Batman: Season One Episode list + New character roles available

The episode list as of 17/12/12 is now available. Plus casting call for final roles available in the series, along with new ones.

First half of Season One's episodes:

1-1: Pilot
1-2: E-Nigma
1-3: The Gotham Stratagem
1-4: The Ice Lounge
1-5: Gotham's Most Wanted
1-6: A Dark Knight for a Date
1-7: The Dark Knight Rises Part 1
1-8: The Dark Knight Rises Part 2

These are the first 8 episodes of the 16 episode first season of The Batman, episodes 3 and 4 are a two parter, along with episodes 7 and 8 to finish off the first half of the season.



HARVEY DENT: There are two sides to every story, on one hand Joker is a criminal mastermind with an obsession for destruction and chaos, on the other hand he's a genius with a knack for creating anarchy by causing two opposing forces to collide without knowing they're doing so. Then there's the Batman, the man who works in the shadows to preserve the light, the real question is why? Why does he do it? Maybe one day we'll find out.

HENRIETTA BROCKSTEAD (Harvey's wife): It's scary is all, knowing that someone like that is out there. I'm scared to go out, Harv, after everything Joker's done do you really think being in Gotham is a safe idea?

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VICKI VALE: After the riots that struck Gotham last night, police commissioner Walker has issued a public statement that offers $100,000 to whoever captures the Batman. Sources say the Batman is in hiding, after last night's attacks caused panic throughout the city.

WOMAN IN PINK: Who I am is none of your concern, say I told you, would it make things any easier? I think not. Bruce, your actions will lead to your death, I may have saved you here tonight but I am not going to help you again. You need to stop, before it's too late.

NORA FRIES: I am proud of you Victor, I always have been. But when this illness consumes me you must promise me something. Never break who you are. You're a good man, you will do great things and you must not look back on this day with vengeance. Promise me you will stay the same after I am gone.

PAMELA ISLEY: The flowers speak to me. The way they move, the way they dance on the wind and let off potent smells of heaven. Can you not smell it? Can you not hear them? They call to me, whisper to me in my dreams, I can feel them. Mother Nature gave me a gift, one I do not intend on wasting.

BARBARA GORDON SR: You get out of my house! This is all your fault! You're the reason he's dead you bastard! You should have protected him, you should have protected us, it's your fault, it's all your fault!

MICHAEL NEWFIELD: Please, I have a wife, two sons... I can't, please, please don't kill me. I swear, I'll do anything you want me to do, just please don't shoot me.

AMANDA TERRY: So, Bruce, what does a playboy like yourself do when you're not out skulking around bars in the middle of the night? Are you a stay-at-home type of guy or do you often find yourself watching from the shadows?

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Alan Jackson -> *VOICE ACTOR NEEDED*
Melissa Porter -> *VOICE ACTOR NEEDED*
Pauline Alonso -> *VOICE ACTOR NEEDED*
Bruce Wayne (8 years) -> *VOICE ACTOR NEEDED*

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That's that, hope everyone is looking forward to our series and good luck with the voice tests.

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