BATMAN: The Caped Crusader FAN CAST

BATMAN: The Caped Crusader FAN CAST

Very diffrent from the DCCU that Snyder and co. are creating, Pasto and BatmanHeisenberg make a fancast that is sure to impress and be a great cinematic outing. Click the jump for more!

Batman: The Caped Crusader

Matthew Vaughn-Director

Matthew, proving his worth with X-Men: First Class and Kick Ass, can definitely give Batman the right amount of flavor and zest to the World’s Greatest Detective and his amazing mythos.

Neal Purvis and Robert Wade -Writers

Very excellent writers who penned some of the James Bond films, including a personal favorite, Skyfall. They can balance story and character development very well, something this film would very much need.

Plot Synopsis

As Batman, the GCPD and Nightwing navigate Two-Face and Penguin’s war, corruption within the GCPD, and try to take the Joker down for his appalling crimes, Batman uncovers Riddler’s intent to take over Gotham, and must solve Riddler’s riddles, before Gotham City destroys itself in the process.

While we are excited to see Batffleck, this is a separate universe. So we chose Richard Armitage. He has a lot of great work under his belt, and can give Batman the right amount of gravitas and depth, and Bruce Wayne the right amount of charm.

While traditionally British, Waltz will break away from that mold a tad, and be more like the Earth One version, though he will still keep Alfred’s sarcastic, mesmerizing charm, but also make the character his own.

As a writer of the Gotham Gazette, Vicki will be Bruce Wayne’s love interest for this film. To play Vicki, we chose Jennifer Lawrence. She can give Vicki the right amount of sex appeal, but also is very intelligent and will be more than just a love interest, but someone who feels like she is there for the plot and is integral to Bruce Wayne and his life.

Now, before you start grabbing your pitchforks and torches or start banging on your keyboards, hear us out. In CBM’s, most of the characters are white and male. So why not spice it up a bit? In this version Nightwing’s name is Abigail Grayson, and not to much will change, other than the fact that Nightwing is a female, and intimate relationships she has will obviously be altered.

Right? How fucking original. Well if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Bryan is a fantastic actor with a lot to give this fantastic franchise. Not only does he sport the Gordon-Stache very well in the first two seasons of Breaking Bad(great show, by the way), but he’s a phenomenal, Golden Globe and Emmy winning actor.

If you have seen the show ‘Brooklyn 99’ you will know that Fumero plays the role of a detective trying to prove herself to others. This will fit perfectly because it will add a dynamic between her and Commissioner Gordon as she tries to prove herself to him as he tests her metal, and stands against the corruption in the GCPD.

William is a phenomenal actor who can truly portray Joker’s sadistic, heartless nature. Not only does he look like the comic Joker, slicked hair and everything, but also has a great smile. Joker needs to be a crazy, chills down your spine type guy, and we believe Fichtner can deliver this performance.

We chose Edgerton as Bullock because he comes off as a very authoritative figure. In this version he will be very similar to his Earth One counterpart, as a honest cop who comes to Gotham, continuing his law enforcement career after he was an over glorified Hollywood personality that had a reality cop tv show. As he comes to Gotham, he is appalled by Gotham’s corruption, but later feeds into the everlasting crime infestation.

Two-Face struggles with his dual personality, and is always on the edge, balancing his humanity and evil intentions. So we chose Fassbender. He is a phenomenal actor, and has proven multiple times that he can give us a convincing villain, but also a human side.

Riddler is genius, crazy, riddle obsessed and needs an actor to not only portray this, but convince us he can do this. We chose DiCaprio. He has a lot of crucial, critically acclaimed performances under his belt, and can really emulate the insanity that is the Ridler.

We chose Stevenson as Penguin because he can come off as a very intimidating person in his roles. This will help him play the role of a mobster trying to run Gotham. Also he’s role as The Punisher has shown that he can be a merciless character.

Special Message

Thanks again to Pasto for his amazing help, and we will see yah next time!
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