Batman: Frozen Hell: Part 5

Batman: Frozen Hell: Part 5

The fifth part is here! Yet again, secrets are revealed, secrets are made, and secrets are kept. So click the link and start reading!

Batman is scanning the area for any signs of leftover heat from Firefly's jetpack. He picks up a heat signature.

Batman: "Alfred, I've got a lock on Lynn's signature. I'll contact you when I've got him."
Alfred: "Good luck, Master Bruce."
Batman followed the heat, and went across Gotham. He arrived at an old Sionis meat-packing building. Batman went inside. There was nothing. He turned back around and tried to get out through the door. It was locked. The roof opened up, and a huge screen lowered down. It turned on.
Batman: "Lynns."
Lynns: "Please Batman, do I use your name? Call me Firefly. And don't act surprised. I used to be a CEO. Very smart, very rich."
Batman: "You caused the fire at the theater."
Firefly: "It seems my plan has been worked out. Can you tell me the rest?"
Batman: "You wanted an excuse to use the suit. To have more power."
Firefly: "You know that much. Any more?"
Batman: "Then Fries happened. You knew about Nora and you knew that she was with Fries. Well I can track you. And I will stop you."
Firefly: "Thank you Batman. Thank you. I never knew where...Nora, was. Heh, heh. I can't wait to see the look of horror on her face as bones are reduced to ash."
Batman: "Damn it! Don't go! Your sick. Fries and I are working on the only cure!"
The screen turned off.
Batman: "Damn it!"
He busted down the door, and walked out. Batman saw a smashed camera on the ground, and looked up. Firefly jetted away, towards Fries' lab. Batman got in the Batmobile.

Catwoman and Robin are searching for any sign of trouble.

Catwoman: "Robin, I need to tell you something. You're the only one I can tell."
Robin: "Okay. Um, let me guess, you don't no if you really love Bruce or not but know that he'll never love you because of his dark, brooding demeanor."
Catwoman: "What the hell? Yes, but, what the hell?"
Robin: "I've been living with the guy. Trust me he feels the same way."
Catwoman: "Mm-hm."
Robin: "Fine. Don't believe me. It'll only make things worse."
Catwoman: "What if this is ever over? What would I do? I mean, why do I still do this?"
Robin: " do know that your taking advice on how to live your life from a thirteen year old, right?"
Catwoman: "Look, what would I do? I keep fighting crime because I like the rush, and the excitement. If this is ever over, what would I do?"
Robin: "Um...well, going back to my last answer, you could settle down, ask Bruce on a date, get married, and have Bat-babies."
Catwoman: "No, that could never happen. I couldn't just give this up."
Robin: "And crime will never stop coming. Don't worry. We're just building a dam that makes the water go around the dam."
Catwoman: "Mm. Wait, thugs, that building, lets go."
They grappled up to the roof of the building. There was a glass area on the roof.
Robin: "Convenient."
Catwoman: "Very."
They peered down. Sal Maroni was sending off a drug shipment.
Catwoman: "Okay, I go in, survey the area, take a few out, the truck goes out, you drop on, knock out the driver, take the wheel, and we're heroes."
Robin: "Mm-hm."
Catwoman opened a glass panel and latched onto the ceiling. She looked down. Each thug had a gun. There were 6 thugs, not including Maroni, and a man with an eyepatch. The thugs were all in a small crowd, watching the door. Catwoman dropped a smoke pellet. She dropped down on Maroni, taking his pistol. She shot each thug in the leg. They dropped to the floor, and she easily knocked them out. Then the man with the eyepatch came. He pulled out a small stick that grew out, and became a staff.
Catwoman: "A retractable staff. Nice. Y'know, I have this friend named Robin-"
He swung the staff at her. Catwoman grabbed the staff and punched the man on the eye patch. He grinned. He backed away, and ripped off his suit, revealing orange and black body armor. He then took off his eyepatch, revealing a hole where his eye should have been, with a layer of dried blood beneath it. The man ran at her, staff held back. She swung at him, he grabbed her wrist, broke the bone, twisted her arm behind her back, kicked her onto the floor, and hit her in the head with his staff.
Robin looked on, debating wether or not he should help Catwoman or stick to the plan.
The man shoved the staff into Catwoman's spine, and laughed. he turned her around, and forced her to look him straight in the hole. He put the staff to her throat as Maroni got in the truck.
It was now or never. Truck, or the man? Truck, or the man?
Robin crashed through the window, glided through the room, and kicked the man. Robin pulled out his staff. The man smiled.
Catwoman ran out and grappled onto the truck. She held on, and made her way to the seat. She went in and grabbed Maroni by the throat. She broke the glass window, and threw him out of the truck. Into traffic. At high speeds. His body crashed into a windshield, and was thrown onto the passenger seat of a blue Ford. The car pulled over, and the driver called the cops.
The two staffs collided, and Robin pushed the man's down, and kicked his groin. He showed no sign of pain. He held his staff in one hand, the other grabbed Robin's. He pulled on it, let go, and let it hit Robin's head. He ran behind him and grabbed the staff from a dazed Robin. He put them to his throat, and kicked his knees, causing Robin to fall.
The driver was smart enough to stop the car. Catwoman knocked him out, and drove back to the building.
Robin was choking. The man laughed as the truck came in. he forgot Robin. He pushed Robin in the way of the truck, as he grappled out of the way, leaving the man with a truck skidding in front of him. The man only smiled as the truck hit him, backed against a wall.

