Batman Reboot Fan-Cast

Batman Reboot Fan-Cast

With the Christopher Nolan adaptions at an end, there is talks of a potential reboot at hand for our Caped Crusader, Batman. Here are my picks on who should play who on the inevitable reboot in the near future.

Matt Bomer as Bruce Wayne/ Batman

I think Matt Bomer would be an amazing Bruce Wayne/ Batman because he has the 'swag' that a rich billionaire has. If you have seen him in the show 'White Collar', you know he could definitely pull off a Bruce Wayne.

John Hurt as Alfred Pennyworth

John Hurt has the charisma and a father-like figure to him, which is what Alfred has. He would be great with Matt.

Denzel Washington as Lucius Fox

Lucius is a hard working man and so is Denzel, he would be perfect because he could bring a certain grittiness to the role along with characteristics of a good friend to Bruce.

Bryan Cranston as Commissioner Gordon

If you saw this man in Breaking Bad, you KNOW he can pull off anything, especially a special relationship towards Batman.

Maggie Grace as Vicki Vale

Maggie Grace has the look, the charm, and the means of getting anything she wants, just like Vicki Vale. She could play a great love interest also to Bruce Wayne.

David Tennant as Edward Nigma/ The Riddler

David Tennant can definitely pull off the cooky, zany, messed up guy that everyone knows the Riddler is. He could bring a new sort of feel to the character, just like Heath Ledger brought to the Joker.

Ray Winstone as Oswald Cobblepot/ The Penguin

Ray Winstone looks and seems like The Penguin. A ruthless guy who is out to get what he wants.

Kevin Spacey as Hugo Strange

If you saw Kevin Spacey in Se7en, you know he could play a messed up character again, especially since both characters are similar in a way.
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