alfred Pennyworth: Considering what you've been up to I think your death will be much more gruesome.

Bruce Wayne: I'd take grusome over this any day. Where are we off to next?

Alfred Pennyworth: Remember? You're going to visit with Pamela Isley about starting a Bontology Depatment for Wayne Medical.

Bruce Wayne: Is she good looking?

Alfred Pennyworth: You'll just have to wait and see.

They arrive at her lab and Bruce walks in to see dropping some liquid on a plant.

Bruce Wayne: What are you doing?

Pamela Isley (without looking up): Trying to cure every disease you've ever heard of.

Bruce Wayne: And how is that?

Pamela Isley (still not looking up): In certain cases plants can act almost identical to a human when they get a virus.

Bruce Wayne: How about you tell me more about that over dinner sometime?

Pamela Isley (looks up and is shocked): You're Bruce Wayne.

Bruce Wayne: That I am. So 7 tommarow at The Fox Gardens. Sound good?

Pamela Isley: Oh my gosh. Yes of course. It would be my honor.

Bruce Wayne: The Honors all mine.

Bruce leaves the room and meets alfred in the hallway and they start walking down it again.

Alfred Pennyworth: Was she good looking?

Bruce Wayne: I wouldn't be bringing her to The Fox Gardens if she wasn't. Where to now?

Alfred Pennyworth: Our last stop is at Dr. Hugo Strange's room.

Bruce Wayne: Weird Name. Who is he?

Alfred Pennyworth: Only the most brilliant biologist, chemist, and Psycholigist in th world. Don't be surprised if he says something crazy. He's insane.

Bruce Wayne: We'll get along fine. I am too.

Alfred Pennyworth: That I agree with.

They arive at Hugo Strange's room and Bruce walks in to his room to see Hugo sitting on a large chair looking strait at him.

Hugo Strange: What is your opinion on the concept of a hero Mr. Wayne.

Bruce Wayne: Everybody can be a hero to somebody because the concept of right and wrong is different to everybody.

Hugo Strange: I disagree Mr. Wayne. I beleive the concept of a hero is based on knowlage. Real knowlage is not obtained through hard work Mr. Wayne, it is a natural feeling that very few people in the world have, almost supernatural.

Bruce Wayne: I guess you're a hero then.

Hugo Strange: Hahahahaha, I'll take that as a compliment. Here, Mr. Wayne let me show the current project I'm working

They walk over to a table with many bottles of liquid and testing tubes on it and Hugo holds up a bottle of thick green liquid on it.

Hugo Strange: This liquid is the key to enhancing human kind. Let me show you.

Hugo takes a piece of human skin and cuts it with a dull scissors.

Hugo Strange: See how easy that broke? Well look what happens after I dip this in liquid.

The liquid bubbles and Hugo takes it out and it looks tanner and a little thicker than before. Hugo takes the Scissors and tries to cut the skin but it does not break.

Hugo Strange: You see Mr. Wayne this serum does not just strengthen skin it can strengthen the entire body.

Bruce Wayne: This is amazing Dr. Strange. What is it made out of?

Hugo Strange: Let's just say its a growth hormone on a growth hormone.

Bruce Wayne: Hahahahaha. Why isn't this being used?

Hugo Strange: Its too strong. We have no idea how this could effect a human heart or how drastically this could change facial features.

Bruce Wayne: What about trying this on animals or plants?

Hugo Strange: Thats whats amazing, it doesn't affect them. I beleive that there is something undiscovered that is in every part of a human structure. Something that keeps at the top of the food chain. This growth serum taps in to that and could change human kind as we know it. Mr. Wayne, if I could use Wayne Enterprise's resources I will change the world.

Bruce Wayne: Dr. Strange, I can honestly say this is one of the intriguing concepts I have ever heard, but there is no fit for this at Wayne Enterprises. It's just too risky for a company based on everyday people.

Hugo Strange: I don't think you understand.

Bruce Wayne: I'm sorry it wouldn't work.

Hugo Strange: Very well. I thank you for your time.

Bruce Wayne: It was my pleasure.

Bruce leaves the room and we see Hugo Strange walk into a room with news clippings about Batman all over the side walls. On the front wall we see a large picture of Batman with a picture of Hugo's head taped over Batman's head.

Next we see Bruce in the Batcave (which is very much like a normal cave) staring at a large screen with a picture of Carmine Falcone with a little bio.

Bruce Wayne: You know that higher power someone asked about?

Alfred Pennyworth (dusting in backround): Yes.

Bruce Wayne: I'm positive its Carmine Falcone.

Alfred Pennyworth: What makes you say that?

Bruce Wayne: At four out of the six murders I've investigated theres been descrete remains of roses that the cops have failed to notice, probably because they're connected to him. I've never seen Carmine not waring a rose and drugs were just found in one of his shipping boxs. It just adds up

Alfred Pennyworth: How about I invite him and his family for dinner some night?

Bruce Wayne: That's a fantastic idea, it can't be tonnarow though I have already got that date with the Isley girl.

Alfred Pennyworth: Do you honestly think I didn't know that?

Bruce Wayne: You're one of a kind Al, you know that.

Alfred Pennyworth: I know. Are you going one of your little scavengers tonight?

Bruce Wayne: Is there any trouble?

Alfred Pennyworth: Hostages are being held at a jewerly store. Its not just one guy theres a large group of thugs there.

Bruce Wayne: Well I better get going then.

Bruce goes behind a curtain to get changed. He comes out waring a dark, strpped down costume with a very visible belt that contains all his gadgets. He walks over to the batcycle and gets the engine going.

Alfred Pennyworth: Be careful.

We see Batman ride off on the Batcycle and the last shot is of Alfred looking uneasy watching him ride off.

I know not a ton of stuff happened in this part, but I just wanted too see if you guys liked the direction I was going. Comments would be appreciated!
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