Batman: The Brave and the Bold--"Worlds' Finest"

Batman: The Brave and the Bold--"Worlds' Finest"

A fancast for something we can only dream of: the first-ever DC/Marvel crossover on television!

I really liked Batman: The Brave and the Bold, as it allowed a lot of characters you'd never think would be fit for animation to shine, if only for an episode or two. I really loved the series finale--I mean come on, who couldn't resist Henry Winkler as Ambush Bug!
It's also been a dream of mine to see the characters of DC Comics and Marvel Comics meet for the first time on the small screen. To me, it's animation where two sets of characters from two different companies can exist in the same universe. At the same time, I acknowledge that for most stories, the DC and Marvel Universes have to be separate--that is, until I came up with this little idea. I was inspired by Bill Sandefur's action figure fan comics that use DC Universe Classics figures and Marvel Legends figures.

And so I began to plot: "What If?..." Brave and the Bold had NOT ended, and in the grand cosmic scheme of things, DC and Marvel set aside their differences to have their characters meet on TV for the first time in animation history? Thus, I am laying out an idea for an animated hour-and-a-half long special that serves as the opener for a fourth Brave and the Bold season--which will be one of my future fancasts. The story will have a few tweaks:
-More characters have been added, while some have been changed out.
-The art style would conform to the one for Brave and the Bold.
-A lot of the voice actors would reprise their roles from the show, with some new faces being added.
-While the League heads to the MU, Batman calls on Guy, Booster Gold, Fire & Ice, and a few others to mind the Watchtower and the Earth while they're gone.
-The story's climax would be slightly altered, where instead of the K'Rbion Crystal merely shattering, but also unleashing a great wave of energy that merges the DC and Marvel universes together (similar to how Crisis on Infinite Earths did it), facilitating the team-ups I have planned for my future fancast.

The plot for this special is based on Sandefur's DCUC vs ML comic, where Darkseid comes to the Marvel Universe and recruits Thanos to help him put back together the K'Rbion Crystal, an object of great power that will allow Darkseid to unlock the Anti-Life Equation. To this end, both tyrants employ the villains of their respective universes to keep the heroes distracted--as well as trick said heroes into fighting each other. But an unknown player also has a stake in this conflict, and will stop at nothing to make sure Darkseid and Thanos fail.....

With that, let the voice cast be revealed! Just so I can save time and space, I chose each actor because of their ability, and nearly every one of them has lent their voices to a DC animated program.
For the DC side of things (most roles are being reprised):

Justice League and allies
Roger Rose as Superman

Superman, responding to a robbery at STAR Labs, ends up being knocked out and captured by Darkseid and held prisoner under a red sun lamp. Sorry, but for most of this special, he's out of the picture.

Diedrich Bader as Batman

With Superman gone, Batman ends up having to take command of the Justice League. While in the Marvel Universe, he ends up trading blows with Captain America (making him the first to realize the Avengers are good guys) and the Taskmaster.

Vicki Lewis as Wonder Woman

The Amazing Amazon ends up in a fight with Ms. Marvel, only to team up with her against the Blob.

John DiMaggio as Aquaman

While in the MU, the King of the Seven Seas finds himself squaring off first against Spider-Man and then the Rhino. He decides to call this escapade "My battle where size DOES matter!"

Alan Tudyk as the Flash/Barry Allen

Flash ends up racing Quicksilver before facing off against Electro.

Loren Lester as Green Lantern/Hal Jordan

Hal ends up squaring off against Iron Man, only to find himself overwhelmed by the Absorbing Man.

Nicholas Guest as the Martian Manhunter

J'onn faces the Vision before being challenged by the Sandman.

James Arnold Taylor as Green Arrow

Ollie finds himself comparing aim with Hawkeye and later Crossfire (in place of Bullseye).

William Katt as Hawkman/Carter Hall

Hawkman, visiting the League on behalf of the JSA, ends up accompanying them to the MU, where he faces off in a dogfight with the Falcon and later the Vulture.

