BATTLE POLL: Spider-Man vs. Daredevil

BATTLE POLL: Spider-Man vs. Daredevil

The Webhead against the Hornhead whose head will prevail?

“I dream and it becomes reality.” – anonymous


He hears the crowd cheering as he swung by them. On other days he would have waved at them but not today, his head is not clear today. He just lost his best friend, Harry sacrificed his life for him. He allowed his Uncle’s killer to walk away, thinking if he really has forgiven the Sandman. He and MJ are talking again, but has she really forgiven him? He is confused, he cannot think straight and he cannot shake the feeling of impending doom.


With his heightened sense of hearing he heard the whisper of a frightened man two blocks away. He also hear the man’s heartbeat and it revealed that he has just committed a crime. Years as a lawyer has taught Matt what a guilty man’s heartbeat is. So tonight, he will give this man his full attention. For tonight, the devil is thinking clearly. For he just recently brought the Kingpin of crime to his knees. He brought the hounding newspaperman to his side. And somebody brought the woman she loves back to life. Yes! Tonight is a good time to raise some hell.

One skyscraper in the city of New York becomes a nexus to two realities. A split second of bright reddish light flash curiously went unnoticed by the major populace but not by two individuals wearing crimson themed outfits. The two dropped immediately what they were doing and what they were thinking and went directly to the source of light.

SPIDER-MAN sees the horn and immediately thinks a goblin.
DAREDEVIL’s radar reflected the spider insignia and mistook it for a target.

Fight ensues.

“Fight of SPIDER-MAN of Universe 96283 and DAREDEVIL of Universe 701306 engage.”



[RULE: Try to base the outcome on the characters abilities in the movies and not the comics. SPIDER-MAN info [here] and DAREDEVIL info [here]

Your detailed description of the battle and the result is greatly encouraged (go wild!). You know where to write it.

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