Batman VS X-Men

Batman VS X-Men

Batman and 75 of his closest allies go head to head against Wolverine and 75 X-Men! Extra, extra read all about it!

What happens when Batman gets into an altercation with Wolverine? They get their teams involved.. ALL OF THEM! Both Batman and Wolverine gather their groups and each person goes head to head with an opponent that best matches them. Team Batman includes, The Bat Family, The Network, Batman Inc, The Outsiders, Birds of Prey, The Outcasts. Team Wolverine includes, X-Men, X-Factor, X-Force, New Mutants, Exciles, Excalibur, New X-Men. It's a huge battle, over 75 members in each team. Who will win on a head to head battle. Gotham Knights or the X-Men? Only one rule applies, NO TELEPATH POWERS ALLOWED, this goes for either side, anything else goes. Below each picture is a mini bio on each character and my reason for putting them up agains each other.. Let the battles begin!

Batman (Bruce Wayne) is the guardian of Gotham City and leader of the Bat Family, Batman Inc., the Outsiders and other groups of superheroes that have sprung out of the Detective series. Clearly the main character and the one who started it all.
Wolverine (James Howlett aka Logan) is currently the leader of the X MEN which operates in Genosha. Apart from leading the X MEN he also overlooks other established teams like X FORCE and NEW X-MEN. Wolverine is the most universally recognized face for the X MEN saga.
Batman VS Wolverine is a great fight because apart from being the main characters in their series they both have the same level of strength and skill. Each man can hold his own and often times does not need to rely on their group to defends themselves. Both Batman and Wolverine have taken on bigger opponents and succeeded. Although Batman has always seemed to carry a good head on his shoulders, his recent disappearance in the series along with a few other things have left him struggling with finding a comfort zone. Wolverine has always had a tough time figuring out his past so both characters can relate in that sense. Definitely a fight worth watching.

Nightwing (Dick Grayson) was the first boy wonder, Robin, Batman’s first official sidekick. After years fighting side by side he left Gotham City only to come back and find out that Batman had already replaced him with a new Robin. He rejoined Batman’s side and took up the name Nightwing. During Batman’s mysterious disappearance, Dick Grayson took up the mantle as Batman and led all the teams as the streets of Gotham needed all the help they could get.
Cyclops (Scott Summers) was the first of Charles Xavier’s recruits for the team he was assembling that would be known as the X MEN. Scott was taught to lead the X MEN but his leadership skills have shown to not be as strong, nevertheless he is partial leader of the X MEN, having split the team in half with Wolverine.
Nightwing VS Cyclops is a great fight because they are both leaders and main characters in the series. Despite the hardship they have been through in the past they have managed to remain a part of the team and fight for what’s right. Apart from Scott’s mutant powers their level of combat averages out for an equal fight.

Black Bat (Cassandra Cain) was raised and trained to be an assassin. She first joined the Bat Family as the new Batgirl. After defeating her mother Lady Shiva (the worlds deadliest assassin) she became the new worlds deadliest however unlike her mother Cassandra fights on the good guys side.
X-23 (Laura Kinney) was cloned from Wolverine and designed to be a weapon to kill. She joined the X MEN in hopes of living her life as a person rather than a thing. Now she currently fights along side the NEW X MEN and is enrolled in the Avengers Academy.
Black Bat VS X-23 is the perfect match, both girls represent a darker more dangerous version of their leaders Batman and Wolverine. They are about the same age and their level of skill and agility match perfect. Both girls were designed to kill but have decided to do the right thing with their lives. This is will be one great fight and there will be blood.

Catwoman (Selina Kyle) started off as an enemy to Batman, she was a thief that could not be trusted but through time and a fatal attraction to Batman she officially switched sides. Batman even trusted her enough to reveal to her who he really is and granted her access to the Batcave. Now Selina patrols the streets of Gotham as one of it’s main vigilantes, not a villain.
Emma Frost (The White Queen) started off as an enemy to the X MEN as one of the masterminds in the group called the Hellfire Club who seeked control of the Phenix Force. Now Emma has switched sides completely and is an official member of the X MEN. She has also developed a relationship with Cyclops after Jean’s alleged death.
Catwoman vs Emma Frost would only be a fair battle if we take away Emma Frost’s telepath powers. Emma will still have the power to turn into diamond form but no telepathy. Catwoman is fast, flexible and fierce, she was trained in the dangerous streets of Gotham, this is her advantage against Emma. Although officially apart of the team, both women are still not trusted by some of the other members. In Gotham, Black Canary despises Catwoman and in the X MEN, Shadowcat can not stand Emma. We’ll see if Emma can hold her own in this fight without her telepath powers or if the cat will catch her tongue.

Batwoman (Kate Kane) was a military soldier but was dismissed for being a lesbian. After an encounter with Batman one night she was inspired to take up the mantle as Batwoman where she could fight for what’s right despite her sexual orientation. Batman accepted her as a member of both the Bat Family and the Batman of all nations group, Batman Inc.
Jean Gray (Phoenix aka Marvel Girl) was also one of the very first mutants taken in by Charles Xavier to be trained and become part of the X MEN. Jean posses the power of telekinetic, telepathy and the power of the Phenix Force. Arguably the most powerful mutant ever. She is the ex-wife of Scott Summers/Cyclops. Currently Jean is thought to be dead but you never know.
Batwoman vs Pheonix would be a good fight, again taking away Jeans powers of telepathy but allowing her to use her abilities of telekinetics. Both strong women who happen to have gorgeous red hair. You may think Jean still has the upper hand even without her powers of telepath but lets not forget that Batwoman has military training and if it comes down to blow for blow Jean may not stand a chance. It comes down to how each woman plays her cards in this fight.

Red Hood (Jason Todd) was the second boy wonder. He became Robin after Dick Greyson left Gotham. He was brutally murdered by the Joker, then came back from the grave as a villain because he found out the Joker was still living and Batman had not avenged his death. Now he goes by Red Hood and fights wearing the Bat logo in his own team the Outlaws.
Gambit (Remy LeBeau) is a player when it comes to the ladies, he was a master thief turned X-Men. He possesses the ability to charge objects with a kinetic energy that causes them to explode. Since joining the X MEN Gambit has built a relationship with Rogue which has had it’s rocky moments but should truly last.
Red Hood VS Gambit is a good match because they average in age, strength and agility. Both bad boys doing the good thing. Ladies men, and revels in their own rights. Definitely a good fight to see.

Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) roamed the streets of Gotham until she was shot by the Joker in the back leaving her paralyzed from the waist down. She then became a different kind of super hero aiding and providing technical intelligence to many of the members of the JLA especially those who frequent Gotham City, she also led the all girl superhero group in Gotham, The Birds Of Prey by the name Oracle. Now that she is able to walk again she has returned to the streets once again as Batgirl.
Rogue (Anna Marie) was once a member of the evil mutants knows as the Brotherhood, now she is a veteran member of the X-Men having served in the team for many years. She has the ability to absorb the memories, thoughts and powers of others by simply touching them. Rogue absorbed the powers of Ms.Marvel for a long period of time which gained her incredible super human strength and the ability to fly. Rogue currently acts as a mentor to the younger members of the X-Men.
Batgirl VS Rogue is another good fight because both these characters play an important and main role in their series. They are similar in age, their skills in combat will surely show in this battle. Both girls also have an on again off again relationship with a main member of their group. Barbara with Dick Grayson and Rogue with Gambit. Another good factor is both characters are fan favorites within the female readers. Great fight indeed.

Red Robin (Tim Drake) was the third person to take up the mantle as Robin. After Jason Todd was presumed dead, Tim convinced Batman that he deserved the right to be the next Robin. After fighting alongside Batman for many years and being adopted by Bruce Wayne he now goes by the alias Red Robin and is an active member of both the Bat Family and the Teen Titans.
Iceman (Bobby Drake) He was one of the first five original X-Men. Bobby is a little younger than the rest of his original team, he’s more of the easy going, playful type but don’t let his personality deceive you, Bobby is an Omega-level mutant. He can control ice in many ways by creating shields, clones, spikes, slides and freeze people.
Red Robin vs Iceman is genius in many ways, they are about the same age, they are both main characters in their series, they have similar personalities and they even carry the same last name, Drake. One skilled by the Dark Knight, the other skilled by Emma Frost. May the “coolest” kid on the block win.