Grey DeLisle as Black Canary

Canary ends up in a showdown with Mantis as each tries to prove themselves the better martial artist. She later ends up scuffling with Bombshell.

Corey Burton as Red Tornado

Reddy ends up facing off with the Scarlet Witch only to find himself trading blows with the Shocker.

Tyler James Williams as Firestorm (with Bill Fagerbakke as Ronnie Raymond)

Firestorm fights Giant-Man to a standstill before taking on the Melter.

Will Friedle as Blue Beetle

Jaime ends up squaring off against Black Knight before trying to outmaneuver the Radioactive Man.

James Sie as the Atom/Ryan Choi

Atom must try to outwit the Wasp if he's to survive a battle with Nuke.

Keith Szarabajka as Orion

Orion is the one who alerts the League to Darkseid's plan, and leads them to the MU to stop Kalibak from recovering a piece of the K'Rbion Crystal. He ends up trading blows with Hercules and the Juggernaut.

Darkseid's Forces
Michael Leon-Wooley as Darkseid/Kalibak

Darkseid ventures to the Marvel Universe to recruit Thanos to his cause, as a fragment of the K'Rbion Crystal is located at Stark Industries. Kalibak leads the forces of the villains his father recruits, where he ends up fighting Hercules.

Wade Williams as Mantis

Mantis faces off against Iron Man to a near-standstill, only to have his powers turned against him by the armored Avenger.

Kevin Michael Richardson as Steppenwolf

Darkseid's greatest hunter ends up in an aerial battle with the Falcon before the winged Avenger "takes out the trash."

Steven Blum as Captain Cold

Much to ol' Lenny's chagrin, he ends up fighting Quicksilver, wondering why it is that every universe has to have a speedster.

Xander Berkely as Sinestro

Having by now gotten his yellow power ring, Sinestro ends up facing off with Ms. Marvel.

Hugh Laurie as Deathstroke the Terminator

Of course, Slade expects full payment for this venture, which Darkseid guarantees in full. Slade ends up fighting Captain America and later Daredevil.

Tom Kenny as Deadshot

Floyd finds himself in a proverbial shootout with Hawkeye.

Crispin Freeman as Eclipso

The nut with a black diamond ends up in a magic fight with the Scarlet Witch, only for "fate" to do him in in the end. (Note: imagine Freeman using his Alan Gabriel voice from The Big O.)

Fred Tatasciore as Amazo

Amazo tries to prove he's the better android against the Vision, only to be "heartbroken". (See the comic to see why.)

Jennifer Hale as Killer Frost

Frosty ends up trying to turn Mantis into a popsicle, underestimating the moves of the martial artist.

Phil LaMarr as Bloodsport

The mercenary ends up brawling with the Black Knight, who he teases for bringing a "knife" to a gunfight.

Kristin Wiig as Giganta

Size jokes ensue as Doris tries hard to squish the Wasp. (Note: Wiig voices Lola Bunny on another Warner Brothers cartoon, The Looney Tunes Show.)

Dee Bradley Baker as a squad of Parademons

A swarm of these nearly overwhelm Giant-Man until he starts growing big enough to swat them like flies.

On the Marvel side of things:

The Avengers and allies
Brian Bloom as Captain America

Cap ends up fighting Deathstroke, ultimately besting the mercenary only for him to take on the Dark Knight.

Mark Valley as Iron Man

Iron Man manages to overpower Mantis, but finds a challenge in Green Lantern's ring.

Maria Canals Barerra as Ms. Marvel

Ms. M ends up taking on Sinestro and then Wonder Woman, who she calls a "super swimsuit model"---leading to one of THOSE confrontations.

Hank Azaria as Hawkeye

After managing to out-quick draw Deadshot, he's got to prove he's the better bowman against Green Arrow.

