Batman Reboot FANCAST

Batman Reboot FANCAST

As sad as it may be I fear it is necessary for a reboot and these are my choices for it...


Superman: Man of Steel
The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive
Wonder Woman
Batman Rebot

First I’m going to start out explaining why I think a reboot is necessary (after Batman 3).

As we all know: after Batman 3 Christopher Nolan and Jonathan Nolan won’t be coming back to make Batman 4 and if Christopher Nolan won’t be coming back then Christian Bale won’t be coming back (and I think I speak for most of us when I say that I am really tired of Bale and his cancer voice). Continuing that Batman series without the Nolan and Bale just won’t be the same. It will turn out like Joel Schumacher taking over the last Batman series: New actors, and a complete change in direction.

Also Christopher Nolan directly stated after making Batman Begins that in his “Nolan-verse” no other superheroes exist and fictional heroes were never invented. NOT EVEN ZORRO. How is a world with no other superheroes going to work out if they want to do a Justice League Movie?

I think that they should leave Nolan’s Batman Trilogy as it is and make a comic book faith Reboot which I will present here.

Director: Zack Snyder

Zak Snyder’s adaptation style is what I would like to see in a Batman Movie: close adaptation only slightly straying of the source material, and of course epic slow motion fight scenes.

Bruce Wayne/Batman: David Boreanaz (Bones)

I’ve heard that he was supposed to play Batman in Batman Begins before Christian Bale came into the picture. I think that it’s actually a pretty good choice for Batman I guess he just has that…presence.

Alfred Pennyworth: Sir Ian Mckellen (X-Men, Lord of the Rings)

The problem with casting Alfred is that on in the world actually looks like Alfred. But I figured I would at least find someone that has the same build as Afred. Take Ian Mckellen: add some makeup and boom! Alfred.

Lucius Fox: Billy Dee Williams(Star Wars)

Morgan Freeman would be impossible to replace but for some reason I always thought Lando would be a good Lucius Fox. Maybe having Billy Dee William could have a nod to the Timm Burton’s series.

Dick Grayson/Robin:Logan Lerman (Percy Jackson)

He seems better fit for Tim Drake but he’d make a good Grayson. Maybe they could combine Drake and Grayson’s characteristics and I don’t care what you guys say Lerman is a good actor.

Barbara Gordan/Batgirl: Emma Watson (Harry Potter)

Yeah, Hermione. I see a lot of similarities between Hermione and Barbara. There both smart, cute, innocent, all they need to do is dye her hair.

Commissioner Gordon: Bryan Cranston (Malcolm in the Middle)

I was looking for a younger commissioner and this seemed like the best choice.

Renee Montoya: Michelle Rodriguez (Avatar)

I wanted her for Montoya since I watched Avatar. (How about a spin off where she appears in a “The Question” movie.)

Harvey Bullock: Michael Chiklis (Fantastic Four)

He looks the part and looks the part. He’s better fit for this role than for The Thing.


These are just my favorite Batman Villains. I think most these castings are pretty good.

Joker: Crispin Glover (Back to the Future, Alice In Wonderland)

I don’t have to defend this he was born for the role.

Harley Quinn: Kristen Bell (Heroes)

I think we all wanted Britney Murphy but Kirsten Bell wouldn’t be bad. P.S I want the Arkham Asylum costume.

The Penguin: Philip Seymour Hoffman (Doubt)

We won’t be seeing him in Batman 3 so why not in a reboot.

The Riddler

Johnny Depp (Pirates of the Caribbean)

He’s really perfect but I also have a second choice.


David Tennant (Dr. Who)

I’ve this before but I LOVE Tennant and he’s expressed interest I the role. He would make a really intelligent version of the Riddler. Depp is better fit for the role but I love Tennant to much to pass this up.

Catwoman: Kate Beckinsale (Underworld)

She’s the only person that has expressed interest in the role and I don’t think Nolan would cast her (if she’s even in Batman 3).


Any Ideas? I can’t think of anyone. Eckenhart is hard to replace.

Scarecrow: Adrien Brody (The Pianist)

Think about it. He has the talent, he as the look, and he has the build.

Poison Ivy: Rachel Nichols (G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra)

She looks great green.

Mr. Freeze: Ed Harris (Apollo 13)

I want to see Mr. Freeze done correctly as a tragic villain not like how Arnold did it.

Killer Croc: Kevin Grevioux (Underworld)

No contest

Man Bat: Doug Jones (Hellboy)

He has the build and I’d like to see him play Man-Bat in human form.

Bane : Javier Bardem (No Country for Old Men)

I’d like to see Bane done correctly as a Main villain and CGI to make him HUGE!
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