Huntress (Helena Bertinelli aka Helena Wayne/Kyle) Helena was born to a mafia family in Gotham City, when she was but a child her family was brutally murdered by another mafia group. She grew up seeking vengeance and became a vigilante on her own terms. Now she works closely with the Bat Family and joined the all female group the Birds of Prey, which operate in the Gotham Clock Tower. In an alternate Universe, Helena is the daughter of Batman and Catwoman.
Psylocke (Elizabeth “Betsy” Braddock) has one of the most complex storylines, she is from Britain where she used to be a model and is the twin sister of Captain Britain, she later switch bodies with a Japanese ninja woman. Her mutant powers are telepathic and telekinetic which she uses to create a neuro-blade of psionic enery. She has been an active member of the X-Men for many years and is now also a member of X-Force.
Huntress VS Psylocke works because both girls come from a rough background, similar in age, and neither one of them is afraid to bring the pain. Independent females who have been around in their series for many years and will continue to stick around for years to come.

Azrael (Jean-Paul Valley) was named after the Angel of Death. He used to be an agent of the Sacred Order of Saint Dumas. Jean-Paul later takes over the role of Batman for a while then continued to fight crime in Gotham City as a member of the Bat Family he protected the streets of Gotham as Azrael agent of the Bat. He is now presumed dead.
Archangel (Warren Worthington lll) is a mutant with angelic wings that he uses to fly as well as an incredible healing power. He was one of the original five X-Men and has had relationships with a few of the females on the group however best known for his longest relationship to Psylocke. Warren was captured by the villain Apocalypse and turned evil he was later killed, now his body is home to a new identity.
Azrael vs Archangel should come at no surprise, both men are close in age, and strength, both carry the “Angel” name. Both characters also died in their series yet it is not the last we have seen of them.

Robin (Damian Wayne) is the son of Batman/Bruce Wayne and Talia Al Ghoul. Grand Son of super villain Ra’s al Ghul. He was raised and trained in martial arts by his mother Talia in the league of assassins. He is the current Robin and is the youngest member of the Bat Family.
Anole (Victor Borkowski) is an openly gay mutant with reptilian like skin. He is probably the youngest of the X-Men. Despite the factors that may lead him to live a rough life, he comes from a very loving family who sent him to the Xavier Institute for his own safety and protection. Anole has been promoted from Alpha Squadron to New X-Men.
Robin vs Anole works because they are the kids of their series. So young and already fighting with the big dogs. These aren’t your average kids, these guys have courage and a willingness to be part of the team. Good fight indeed.

Etrigan the Demon (Jason Blood) is an odd Superhero who frequents Gotham City, he is good friends with Batman/Bruce Wayne. The Demon was created by Merlin in the middle ages who merged Jason Blood and Etrigan together, one of the greatest demons of Hell. Now he uses his powers and abilities to bring justice to the world.
Beast (Hank McCoy) is anything but that, he is kind, gentle and highly intelligent. Beast has a ferocious blue exterior but can be completely harmless unless provoked. He is a doctor and one of the founding members of the X-Men.
The Demon vs The Beast is a great battle because they are the two viscous looking creatures in their teams. They can bring the fight, come hell or high water. May the best monster win.

The Creeper (Jack Ryder) is a Gotham City Talk Show host and also works for Wayne Enterprises. He has superhuman strength, reflexes and agility along with incredible healing powers, he can crawl through walls at ease and is a good acrobatic. Alfred offered him a position with the Outsiders (A group of superheroes run by Batman.) and Creeper accepted the offer. Creeper has a laugh similar to the Jokers.
Nightcrawler (Kurt Wagner) has been an active member of the X-Men for many years and used to lead the group Excalibur. His mutant powers allow him to teleport anywhere he wants, he can easily climb walls, he is a trained acrobat and skilled swordsman. Nightcrawler’s biological mother is Mystique but was raised in the circus. Kurt is a devout Catholic.
Creeper vs Nightcrawler is a great fight because they both posses similar powers and abilities to crawl through walls and great acrobatics, both were thought to have demonic possessions but turned out false. Both Characters have been killed off in their series however they have and will keep showing up. This won’t just be a fight you will want to watch, this will be a show! May the creepiest crawler of the night win!

Catgirl (Kitrina Falcone) was mentally and physically abused by her uncle Mario Falcone, she is skilled and trained to fight and is a great escape artist. She befriends Selina Kyle and becomes her sidekick going by the name Catgirl. She became a member of the Bat Family for a short period before deciding to take a break and go back to school, not before promising to one day return to Gotham as Catgirl once again.
Shadowcat (Kitty Pryde) is a mutant with the power to phase through walls and solid materials, while doing so she can take things and people with her and can also disrupt mechanical objects in the process. She’s had a lasting relationship with fellow X-Men Colossus and is currently the headmaster at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning.
Catgirl vs Shadowcat would be a catty fight to say the least. Both girls are fairly young but skilled enough to fight. With one being an expert escape artist and the other with the ability to phase through objects, it will be hard to keep them down. Ladies put your paws up and may the best pussy win.

Batman Beyond (Terry McGinnis) is from the future, he is the genetic son of Bruce Wayne. He went from being a juvenile delinquent to becoming The Tomorrow Knight, Batman Beyond, under the guidance of Bruce Wayne. His bat suit is far advanced in technology allowing him night vision and sonic hearing, although his costume has no cape he can release wings under his arms which allow him to glide.
Hellion (Julian Keller) is a powerful young mutant with the power of telekinetics. He was the leader of the Hellions Squad and a favorite of Emma Frost’s young students. Although new to the team he was already starting to show great leadership skills and to many he was looked upon as the future leader of the X-Men. Hellion recently lost both his hands and received cybernetic replacements.
Batman Beyond vs Hellion is a good match because these two handsome young men seem to have what it takes to lead their teams in the future. They are both powerful, strong and will surely make for an interesting fight.

Spoiler (Stephanie Brown) is the Cluemaster’s daughter. She became the Spoiler so she can prevent her father’s evil plot. She’s had an on again off again relationship with Tim Drake her other alias have also been Batgril after her best friend Cassandra left, giving her the mantle and has also fought as a female Robin, after Tim temporary left the team. She’s been trained by Batman, Black Bat and Black Canary.
Husk (Paige Guthrie) is a mutant with the ability to shed her skin off to expose a new layer under that can become other matter such as stone. Paige is the younger sister of Sam Guthrie aka Cannonball. She originally was a member of the group Generation X where she met and became best friends with Jubilee. She later graduated and became an official member of the X-Men. Paige has had a rocky yet romantic relationship with Chamber.
Spoiler vs Husk is good fight, once again both girls average in age, strength, skill and agility. They are both cute blonde younger girly girls who can get down when it comes to putting up a good fight.

Flamebird (Mary Elizabeth “Betty” “Batte” Kane) was technically the first Batgirl in Pre-Crisis along with her aunt Kathy Kane the original Batwoman. During Post-Crisis she returns as Flamebird a costume she designed inspired by Nightwing’s costume because she has had a crush on him since her days as Bat-Girl. Now Bette fights alongside her cousin Kate Kane the current Batwoman. She is an Olympic-level athlete and trained in many levels of martial arts. She has a fire and heat resistant suit.
Magma (Amara Juliana Olivians Aquilla) is a young mutant with the powers of pyrokinesis and geokinesis. She is able to manipulate fire and earth. Her body is able to withstand the extreme temperatures she gives out when using her powers. Magma is an original member of the New Mutants.
Flamebird vs Magma is a great match because both girls have been around in their series for about the same time, they are similar in age, both skilled and trained fighters, another fun fact is both girls speak several languages which they learned in college. Both these girls have the longest names ever! While Magma can attack with her hot lava balls, it will have little to no affect against Flamebird’s heat protective costume. Needless to say this fight will be hot.

