BatmanHeisenberg Presents: Batman vs Heisenberg

BatmanHeisenberg Presents: <i>Batman vs Heisenberg</i>

As Batman, the world's greatest detective and Heisenberg, the man who knocks, try to stay one step ahead of one another, are they part of a large conspiracy that will shake them to their core? Hit the jump to read BatmanHeisenberg's Fan Fic!

BatmanHeisenberg Presents: Batman vs Heisenberg by Nathaniel Darling

Special thanks to: MrBlackJack and RobinPinkMan for their invaluable input, and DrDoom for his help with Scribd! Stay tuned, viewers, for soon, MrBlackJack intend to drop a little story about a little gang this character in the story will be apart of. Thanks for reading!

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