Batman Reboot

Batman Reboot

My ideas on of how the rebooted Batman should go. (A slightly edited version)

Since July, Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy has ended. Since then, Warner Bros has announced their intention to reboot the character.

As if right now, it looks like the rebooted Batman will make his appearance in the Justice League film in 2015. I personally like the idea of introducing him in the JL film first instead of them doing another solo-film. I think they should make Batman steal the show like what they did with the Hulk in the Avengers film. When they casted Mark Ruffalo instead of Edward Norton, fan weren't happy at all. After seeing The Avengers, everybody is prasing his performance and they want to see more of him in his own film. That would be a great way to do the rebooted Batman.


*Edit by me*

I made this as a teaser poster. I heard an interesting idea of them using the same costume from Batman: Arkham City which I personally love. Heck, I'd love to see a live-action version of the games in general. They had a very interesting feel to them as if they were taken right of the comic book pages. The chances are that they aren't going to use the costume in the movies. But I'd love to see the black and grey suit.

I'd like to see to see a different design with a similar concept. Keep the Grey and Black and insert different designs. I'd like to see him have some eye wear, it'd be something not done before in a Batman movie.

In Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, we saw Ethan Hunt used Electromagnetic gloves to climb Burj Khalifa. Ever since I saw that scene, I thought that it would be cool to see in a Batman film. I'd love to see him use that gadget.


- The film should start a few years into his career as Batman. Give the into a Hulk-styled intro which included flashbacks of the important stuff. It should include his parents getting shot and him making the suit.

- Batman should be alone which means he doesn't have Robin just yet. However, we'll see a reference to the Flying Graysons. (Include him in the sequel, though.)

- The villain should be someone we haven't seen before on screen. I was thinking of Hush, Calender Man, or even Black Mask. I settled with Killer Croc since it should separate from the realism from the Nolan series and I think he'd look amazing on screen.

- Bruce/Batman is investigating murders across Gotham. Each victim is brutally ripped apart in a way. He starts to believe that the killer may not be human but a crocodile or alligator.

- The Gotham Police Department are investigating the case but Batman is the one who's finding out new information. (he doesn't really have backup).

- The film should hint other villains and characters in the Batman universe. Similar to how the Batman: Arkham video games did it.

- The final battle should take place in the sewers and Croc should look similar to his counterpart in Batman: Arkham Asylum.

When Robin is introduced into the universe, I'd like to see him looking this:

People love to bash Robin because of him being too "campy" for a dark themed Batman universe. If they use the same type of costume from Arkham City, I think Robin could be such a cool character of that universe. If they introduce different Robins give them each a different costume so they can be known as their OWN Robin.

If there's a Batman, there must be a Joker too.
When The Joker is introduced into the timeline, he should look like this:

No one can beat Heath Ledger's performance. However, the only way to to do just as good as Ledger's Joker is to do a completely different type of Joker. I'd like to see a Joker very similar to the comic books. I'd want to to see more laughs and more jokes as from the comic books. In the reboot series, I wanna see his origin to the Joker where he's the Red Hood first.
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