Zatanna (Zatanna Zatara) is the daughter of the late superhero John Zatara. She is a powerful magician who can cast spells by speaking backwards. She is a stage performer in Gotham City but also uses her powers as a superhero. She is a former love interest to Batman/Bruce Wayne and is good friends with Selina Kyle. Zatanna is also a member of the Justice League of America.
Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff) is the daughter of X-Men foe Magneto. She is the twin sister of Quicksilver and older half-sister of Polaris. She is a powerful mutant with the ability to affect probability fields. She can create a hex-sphere to disrupt reality. She’s also learned magic and witchcraft, she’s had professional sorcerous training and can cast spells using a mix of her mutant ability and knowledge as a witch. She is a member of the Avengers.
Zatanna vs Scarlet Witch is the perfect match because they are two in the same. Similar powers, training and abilities that can alter realities and basically mind fudge the crap out you. Both cast spells to fight evil and belong to a groups bigger than the Batman/X-Men franchise, Zatanna is a member of JLA while Scarlet Witch is a member of the Avengers. It’s going to be a magical event.

The Question (Renee Montoya) originally came from Batman the animated series then appeared in the DCU. She is a lesbian, Latina, Gotham City native! She was a police officer serving in the GPD then promoted to Detective alongside Harvey Bullock. She always stood by Batman since the beginning. After the original Question (Vic Sage) had died she decided to take up the mantle. She’s got an on again off again relationship with Batwoman and currently works along with Batman and many heroes from the DCU. One of her trademarks is releasing a smoke like affect from her belt that allows her to escape.
Dust (Sooraya Qadir) is a mutant from Afghanistan. Since her Muslim religion looks down upon showing skin, she joined the New X-Men but refuses to wear the traditional costume instead she wears an abaya. She was rescued by Wolverine and Fantomex and has since been a member of he X-Men. She posses the power to turn her body into dust. While being in her dust form she can travel the air at great speeds. She can also fight in this form however her weakness is water. She has recently decided to join Cyclops’s team.
Question vs Dust would be an interesting battle because this is a battle between Batman and the X-Men and since they belong to these groups they have no choice but to fight. Their similarities and reason for going up against each other are the fact that they both hide their face in combat. They both come from ethnic backgrounds, and follow their believe system religiously. Most notably because they both make a dusty exit, while one uses a trick to manipulate a smoke form the other actually turns to dust.

Green Arrow (Oliver Queen) is a member of the JLA, he is a great friend and ally to the Dark Knight. Although he primarily defends Star City he is also frequently spotted in Gotham City. He is the ex-husband of Birds of Prey leader Black Canary. Green Arrow is also the father of Connor Hawke. Green Arrow is the greatest archer in the DC Universe.
Multiple Man (James Madrox) is a mutant with the ability to multiply himself with endless copies of himself. Ever wanted to be at two places at once? Well he can actually do that. After serving in the X-Men for a few years he began to serve in the X-Factor which was led by Polaris and Havok. Now Madrox leads the X-Factor Investigations .
Green Arrow vs Multiple Man is a fight to be seen because although neither are officially part of the main storyline, they are still considered unofficial members of the Bat Family/X-Men. Green is their color.

Green Arrow ll (Connor Hawke) is the son of Green Arrow and close ally to Batman, Spoiler, Black Bat and Robin. He impersonated Batman for a short while, some called him Batboy. Connor has been trained by his father to become a Green Arrow. He is an expert in archery and martial arts.
Cannonball (Sam Guthrie) has the power to propel himself through the air by using a thermokinetic energy. He is the older brother of Husk. Sam’s best bud is Iceman, the two have a similar personality. Cannonball was an original New X-Men then lead the X-Force then became an official member of the X-Men team. He’s come a long way.
Green Arrow ll vs Cannonball is a good fight because both guys are young yet very skillful. Their strength and special skills makes for a good match.

Arsenal (Roy Harper) was Green Arrow’s first sidekick. He was also trained by Batman. He is good friends with Dick Grayson and Jason Todd. He was a part of the Outsiders when Nightwing was the leader then led the team for a while. Now he has joined Red Hood and Starfire in the Outlaws. He is one of the most accomplished marksmen in the DC Universe.
Havok (Alex Summers) is the brother of Cyclops. He’s a powerful mutant with the ability to absorb ambient cosmic energy, process it to shoot it out of his body in waves of energy, but he must shoot it at a target or it will go all over the place. This has made him a great marksmen. He has had a lasting relationship with Polaris the two joined the X-Men around the same time before leading X-Factor, and the Starjammers. Despite being brothers with Scott, he and Polaris sided with Wolverine during the split.
Arsenal vs Havok is an ideal fight because both guys are similar in age, physical strength and agility. They have both been trained to be the perfect marksmen. It would be a great battle to see, the question is who will hit the target first?

Black Canary (Dinah Lance) is the daughter of the original Black Canary who was killed in battle. Dinah follows in the footsteps of her mother assuming the identity of the Black Canary during combat. Dinah has the power of the “Canary Cry” which her mother also had, this is a sound released from her mouth which is an ultrasonic sound that is strong enough to destroy solid objects and incapacitate her prey. She is considered one of the 7 best fighters in the DC Universe. She was married to Green Arrow, Good Friends with Barbara Gordon and Helena. Currently leads the Birds of Prey in Gotham City.
Siryn (“Banshee” Theresa Cassidy) is the daughter of the original Banshee who was a member of the X-Men. She has since followed in her fathers footsteps and has recently taken up her fathers super name Banshee in his memory. Theresa inherited her fathers powers of releasing a sonic-based sound out of her mouth that gets released in waves that can destroy streets, and knock people out. She was one of the original members of X-Force then led the X-Factor. Siryn has had flings with both Deadpool and Multiple man.
Black Canary vs Siryn is obvious. They have the same powers and abilities. They’ve both inherited their parents powers and have carried on their names in their honor. Both girls can cry strong but who’s cry will be the loudest?

Thunder (Anissa Pierce) is one of the daughters of Black Lighting who was recruited by Arsenal to join Nightwing’s Outsiders team. Thunder has the ability to control her density, making her heavier than she really is while attacking her opponents causing a thunder-like effect. Batman has taken her on and off the team various times. She has a lesbian relationship with her team mate Grace, the two currently share an apartment together.
Storm (Ororo Munroe) is a prominent member of the X-Men and recent addition to the Avengers. She has the power to manipulate the forces and elements of the weather making her a strong mutant. She is married to Black Panther. She is also the Queen of Wakanda.
Thunder vs Storm is an interesting fight, although Storm is much more experienced the two females have powers that manipulate the forces of Mother Nature, not to mention they are two fierce black women. Make sure you check the weather before watching this fight.

Grace (Grace Choi) is a metahuman from Amazon with increased strength and fast healing powers. She is bi-sexual having had a relationship with Arsenal and current relationship with Thunder. Grace was brought to the team the Outsiders by Arsenal and Nightwing.
Marrow (Sarah Rushman) is a mutant with the ability to control her bone growth, this gives her protective armor like exterior and she able to pull out her bones from her body and use them as weapons. She joined the X-MEN then left for unknown reasons.
Grace vs Marrow is a good fight because both females have strong personalities and strength. Apart from joining superhero teams such as The Outsiders and X-Men, both girls also have a criminal past and have joined criminal teams. Their track record isn’t the best but they mean well. Mind over matter ladies.

Thorn (Rose Forrest) is a vigilante with a spilt personality. During the day she is Rose, a regular citizen but unknown to her, at night she becomes the fearsome Thorn which seeks revenge against the bad guys in a violent way. Rose and Thorn have both became good friends with Batman, Booster Gold and even joined the Birds of Prey with Black Canary, Huntress and Barbara Gordon. She is an expert in martial arts.
Polaris (Lorna Dane) is the daughter of Magneto and has the same mutant powers as her father. She has the ability to control and move metal with a magnetic connection. Her powers are still growing however she chooses not to use them while fighting. She has a love triangle with Iceman and Havok in the X-Men. Polaris was possessed by the mutant Malice, giving Polaris major personality disorders. Lorna has since decided to pair up with Havok (Alex Summers) and the two led the X-Factor, the Starjammers and now once again have re-joined the X-Factor after siding with Wolverine.
Thorn vs Polaris is a good fight, both girls are strong and beautiful. Both girls relate in the sense that they have both suffered from a split personality condition. The color green also makes them stand out, Polaris has green hair due to her mutant connection and Thorn dresses herself in green because of her nature-like names.

