Batman vs. The Punisher

Batman vs. The Punisher

The Dark Knight vs. Death's Deadlist Servant. Who wins this one?

I love stories about vigilantes and I have two favorite vigilantes and they are Batman and the Punisher. They both have very similar back stories they both lost loved one in horrible acts of violence and then dedicated their lives to defeating evil. They both have no powers but a lot of assets.


Batman is probably one of the greatest superheroes ever created but his entire existence is based off of vengeance.

Batman's abilities-

Martial Arts- Batman is an expert martial artist and one of the grestest.

Strength-Batman is a great fighter so he needs to be very strong.

Weapons/equipment specialist- Batman has a large amount of weapons from Batarangs to the Batmobile.

Athletics- batman is a geat athlete he can jump pretty long distances and do a lot of acrobatic stunts.

Brains and intelect- They don't just call Batman the World's Greatest Detective for nothing he is one of they smartest people alive in the comic book universe.

The Punisher

Punisher's abilities.

Weapons specialist-Unlike Batman the Punisher is not afraid to use guns he is a brutal killing machine who gives no mercy.

Expert marksmen-The Punisher is well trained in weapons like guns,grenades,and rocket launchers.

Expert Fighter- The Punisher is not just a shoot em up kind of guy he is a great hand to hand fighter as well.

Death-Again unlike batman the Punisher kills the criminals he hunts and usually kills them very brutally.

The conclusion- Now who would win in this battle of crime fighters The Dark Knight or the Punisher. Would Batman's martial arts and intelect defeat the Punisher's weapons and strength, or would the Punisher make Batman his next kill.

Who would win?Please give details for your opinions if you can. ENJOY!!
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