Crispin Freeman as Quicksilver

While he can easily take out Captain Cold, the Flash is sure to give him a run for his money...pun intended!

Juliet Landau as the Scarlet Witch

Wanda's hexes first puts her up against the black diamond of Eclipso and then the rapid gusts of Red Tornado.

Roger Rose as the Vision

Vision finds himself set against fellow android Amazo before facing off against the Martian Manhunter, and then against another fellow android, Red Tornado, in order to save his wife. (Note: Rose voiced the Vision in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance.)

Kevin Michael Richardson as Hercules

The lion of Olympus first trades blows with Kalibak before butting heads with the dog of war, Orion.

Troy Baker as Ant-Man/Giant-Man

After swatting aside the Parademons, he finds himself underestimating Firestorm when starts seeing city streets turn into Jell-O.

Grey DeLisle as the Wasp

After managing to knock down Giganta, she finds herself trying to catch the Atom at both sizes.

Phil LaMarr as the Falcon

Falcon and his bird, Redwing, manage to take out the trash with Steppenwolf, only to go wing-to-wing with Hawkman.

Greg Ellis as the Black Knight/Dane Whitman

Black Knight ends up dueling with Bloodsport before crossing blades with Blue Beetle. (Note: Beetle's armor can create swords.)

Kim Mai Guest as Mantis

First challenged by Killer Frost, she knocks the ice queen out cold before taking on Black Canary.

Josh Keaton as Spider-Man

Spidey and Daredevil end up witnessing the Avengers fight the DC villains before the wall-crawler saves Captain America from being shot by Deathstroke, only to end up squabbling with Aquaman (he webs his mouth before Aquaman can exclaim "Outrageous") and then helping him defeat the Rhino.

Ioan Gruffud as Daredevil

Daredevil doesn't step in until he sees Deathstroke get up with the piece of the K'Rbion Crystal in hand. Despite putting up a good fight, he is almost shot by Slade until Batman disarms him. Batman and Daredevil are the first of the two groups to realize they're on the same side, only for them to get knocked out by Kalibak.

Thanos's forces
Jim Cummings as Thanos

Eager to please his mistress Death, Thanos agrees to join forces with Darkseid, planning to later take the Crystal for himself (then again, Darkseid is thinking the same thing).

John DiMaggio as the Sandman/Flint Marko

Sandman squares off against Martian Manhunter, until the intervention of the Vision allows J'onn to mentally knock out Flint.

Diedrich Bader as the Rhino

Rhino ends up trying to stomp Aquaman flat, until Spidey gives the sea king a moment to put the pachyderm down.

Fred Tatasciore as the Blob

Blob ends up fighting Wonder Woman, while also taunting/hitting on her. She and Ms. Marvel end up giving him the ol' one-two.

Keith Szarabajka as the Juggernaut

He manages to swat Orion aside with ease, until the rest of the Avengers intervene, giving the Justice League time to go after Steppenwolf and the fleeing villains from their universe.

Charlie Adler as the Vulture

He manages to get Hawkman on the ropes with a powerful device of his, until the Falcon and Hawkman tag-team him.

James Sie as Radioactive Man

Radioactive Man ends up fighting Blue Beetle until Black Knight steps in to give the young hero a hand, as both their armors allow them immunity from Chen-Lu's radiation.

Tom Kenny as Electro

Electro puts the zap on the Flash, until Quicksilver intervenes with a fire extinguisher, allowing both speedsters to short him out.

Jeff Bennett as the Shocker/Herman Schultz

Shocker ends up taking out Red Tornado, only for his life to be saved after the Scarlet Witch shorts out Shocker's gauntlets.

James Arnold Taylor as the Melter

Melter tries to turn Firestorm into molten slag, only for his bursts to be turned into pillows (or something...) by the atomic wonder.