Talia Head (Talia Al Ghul) is the daughter of one of Batman’s greatest enemies Ra’s Al Ghul. Talia is the other true love of Batman/Bruce Wayne but the only thing keeping them them together is her promise to her father to remain loyal to him. It is due to her father’s loyalty that she is both an ally and an enemy to Batman. Talia and Batman had a child together, Damian Wayne who is now the current Robin. Talia is an expert in hand to hand combat as well as using all sorts of weapons.
Sage (Tessa) is a mutant with a computer-like mind with infinite recall. She is also a telepath. Sage first appeared in the X-Men series as a member of the evil Hellfire Club in hopes of controlling the Phenix force. She then joined the X-Men, Excalibur and more recently the Exiles. Sage is an expert in both hand to hand combat and her computer-like mind has also allowed her the knowledge of all sorts of weapons.
Talia vs Sage is the perfect fight because both beautiful women are in top shape and both are skilled in top hand to hand combat and multiple weapons. Although allies to their teams, these girls have also been members of the enemies side, Sage in the Hellfire Club and Talia in the League of Assassins. This will be one sexy fight.

Misfit (Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe) is a young rookie and new member of the Birds of Prey. She is a metahuman with magic based powers with abilities of teleportation. Misfit looks up to Barbara and her costume is based on her Batgirl costume, she has unofficially fought as Batgirl and looks forward to becoming the future Huntress, another hero she admires.
Pixie (Megan Gwynn) is a fairy-winged mutant with magic powers that can cause hallucinations to those exposed to her dust. She is a teleporter and a new rookie member of the X-Men.
Misfit vs Pixie is an enchanting fight, both girls possess the same majestic abilities of teleportation. Both are young, fun new members to their teams and look forward to taking on a main role in their series. Not only will we not know who will win this fight but we also don’t know where is will end or take us as they can both teleport anywhere they wish.

Starfire (Princess Koriand’r) was a princess in the planet Tamaran which was destroyed. She now lives on Earth and has found a new family within the Teen Titans. She later joined the Outsiders, Justice League and currently runs wild with Arsenal and Red Hood in the Outlaws. She had a lasting relationship with Nightwing but it came to an end. She has class-100 strength giving her the ability to lift over 100 tons under normal conditions. She can generate starbults which are energy blasts from her hands or eyes that are very powerful. She has the ability to fly at great speeds though the atmosphere leaving behind a fiery contrail from her red curly hair.
Marvel Girl (Rachel Summers aka Rachel Grey) is an omega-level mutant with the same remarkable powers as her mother Jean Grey. She holds the Phoenix force and has the abilities of telepathy and telekinesis. Daughter of Scott Summers and Jean Grey and here from the future. She was lost in space for a while until finally returning back home to Earth alongside the X-Men. She’s also been in charge of the former group Excalibur before it was disbanded. She currently teaches at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning.
Starfire vs Marvel Girl is an interesting fight. Both girls are similar in age, they both have remarkable abilities and strength. Both girls have been trapped in space and when using their abilities to take flight, flames bust out of them. We’ll call this fight Red because it will be on fire.

Azrael ll (Michael Lane) became the new Azreal after Jean-Paul Valley was presumed dead. He is African-American and was a former Gotham City Police Officer who was given the sword of Azrael so that he may become the new agent of the Order and Purity from the Sacred Order of Saint Dumas. He started off as a villain but now has been Granted permission by Batman and Nightwing to patrol the streets of Gotham under the name Azrael.
Shatterstar (Gaveedra Seven aka Benjamin Russell) escaped from Mojoworld and came to Earth where he joined Cable in the X-Force. He is aggressive and militant however he is in fact a homosexual. While fighting as a member of the X-Force he developed a relationship with fellow teammate Rictor. The two are together again in X-Factor and have taken their relationship a step further.
Azrael ll vs Shatterstar is a great match because both guys use sharp swords which light up in energy when being used in combat. Fairly close in strength, skills and agility, it is same to say this will be a “sharp” fight (pun-intended, I guess).

NightRunner (Bilal Asselah) is the Batman representative of Paris France. He is a Muslim. He is an expert in parkour. Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson recruited him to be a member of Batman Incorporated. It was the killing of his best friend by police officers that drove Bilal to become the vigilante Nightrunner.
Deadpool (Wade Wilson) was a subject of the Weapon X program, he has incredible healing powers like wolverine and is an expert in weaponry and hand to hand combat. He also speaks several languages including, English, Spanish, Japanese and French. He formed a strong bond with Cable when he joined him in X-Force. Deadpool later joined the X-Men and has been most recently recruited by Wolverine back into the X-Force.
Nightrunner vs Deadpool is a freakin good match because both characters are so badass. From the way they fight to the way they look these guys are fan favorite characters that will make for an interesting fight to see.

Batwing (David Zavimbe) is the Batman representative of Africa in the city of Tinasha within the Democratic Republic of Congo. He has his own series in the DC Universe but also visits Gotham when called upon. He is an official member of Batman Inc and the Bat Family. He wears a technically advanced Bat suit that allows him to fly. He is good friends with Booster Gold and Batman.
Bishop (Lucas Bishop) is a time traveler from the future and joined the X-Men in order to stop bad things from happening in the future. He has the power to channel kinetic energy releasing it generally from his hands in the form of energy beams. He is the older brother to younger sister Shard.
Batwing vs Bishop is a good match up because both men are fairly equal in strength, skills and agility. Both guys know how to use special weapons and gadgets to help them fight in combat. It’s cool to see one of the few black men in the Batman series go up against one of the few black men in the X-Men series, maybe now, they’ll make more (I’m talking to you DC Comics and Marvel Comics).

Blue Beetle (Jamie Reyes) is teenage Mexican-American boy from El Paso Texas. He came across the Scarab which holds the powers and abilities of the Blue Beetle, this came after the passing of Ted Kord the former Blue Beetle. Batman and his team tracked Jamie down because they needed his help and they also taught him about the great power he had just earned. Jamie has teamed up with Batman a few times and has decided to embrace his gift to protect the innocent as he is a devoted Catholic. Like the former Blue Beetle Jamie too developed a bromance with Booster Gold.
Northstar (Jean-Paul Beaubier) is the first ever openly gay superhero! A mutant with control over the kinetic energy of the atomic motion in his bodies molecules which he uses to move in great speeds. He and his twin sister Aurora were orphaned almost immediately after birth when their parents were killed in a car accident. The two are former members of Alpha Fight before Northstar joined the X-Men for a series of time. During his run with the X-Men he was bullied for being gay by an ignorant teammate but he didn’t care, he knew his purpose was to be a role model for future LGBT superheroes. Despite being twins with Aurora the two are no longer as close.
Blue Beetle vs Northstar is a good fight because both young men have ever increasing powers and abilities the amount of things that can come about this fight is endless as both can procreate almost anything they can imagine to help them in combat. Blue Beetle can make his suit create almost any weapon he can imagine, while Northstar’s ability to take full control of his powers allow him to use everything he has to his advantage.

Booster Gold (Michael Jon Carter) is a young man from the 25th Century who has stolen technology and has traveled back in time to the 20th Century to become the superhero known as Booster Gold. He is good friends with Batman and Barbara Gordon, he often works side by side with them when called into action. He is a member of the Justice League. He has a “bromance” type of relationship with the Blue Beetle, both heterosexual men. Booster Gold has a suit that allows him to enhance his strength and powerful wrist projectors that release force bolts.
X-Man (Nate Grey aka Nate Summers) is the son of Scott Summers and Jean Grey. He was genetically created by Mr.Sinister and shares the same genetic history as Cable which means he comes from the future. Nate is an omega-level mutant, he has psionic energy output that matches that of the Phoenix. He also has the power of telepathy and can read the minds of people even by touching something that was last touched by another. Although he has his own series for a while Nate has now joined the New X-Mutants.
Booster Gold vs X-Man is a great fight because both young men are in exceptionally top shape and hold great power. Not to mention they both have a cocky attitude and both come from the future to show it off. A futuristic fight but who will save the night?

