Batman Fancast

Batman Fancast

My first DC fancast

This is my first DC fancast, and who better than the only DC character I like. Batman, I understand that some choices maybe considered weak but hear me out.

Zac Efron as Bruce Wayne/Batman

I know I'm gonna get hate for this but hear me out, Ignore his High School Musical past. Efron is a damn good, strong actor, watch 17 Again and The Lucky One. I feel that is all the proof you need to show why he can play Bruce Wayne. Plus he is buff for the most part so I feel he could play Batman as well.

Sir Ian McKellen as Alfred Pennyworth

This man is such a great actor, if there is one thing that the original films and the remake did right is cast the perfect Alfred(s) and I feel he is another one.

Denzel Washington as Lucius Fox

He would make an awesome Lucius Fox, face it. He is such a great actor.

Rachael McAdams as Vicki Vale

I know I use her alot, but to me she is just an absolutely beautiful woman and insanely good actress plus I think she'd have good chemistry with Efron.

Ryan Gosling as Harvey Dent

Ryan Gosling is such a great actor and I feel he would make an awesome Harvey Dent and possibly a damn good Two-Face in a sequel.

William H. Macy as Commissioner Jim Gordon

I think he's the perfect Jim Gordon next to THE perfect Jim Gordon, Gary Oldman.

Josh Hartnet as Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow

I think Josh Hartnet is a great actor and very under rated and he needs a big role to really show his ability and I think something like this could really boost him.

Adrien Brody as Ra's al Ghul

He is a very strong and straight laced actor and I think he could pull something like this off.

John Cusack as The Joker

I know there would be some odd choices and this is one of them. But for some reason when I was trying to come up with people good for the role, I was really struggling then I came to John Cusack and his movie The Raven and I know he plays the good guy but it just seemed right.

Whatya think? I was thinking I post more for a Batman Sequel fancast. Any suggestions or friendly advice. Just state them below and remember to be respectful.
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