Gordon is watching the footage of Vale's news report. Detective HARVEY BULLOK is with him.

Gordon: "What the hell is this? And 'Firefly'? Could it have to do with Lynns?"
Bullok: "Of course it does. I bet that the guy who did this IS Lynns! Now Commissioner, I know that I'm new and all, but please just lend me some men so I can-"
Gordon: "For the last time Harvey, no. I will not give you any men to hunt down Batman! You have to realize that he's the good guy here! Has he ever killed anyone? No. He's always delivered goons here! And y'know what, he's saved Gotham two times. All of it. Possibly the world! And you still want to kill him!"
Bullok: "But one day he'll screw up. One day. I'll get evidence against him, the kid, and his lady friend! You'll see that I was always right."
Gordon: "Go. Leave my office Bullok, now!"
Bullok went out of the room. Gordon watched the broadcast again.

Batman burst into the room as Firefly burst through a flaming ceiling.

Firefly: "Hi Fries! Wanna watch my finest moment and Batman's first failure!?!"
Fries ran through a doorway.
Firefly: "Guess not. HA!"
Batman: "Stop this now Lynns! You can still stop this madness!"
Firefly: "And what makes you think I want to?"
He blasted a length of fire from his gun, directed towards Nora. A blast of ice stopped it. Firefly and Batman looked over and saw Fries in a suit. (It is similar to his suit in Arkham City, with the same robotic voice.)
Fries: "Step away from my wife. Now."
Firefly: "Hmm, how about...never you son of a bitch!"
He blasted another stream of fire at Nora, deflected by a second stream of ice. The two blasts collided, the fire melting the ice as the ice grew over the fire.
Fries: "Leave Batman. You are no help to me."
Batman: "I'm not just going to leave!"
Fries: "Go!"
Batman: "No! You need help!"
In the argument, Fries lost his advantage. His stream stopped in his anger. Firefly didn't waste the time. He blasted a fire ball that hit Fries' suit dead center, jamming the entire thing. He laughed.
Batman: "Don't do this!"
Firefly blasted a fireball. Fries screamed in anger. Batman threw a batarang. Firefly laughed as the fireball hit the ice, a batarang hit him, and Fries' suit went back online.

Bruce is isolating himself. Selina and Dick come in.

Selina: "Um, Bruce? I heard from Alfred that you...didn't save her?"
Bruce: "No. I didn't. Don't talk about that. Did anything?"
Dick:"Oh, Nothing happened."
Bruce: "Something happened. What was it? Clayface?"
Selina: "No. Nope. Drug dealing. Sal Maroni. We stopped them, that's it."
Bruce: "You're such a child. Just tell me."
Selina: " have, completely accidentally...killed a man."
Bruce: "What? What!?!"
Selina: "I had a truck, he had Dick by the throat. What would you have done if Dick was choking, and the guy who had him was seconds away from killing him!?!"
Bruce: "I would have found a way."
Selina: "And if there was no time!?!"
Dick: "I'm just going to leave."
Bruce: "Stay. Here."
Selina: "Let him go, he doesn't have to stay!"
Bruce: "Maybe he should!"
Selina: "You know what? I'm taking my suit, and I...I'm going. One mistake, or one necessary choice. I'm done. Fries was right. I'm done being the hero, never getting a reward, and risking my life every day and night for this landfill of a city!"
Bruce: "No. That's not what I meant! There's a new detective! If he gets anything on Batman he's-and she's gone."
Dick: "Can I..."
Bruce: "Yes. Yep, go. Whatever."

And that's the end of part 5! Next part is this weekend! And don't forget to vote on my next work! Here are the choices:

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Until next time, Comiccow6.
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