Wildcat (Ted Grant) is pro-boxing star. He was an undefeated champion who has retired from fighting in the ring to fight crime. He serves as a mentor to the younger heroes and has trained Batman, Batgirl, Black Canary, Catwoman and more. He frequently assists the Gotham Knights and the Birds of Prey. He’s been a part of the Justice League for many years. Although much older he has the body and strength of a man in his 20’s this because Wildcat has incredible healing strength that also gives him several lives (like a cat with nine lives) He’s been shot multiple times and has lived to tell.
Colossus (Peter Rasputin) is a Russian mutant with the ability to transform his body into organic steel which gives him incredible strength and durability. He is physically one of the strongest members of the X-Men. He has had a long relationship with Kitty Pride although in Ultimate X-Men he admitted to being bisexual having been attracted to both male and female’s in the past. Colossus is also the older brother of Magik.
Wildcat vs Colossus is a great battle because both guys have bodies that are merely indestructible. While one turns his body into steel the other has a body that heals itself. How many rounds will these guys last? Let the battle begin!

Katana (Tatsu Yamashiro) is a superb samurai using her deadly sword “the Soultaker” to fight evil. The sword contains the souls of every person killed by it and Katana can communicate with them. Although born in Japan, Katana now lives in Gotham City and has done so for a few years. She is a young girl but very skillful and Batman was able to recognize this talent. He has taken her in as part of the Outsiders and has brought her on other missions as well. She currently operates with the reformed Birds of Prey led by Black Canary.
Magik (Lilyana Rasputin) is the younger sister of Colossus. Born and raised in Russia on a farm, Magik’s powers allow her to be a teleporter, soceress. She is the ex-ruler of Limbo. Although a young girl she’s already been through Hell and back (literally). She’s had a rough past dealing with demons and demonic possessions. She is frequently seen fighting with her own deadly sword. Lylyana joined the New Mutants in the X-Men and continues to fight to be on the good guys’s side.
Katana vs Magik would be an epic battle. Both girls come from a scary, deadly past dealing with supernatural occurrences. Both girls are close in age and both girls fight with a powerful sword. Definitely an epic deadly battle to see.

Manhunter (Kate Spencer) is the eighth person to assume the mantle of Manhunter although she is the first female to assume the position. She is skillful and will not hesitate to kill her opponents. She is a great fighter and knows how to use multiple weapons. She defends Gotham City with the ok from Batman. Manhunter joined the Birds of Prey after being asked to join by Barbara Gordon. She’s also had her own mini series in the Batwoman Detective comics.
Domino (Neena Thurman) is a mutant with the incredible ability to manipulate probability which she uses in her favor that gives her good luck. This has made her a remarkable marksman. She is also skilled in hand to hand combat and is not afraid to bring the pain. She was recruited by Cable to join the X-Force where she and Deadpool grew close. After befriending Wolverine she joined the X-Men then rejoined X-Force when Wolverine took it over.
Manhunter vs Domino would be a great fight because both females are skilled in both hand to hand combat and various weapons. They are kickass girls that are not afraid to kill their opponents if it comes to it. Definitely a fight to see.

Onyx (Onyx Adams) is an expert in all forms of martial arts and multiple use of weapons. She was a former member of the League of Assassins along with Lady Shiva. She operates in Gotham City and is considered one of Batman’s most trusted allies. Onyx was also asked by Barbara Gordon to join the Birds of Prey.
Wolfsbane (Rahne Sinclair) is an original member of the New Mutants, she has the power of lycanthropy which means she can turn into a werewolf on command. Born in Scotland she came to the U.S to find refuge within the Xavier institute for higher learning. She then joined the X-Factor, later joined Excalibur where she had a relationship with Warlock. Later back to the X-Men where she had a relationship with Elixir. After that she joined the X-Factor again where she got pregnant with teammate Rictor’s child. Then Wolverine asked her to join him in X-Force.
Onyx vs Wolfsbane is a great fight because both girls are total street fighters that are not afraid to play dirty despite their proper training. It would surely be a rugged fight.

Tarantula (Catalina Marie Flores) is a latina super hero who used to be an FBI agent. She specializes in bringing down corrupted police officers. She had a brief relationship with Nightwing. Although her head is in the right place she is the kind of girl who will do anything to get what she wants which is why Nighwing and Nite-wing had to bring her down. Although she did help Batman and the Bat Family during War Games.
M (Monet St. Croix) is a former member of Generation X, she is currently a member of X-Factor investigations where she became romantically linked to Multiple Man however drama happened when it turned out her best friend Siryn had become pregnant with Multiple Mans child. M’s powers come in a wide variety making her a super woman. Superhuman strength, speed, agility, endurance, reflexes, coordination, self propelled flight, fast healing factors, and the ability to read minds.
Tarantula vs M is a good fight because they are both beautiful bronze women, although it is apparent that M would win given all her power, never underestimate the sneakyness of a lady tarantula who is skillful former FBI agent willing to do anything to win.

Dark Ranger (Johnny Riley) Superhero from Australia who was inspired by Batman. Batman called upon him to join his team Batman Inc. He is highly skilled and is always keeping up with the latest technology to help him during combat. Dark Ranger was believed to be dead a few years ago but it is apparent in the newer Batman Inc. Comics that he is in fact still alive.
Fantomex (Charlie Cluster 7) is a highly evolved, technologically advanced mutate created by the Weapon Plus program. He is highly intelligent and skilled with a ship that is an extension of his nervous system called the E.V.A. Although created to destroy, he decided to use what he has for good and often times helped the X-Men until Wolverine asked him to join him in X-Force.
Dark Ranger vs Fantomex is a great match up because both these guys use the latest in technology to help them fight. They are skilled, and match up in strength, weaponry, and gadgets. They have about the same level of importance in their series and it would overall be a great battle to see.

Carrie Kelly (Robin aka Catgirl) comes from Earth-31. She is a young girl who idolized Batman and earned her right to fight alongside the caped crusader. She became the official first female Robin even before Stephanie Brown. She now wears a leopard costume complete with skates and goes by Catgirl also before Kitrina called herself that name.
Jubilee (Jubilation Lee) was a spunky bubble gum chewing teenage girl that joined the X-Men and Generation X at a young age.She was depowered as a result of M Day but she later became a blood thirty vampire and still fights with the X-Men. She’s best friends with Husk and is a well known character due to her appearance in the X-Men animated series.
Carrie Kelly VS Jubilee is an interesting fight as both girls have such playful personalities. Both have boyish haircuts and wear goggles as part of their costume. They are young girls who are trusted by Batman and Wolverine as close allies and friends.

Knight (Cyril Sheldrake) is the Batman of England. Official member of Batman Inc and the Network which is a huge group made up of Batman’s most trusted allies. Much like Batman, Knight also has a sidekick that matches Robin’s look, by the name of Squire. In fact he used to be Squire himself back when his father was still alive. He has since taken up the mantle and recruited his own Squire.
Cable (Nathan Charles Summers) is a time traveling mutant. He is the son of Cyclops and Jean Gray. He has advanced psionic powers. He’s worked side by side with the X-Men numerous times and led the first X-Force group. Most recently he adopted and raised the mutant messiah, Hope Summers who is believed to be the key that will soon save the world.
Knight vs Cable is a fight we all want to see because both these guys are so strong and could easily carry on their own series, which they have. Super armed, super skillful yet they both have a soft spot as they are both raising and training a young female fighter each.