Steven Blum as Crossfire

Crossfire nearly wounds Green Arrow until Hawkeye takes him out from behind. (Note: Originally, Sandefur used Bullseye, but since I plan to use him in by BATB Season Four fancast, I switched him out with Crossfire, as both almost have similar MO's.)

Jennifer Hale as Bombshell

Bombshell gives Black Canary a run for her money with her barrage of explosives, until Canary manages to get one sonic whistle out to disorient Bombshell, allowing her to be knocked out.

Bill Fagerbakke as Nuke

A frustrated Nuke tries all he can to squash the Atom, only for Ryan to get the better of him by rearranging the molecules of Nuke's enhancers (changed from pills to a device similar to Bane's gear), causing his strength to deplete instead of increase.

Rick D. Wasserman as the Absorbing Man

Absorbing Man goes up against Green Lantern, and finds he's able to absorb the green energy from the ring. Iron Man intervenes after Hal reveals the weakness to the color yellow, allowing Iron Man to use his repulsors to burn the energy off of ol' Crusher.

Daran Norris as the Taskmaster

TM takes on Batman, managing to equal the Dark Knight, until Daredevil and Spider-Man take him out from behind.

The mysterious third player turns out to be none other than Kang the Conqueror!

Charlie Adler as Kang the Conqueror

(Note: Adler would be using a voice similar to Cobra Commander on GI Joe: Renegades.)

Kang for once actually wants to save lives, as the actions of Darkseid and Thanos threaten the entirety of reality. To that end, his first plan involves him summoning six champions from throughout time and space, and sending them to confront the two space tyrants:

From the World War II of two universes, he brings

(Wade Williams as) Commander Steel

and (Hugh Laurie as) the original Union Jack

(Note: This allows Laurie to use his natural British accent.)

From the futures of each universe, he brings

(Juliet Landau as) Tanga

(Note: Originally Sandefur used OMAC, but since on BATB he's in the present, I'd thought I'd use Kevin Maguire's character, as she could fit a future environment--and she's kind of a cool character. The costume would be tweaked a little.)

and (Rino Romano as) the Spider-Man of 2099

(Note: Romano has done Spanish characters before, AND he's played Spider-Man as well!)

And finally, from the present times of each universe, he brings:

(Jeff Bennett as) Captain Marvel

and (Ioan Gruffud as) Captain Marvel

When this attempt fails (and all are returned to their respective times), and Kalibak delivers the Crystal to Darkseid and Thanos, Kang pulls off one last gambit--summoning a more powerful version of the god of thunder:

(Rick D. Wasserman as) Thor

Thor ends up shattering the Crystal with his hammer (unleashing a great wave of energy that merges the DC and Marvel Universes), and frees Superman, who, mistaking him for an enemy, fights Thor to a standstill.

Both realize their mistake and take the fight to Thanos and Darkseid, causing the two of them to flee. While Superman rams Darkseid into the Boom Tube back to Apokolips, Thanos uses it to flee to another universe.

Observing (and narrating) the entirety of these events is none other than

(Peter Mark Richman as) Uatu the Watcher

Kang returns Thor to his proper place in time, and reveals his own plans to conquer the universe. Meanwhile, in the Batcave, Batman decides to investigate the sudden surge of metahuman activity originating in New York. Tony Stark begins analyzing traces of the green energy left on his armor, Juggernaut mopes in the Vault, Deathstroke gets his money, and all seemingly returns to normal

Additional voices and cameos
-Daran Norris as J. Jonah Jameson
-Rino Romano as TV reporter Skip Tracuer
-Sirena Irwin as Lois Lane
-Crawford Wilson as Nightwing
-Tara Strong as Billy Batson and a female civillian
-Steven Blum as Wolverine (wondering what was going on, as he seems to be involved in almost everything...)
-Fred Tatasciore as the Hulk (wondering what happened all of a sudden)

As for Thanos...well, when he does end up in an alternate universe, he comes face-to-face with a certain green, fin-headed police officer......


(To see the comic this story was based on, check this link out:
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