Squire (Beryl Hutchinson) is a young British girl taken in by Knight to be his Squire. She has often times been compared to the Robin of England. She grew up in the streets and formed a strong bond with Cyril. Squire has the ability to interpret information by touch. During the many times she has teamed up with Batman in Gotham she formed a strong bond with Stephanie Brown/Spoiler.
Surge (Noriko “Nori” Ashida) is a young mutant born in Tokyo Japan with electricity-based powers, however it requires gauntlet-like regulators to be able to control. She is a New X-Men and considered to be one of the natural leaders for the younger generation. Surge currently lives in San Francisco with the rest of the X-Men.
Squire vs Surge would be an interesting fight because although both girls are still so young they already show great potential and are thought to be the leaders in the next generation to come. It would be a fun fight to watch as long as we don’t get “shocked.”

Starling (Evelyn Crawford) is a member of the Birds of Prey from the new 52 relaunch. She is a master strategist. She is on top of multiple Government watch lists. She is a long time friend of Black Canary and since she was an outlaw with no place to go, Black Canary asked her to join her newly reformed group Birds of Prey. She is skilled and trained in both hand to hand combat and weaponry.
Hope (Hope Summers) is the mutant messiah. She was the first mutant born after M-Day. She is an Omega-level power mimic mutant, pretty much she’s amazing. Many groups tried to track her down because she is believed to be dangerous and a threat to humanity. She was rescued by Cable and the X-Men. Hope then started her own team, Generation Hope.
Starling vs Hope This may not be such an even match, Hope Summers is obviously a very powerful mutant but let’s say her powers shut down for this fight for some reason. Now we have a fight. Starling and Hope are fairly new characters to the series. They are both wanted for many reasons and they can both put up a good fight.

Chief Man-of-Bats (William Eagle) is a Native American representative of Batman of All Nations. His son is his sidekick, Raven Red who is the equivalent of Batman’s Robin. He is an official member of Batman Inc.
Warpath (James Proudstar) is a Native American mutant. He joined the X-Men years ago and has since left and come back on and off. Most recently he was called upon by Wolverine to join his X-Force team.
Chief Man-of-Bats vs Warpath is an obvious match given the fact that they are both big, tough Native American Superheroes.

Raven Red (Little Raven) is the son of Chief Man-of-Bats and his sidekick too. He is considered the Native American Robin. His first name was Little Robin but has since changed it to Raven Red. His knowledge in hand to hand combat is up to par with that of Dick Grayson, Jason Todd and Tim Drake plus he has a great knowledge of medicine and is great with the bow and arrow.
Moonstar (Dani Moonstar) is Native American and original member of the New Mutants. She lost her mutant powers after M-Day but she still leads the New Mutants even without powers using her skills and natural strengths in hand to hand combat and weaponry. She is great with the bow and arrow.
Raven Red vs Moonstar is a great match because both young Native Americans match well when it comes to skills and training in both hand to hand combat and bow and arrow. It would be an interesting fight to see especially because this is the only fight I’ve matched up between a male against a female. (Battle of the sexes?.. oh wait, wrong game.)

Mr.Unknown (Jiro Osamu) is the second Mr.Unknown. The original was killed in battle and Jiro became the sucessor. Jiro is currently the Batman of Japan and is an official member of Batman Inc.
Longshot (Arthur Centino) is an extra dimensional rebel warrior created by genetic engineering. He is a former member of the X-Men and current member of X-Factor investigations. He is married to the beautiful Dazzler and is known rocking the mullet haircut.
Mr.Unknown vs Longshot is such a good fight because they are both so cool in their own way. Their level of strength and agility match well plus they both throw those ninja star things when fighting.

Halo (Gabrielle Doe aka Violet Harper) is the fusion of a human body and an Aurakle, an ancient energy-being of iridescent color. She is bright as the stars are beautiful. Halo is a close ally to Batman and one of the founding members of the Outsiders.
Dazzler (Alison Blaire) is a mutant singer/performer. She has the ability to turn sound into light which comes out in vibrant colors which she uses in her favor while fighting in combat. She is the ex-wife of Longshot and current member of the X-Men once again.
Halo vs Dazzler is a fight to be seen because both girls have similar powers that put a show within itself. They are beautiful blonde women and have been trusted members of the team for many years. It’s a two for one deal, fight between two gorgeous women and a spectacular show of color.

Metamorpho (Rex Mason) was transformed into Metamorpho when he was exposed to the light of an ancient meteor. This gave Metamorpho the ability to mimic all aspects of the natural elements as well as manipulate his body figure and structure to shape-shift into merely anything. He is a good friend to Batman, the Birds of Prey and a member of the Outsiders.
Morph (Kevin Sidney) has a jokester personality and is best friends with Blink. He is mutant shapeshifter, an omnimorph and one of the most powerful of his kind in the Marvel Universe. with the ability to turn into anyone he wishes. He was a temporary member of the X-Men and current member of the Exiles.
Metamorpho vs Morph is an ideal battle. Not only do their names match up, but they look rather similar and have similar abilities. While one is the result of a freak accident the other is the result of his mutant genetics. “It’s morphin time!”

Lady Blackhawk (Zinda Blake) is a former member of the World War ll Blackhawks. She was thrown into the present where she had difficulty understanding what had happened. Batman helped her understand what had happened when he took her to visit the grave of one of her former Blackhawks. She was asked by Barbara Gordon to be the key pilot for the Birds of Prey and she accepted.
Meggan (Meggan Puceanu) is a mutant with many powers. She is an empath, which means she is able to feel the emotions of others including people, animals and plants. Elemental which means she can control the four basic elements, Earth, water, fire, and air. She is also a shapeshifter. She is the wife of Captain Britain and founding member of the Excalibur team.
Lady Blackhawk vs Meggan is an interesting fight because in a way they both feel like they don’t really fit in. One comes from the past and has to get in the groove of things in the present although well educated. The other is a nature girl who doesn’t even know how to read or write however very powerful. I see these two becoming good friends at the end of their fight.

Ragman (Rory Regan) is a defender of the streets of Gotham City. He wears a suit made of rags from the souls of the evildoers he has defeated in the past. His purpose is to serve vigilante justice and give the bad guys a taste of their own medicine. He has the ability to teleport. Ragman is an official member of Batman’s Network group.
Vanisher is a teleporter mutant with the ability to move himself and others across the planet with just a single jump. He started off as an enemy to the X-Men years ago but most recently joined the new X-Force Strike Team and helped the X-Men as well.
Ragman vs Vanisher is an awesome fight because both guys look creepy as hell. They both have a twisted mind and both have the ability to teleport. If only Tim Burton could direct this fight.

Anarky (Lonnie Machin) has a genius level of intellect and is great at computer hacking. He’s a martial artist, brilliant inventor and tireless crusader against authoritarianism. He hates the way Governments and Corporations try to overrun society. He attacks these corrupted CEO’s and marks them with an circled “A”. Batman seeked to find out who he was then found out he is just a boy. He’s teamed up with Batman, Robin, Green Arrow and many members of the JLA.
Chamber (Jonathan Evan Starsmore) is a mutant with psionic energy that emits from his chin to his chest. He was an original member of Generation X and long term boyfriend of Husk. After the disbanding of Generation X he joined the X-Men. His powers are so great that it has destroyed much of his chest. He is unable to speak but he can communicate telepathically. He must be careful where ever he goes because although he may not mean it, he is dangerous and could cause major harm.
Anarky vs Chamber is a good fight because both guys are average in age and strength. They have potential to be fearsome villains but are maintaining a good rep by teaming up with the right people. They each have things they can use to their advantage. Let the destruction begin!

Nite-Wing (Tad Ryers) is an orphan with a lot of anger issues. He idolizes Nightwing and when it came time for him to take matters into his own hands he decided to become Nite-Wing a name similar to that of Nightwing’s but it fit him well, for he knew not what he was getting himself into. Nite-Wing is the unofficial sidekick to Nightwing.
Sunspot (Roberto DeCosta) comes from a rich family in Brazil. He is a long time member of the New Mutants, X-Men, X-Force and other teams. The only thing that holds him back is his major anger issues. He has the power of solar-fueled super strength.
Nite-Wing vs Sunspot, this fight should be called battle of the young brats or the poor kid vs the rich kid. Either way this fight should be good to watch.

Black Alice (Lori Zechlin) is a powerful metahuman with the magical ability to take the powers away from people while using them to her own advantage. She is the sister of Misfit and joined the Birds of Prey for some time until Barbara Gordon realized she was too dangerous to keep around freely. She would be considered to be Zatanna’s sidekick if she wasn’t such an anti-hero.
Karma (Xi’an Coy Manh) is an openly lesbian mutant and founding member of the New Mutants. She has the ability to mentally possess other beings. Karma recenlty lost one of her legs in a battle and got a cybernetic leg replacement. She had a twin brother named Tran Coy Manh, but he is not important. She has a crush on her heterosexual friend Kitty Pride.
Black Alice vs Karma would be a great fight to watch, both young and equal in body strength and agility. Both Karma and Black Alice have the power to manipulate people. To say this fight would be “mind blowing” would be an understatement. They say Karma is a bitch but in this case I think it’s Black Alice.

Black Lightning (Jefferson Michael Pierce) is a teacher and Olympic medal-winning decathlete. He has electricity based powers and fights for Justice. He is the father of Thunder and is a founding member of the Outsiders along with Batman.
Prodigy (David Alleyne) is a prodigal genius who was able to pick up both knowledge and skills from beings simply by being in close contact with them. He lost his powers after the affect of M-Day but he was able to retain all the abilities he had previously absorbed therefore still making him an asset to the X-Men.
Black Lightning vs Prodigy is an interesting match up, although they may appear to look similar, Prodigy is just a teenage kid while Black Lightning is an older man. However it is still a good fight to see Black Lightnings powers go up against Prodigy’s genius mind.

Geo-Force (Brion Markov) is the king of Markovia. He has the powers of the planet Earth, including earth control, lava blasts and super-strength. He is the older brother of Teen Titans member Terra and he is the co-leader and founding member of the Outsiders.
Rockslide (Santo Vaccarro) is a student at the Xavier Institute for gifted youngsters and is also a member of the Young X-Men. He is good friends with Hellion and even better friends with Anole. He has a gray exterior made of organic rock and is able to crush things with ease as well as turn into lava form.
Geo-Force vs Rockslide is without a doubt a battle everyone wants to see.They pretty much have the same amazing powers and abilities with both rock and lava control. It will be a battle that will “rock” our world.

Terra (Terra Markov) is the younger sister of Geo-Force. She was a former member of the Teen Titans along with Dick Grayson, Starfire and others. She possesses the same abilities as her older brother with the control of the Earth’s elements mostly rock and lava.
Boom Boom (Tabitha Smith aka Meltdown) is a former member of the New Mutants, X-Factor and the original X-Force team. She is a mutant with the ability to create energy bombs of various sizes and intensity which explode upon impact. She had a romantic relationship with both Rictor and Cannonball but both were cut short.
Terra vs Boom Boom is a good match because both girls match in age, strength and agility. They both have explosive powers and they are both little brats. Terra was secretly working for the enemy while on the Teen Titans team while Tabitha was with the Brotherhood of Evil in X-Men Evolution.

Freight Train (Cecil) is a former bodyguard. He operates with the superhero team the Outsiders created by Batman. He obtained his super powers and strength from aliens.
Strong Guy (Strong Guy) is a mutant who possesses great strength and durability. He is an active member of the superhero team the X-Factor.
Freight Train vs Strong Guy is an obvious choice. These guys are big, tough and play the same character in their groups.

Looker (Emily Briggs) is an extremely beautiful metahuman. Former member of the original Outsiders and strong ally to Batman. She is one of the most powerful psionic and is one of the most powerful mentalists in the world. She became a vampire and now acquired vampire abilities and weaknesses.
Mercury (Cessily Kincaid) is a young mutant. Former member of the Hellions, she developed strong friendships with most of her team including their leader, Hellion and X-23. She is a junior X-Men with the ability to transform her entire body into a living liquid metal. It’s taken her a while to let go of her former beautiful looks and get used to her new form.
Looker vs Mercury was a battle I picked because both red headed females used to be obsessed with their beautiful looks until one turned to a liquid metal form and the other became a vampire. They both have amazing powers and abilities, they both make a great asset to their team, they’re both still beautiful beings. If they can let go of the past and focus on what they have, either one of them can win this fight.

Man-Bat (Dr.Kirk Langstrom) is a scientist who accidentally turned himself into the creature Man-Bat. Although he started off as a vicious foe to Batman and the Gotham Knights, he later switched sides and became partners with Batman and the Birds of Prey when they needed him the most. He is an official part of the Network.
Banshee (Sean Cassidy) is a mutant with a sonic scream. He’s Irish but you can’t kiss him because he dead. He is the father of Siryn who share the same powers. He is a member of the X-Men, Teacher at Generation X and founder of X-Corp. Banshee learned how to use his sonic powers to be able to fly in the air with wings we built into his costume.
Man-Bat vs Banshee would be a great battle because these guys have years of experience and they can take their battle from the ground to the sky. It would definitely be a fun battle to watch but who will go “higher” at the end?

Gypsy (Cynthia Reynolds) is a superhero from Detroit. She joined the Justice League along with her friend Vixen. Later Gypsy joined Booster Gold’s team before finally joining the Birds of Prey with Barbara Gordon along with her old friend Vixen once again. She has the power to create illusions and become invisible.
Hepzibah (Lady Kitten) is Mephitisoid who hates the Shi’ar empire. She used to be in a relationship with Corsair (Cyclops’s father) and after his death she began to date Warpath. Hepzibah decided to make Earth her new home and joined the X-Men. After a while she also joined the X-Force. She possesses enhanced agility, speed, reflexes, hyper-keen senses, great night vision and sense of smell. Like a werecat she has retractible claws.
Gypsy vs Hepzibah is a great fight because both girls have that gypsy-like style. They match up as far as strength, skills, agility and hand to hand combat. Paws up!

Gaucho (Don Santiago Vargas) was inspired by Batman and Robin to become a superhero. He used to be a millionaire playboy who had a passion for fast cars and hot women. He decided to give up that life for something more meaningful and became El Gaucho, the Batman representative in Argentina.
Thunderbird (Neal Shaara) was born in India and is the third person to assume the title of Thunderbird. His mutant powers allow him to transform the molecules of his body to solar plasma reactors. After joining the X-Men he had strong feeling for Psylocke even though she was with Archangel but after they broke up he finally got what he wanted. Thunderbird was able to keep his powers after M-Day.
Gaucho vs Thunderbird would be a good fight because they match as far as age, strength and structure. Both character are also fairly equal as far as importance to the overall series, which is not so main. May the best foreign guy win!

Hood (George Cross) is an English vigilante. He operates in London and he got his name from Robin Hood and much like the character he too takes from the rich criminals to give back to the poor. He became good friends with Batman and decided to join the Batman Inc program.
Elixir (Joshua Foley) is a student at the Xavier Institute. He is an Omega-level mutant with the ability of biological manipulation which allows him to restore life or take it on a whim. When he first joined the New X-Men he was all about himself but now a bit older and more mature he has discovered that it is not all about him, he has been able to use his powers to save countless lives with his amazing healing abilities.
Hood vs Elixir make for an interesting match. It seems like both heroes genuinely care about others far more than themselves. One giving money to the poor and the other saving lives with his unique gift of healing.

Indigo (Brainiac 8) is an android. She was a member of the Outsiders when Nightwing and Arsenal were in charge of the team. She developed a relationship with a part of Metamorpho (Sounds confusing but too long to explain.) She is a living computer with high technology, ability to time travel and teleport, she also has super human strength.
Blink (Clarice Ferguson) is a mutant with the power to teleport. She sacrificed herself to save the Generation X then was resurrected to become a killer. She later became more recognizable for being a main member of the Exiles. While on the Exiles Blink developed a relationship with her teammate Mimic. Blink has also been known to time-travel.
Indigo vs Blink is the perfect match up. Both girls have different color skin, one soft blue the other soft purple but both have pinkish hair. Both girls are teleporters and meet in the same types of strengths and abilities.

Vixen (Mari McCabe) carries a magical Tantu totem that augments her animal mimicking abilities. She’s been a member of the JLA, Suicide Squad, a professional model and successful business woman. She joined the Huntress and Birds of Prey for a period of time, during which she saved Flamebird and a few others that were being captured and manipulated.
Shard (Shard Bishop) is the younger sister of Bishop. The two are time travelers who are trying to stop bad things from happening in the future. Duding her time in this reality she joined the X-Factor under the lead of Polaris and Valerie Cooper. She was trained like Bishop in hand to hand combat and weaponry.
Vixen vs Shard is a great fight because both black women have filled temporary spots in the series within Batman and X-Men.

Big Barda (Barda Free) was made for battle. She comes from the hellish place Apokolips. She used to be the leader of the female Furies but switched to becoming a superhero instead. Barda was asked by Barbara Gordon to join the Birds of Prey and she accepted. She stands at 7’ feet tall and is the strongest woman in the DC Universe. Virtually indestructible and practically bullet proof.
Armor (Hisako Ichiki) is just a teenage mutant student at the Xavier Institute who came from Japan. No, not really, she’s much more then that. Armor is an X-Man who can create a psionic forcefield around her, giving her enhanced durability and strength. Her psionic armor acts as an extension of her body which makes her appear much bigger. Apart from being able to use her armor to fight it is also practically indestructible.
Big Barda vs Armor would be a fun match to watch. Armor and Big Barda are both super strong and almost indestructible beings. It would be fun to see these to go blow for blow. Who will be the true knock out at the end?

Owlman (Roy Raymond JR) was a former talk show personality who was sought out by Batman to take his place as the Outsiders’s resident detective. He uses owl-like themed gadgets and equipment that were provided to him by Batman and Alfred. He has proven to be a great fighter and ally to Batman and all the knights in Gotham City.
Mimic (Calvin Rankin) is a super-human with the ability to copy the powers and abilities of other super powered individuals. He is known to most commonly mimic the powers of the first five original X-Men. Cyclops, Beast, Iceman, Archangel and Jean. He is a former member of the X-Men and a member of the Exiles. He is a love interest to Blink.
Owlman vs Mimic make for an interesting battle. Both use all the tools/abilities they have available and make with what they’ve got. They are an important part of their team and have even led the team in which they belong to.

Wingman is a superhero from Europe who was inspired by Batman to become a crime-fighter. He is now an unofficial member of Batman Inc. His true identity is still a mystery.
Warlock (Douglock) is a member of the Technarchy race. He is a also considered a mutant because he is able to experience and express emotions. Member of the New Mutants. Former member of Excalibur and used to date Wolfsbane.
Wingman vs Warlock is a random fight but look, let’s be honest. This is a battle between Batman and all of his allies vs Wolverine and the X-Men. I could not have this list without these to but there is no one else I could put them up against so let’s just throw them together as see what happens.

Hawk (Hank Hall) is the brother of Dove and is the agent of chaos. He works side by side with his sister as a duo and joined the super hero team Birds of Prey right before the DC Comics relaunch.
Guardian (James McDonald Hudson) is the original Guardian and first leader of the group Alpha Flight which is a team that operates in Canada. They had taken in Wolverine and trained him as one of their own before the X-Men.
Hawk vs Guardian is a great fight. Both these guys look the same and match up as far as strength and agility.

Dove (Dawn Granger) is the current avatar of peace. She is partners with her brother Hawk and the two try to maintain order. Hawk and Dove joined the Birds of Prey for a series of time.
Snowbird (Narya) has the ability to change into the form of any animal found in Canada which is where she operates. She is one of the original members of Alpha Flight led by the Guardian. She became good friends with Wolverine.
Dove vs Snowbird is a great battle because these girls’s costumes resemble each others greatly. Not to mention they both work with Hawk and Guardian who also resemble one another. It’s genius and it must be done! Which bird will fly victorious?

Dr.Light (Kimiyo Hoshi) is a metahuman (metahuman = mutant) who is a superhero. She has the power over light and can destroy an entire fleet of attackers. She is an illuminating hero who is part of Batman’s reformed Outsiders group.
Aurora (Jeanne-Marie Beaubier) is the twin sister of Northstar. She is a founding member of Alpha Flight. Her and her brother share a remarkable power of light and when together that power becomes much greater. She has a split personality disorder that has led her to often times be considered dangerous.
Dr.Light vs Aurora is obviously a great fight, it’s ridiculous how much their outfits resemble one another. Put on your sun glasses it’s going to be bright fight!

Gordon (Commissioner James Gordon) was the first supporter of Batman on the GCPD. He is the one who turns on the Bat Signal when help is needed. He is a good friend to Batman and although he usually leaves the fighting to the crime-fighters he’s been known to hold his own.
Forge (Jonathan Silvercloud) is the X-Men’s handy man. His mutant powers allow him to comprehend technology and be able to build any kind of machinery he can think of. He operated with both X-Men and X-Factor although he rarely takes the battle field. He is a former lover of Storm.
Gordon vs Forge is a good match because both guys don’t normally fight in the battle field but stay close for backup. They are most needed off the battle grounds anyway. Both know how to use guns pretty well. Should be fun to watch.

Bullock (Harvey Bullock) he used to be a corrupt cop that took bribes and used police brutality but Bullock now has turned a new leaf, he is a detective in Gotham City and has formed a strong partnership with James Gordon and Renee Montoya.
Rictor (Julio Esteban Richter) is a Mexican bi-sexual superhero. He was a member of New X-Men, X-Force and most recently X-Factor investigations. He has the powers to create seismic vibrations but lost his powers after M-Day. He had a relationship with Boom Boom, a child with Wolfsbane and is currently in a romantic relationship with Shatterstar, so he goes both ways.
Bullock vs Rictor would be a good fight because in a way they are both both on and off the main battle ground. They are both detectives, Rictor serves in X-Factor Investigations while Harvey is an actual detective for the GCPD. Should be fun to see.

Vicki Vale (Victoria Vale) was a reporter for the Gotham Gazette who’s job was to report about Batman. She has been a love interest to both Batman and Bruce Wayne. Although not a crime-fighter herself she has been able to assist Batman numerous times by giving him helpful information that she was able to get.
Val Cooper (Valerie Cooper) is a government agent who created the team X-Factor which was founded by the original X-Men. The group is still around now although no longer Government funded it goes by X-Factor Investigations.
Vicki Vale vs Val Cooper is a good fight because these women are not superheroes yet have been able to aid and assist Batman and the X-Men on their own terms.

Alfred (Alfred Pennyworth) raised Bruce after his parents passed. He also raised and trained the rest of the Bat Family including Nightwing, Batgirl, Black Bat, Spoiler, Red Robin, Red Hood, Huntress and Robin. He also formed the Outsiders and led them on special missions as well as overlooking the Birds of Prey, the Network and Batman Inc. He is the true mastermind behind it all and a father figure to Gotham’s greatest knights. Alfred Pennyworth, much more than your average butler. Alfred is a skilled fighter, even at his old age he’s been kidnapped 27 times and has been able to escape and defeat his kidnappers without getting dirt on his suit.

Professor X (Charles Xavier) is the creator of the X-Men and founder of the Xavier Institute. He is a powerful telepath and one of the strongest in the world. He has been a teacher and trainer to the best heroes in the X-Men team including Cyclops, Jean, Storm, Wolverine, Beast, Iceman, Archangel, Rogue, Gambit and many more. Apart from the X-Men team he also created and looks over other related teams such as New Mutants, New X-Men, X-Factor, X-Force, Excalibur, Exiles, Generation X and more. He is the true mastermind behind all the greatness that is the X-Men and a father figure to all the young heroes. Charles Xavier is much more than your average crippled professor. Even at his age Professor X has been able to defend himself against harms way even without his powers and without falling off his chair.

Alfred vs Professor X is a great match because of the significant importance they portray in the series. We must keep in mind that no telepaths are able to use their powers during these fights, which now makes this fight more even and interesting. Furthermore this is a great conclusion to my ridiculously long list of Batman vs X-Men.

Let me know your thoughts on this and feel free to like and share this article with everyone. I think it would make for a great video game or something. Started this list by trying to see if Batman had as many members on his side as the X-Men without using the main members of the JLA. Thanks for watching!
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