BattlinMurdock's JUSTICE LEAGUE Film Ground-Plan

BattlinMurdock's JUSTICE LEAGUE Film Ground-Plan

It's twisty, it's turvy, and I think it's the right direction. I haven't laid out a Justice League ground-plan, yet, but maybe that's all the more reason to check mine out!

Let's start with part one of the movie, because the ground-plan I've got for this series is a bit of a doozy. So, let's take you to a land where destruction rules all. 2024.

Justice League
It's 2024 and Lex Luthor has risen through the ranks and used political power and agenda to turn the United States into a hostile, decrepit wasteland (figuratively). How is this possible? Well, he began sowing the seeds for this years before he was ever in office by doing the impossible. Defeating Superman. After revealing the hero a public nuisance, he had Superman captured and imprisoned, never to be seen again.

Since Superman's imprisonment, other heroes have come out of the shadows to fight this uprising horror. Heroes like Barry Allen, gifted with super speed and an alias like The Flash, and heroes like Hal Jordan, given a ring from the cosmos that he uses to become The Green Lantern. Heroes like a living goddess in Diana's Wonder Woman. Heroes like a man who lives under the sea, like Aquaman. Heroes who fall out of the darkness of their crumbling cities like Batman.

After constant defeat in battle, the newly formed (already formed by the time the feature starts) decides there is only one remedy. It comes to pass that Barry Allen must travel into the past and find and free Superman, so they can stop the war from ever happening. However, at that point in time, the only active superhero was Superman. Barry takes Hal's ring and runs through the time barrier in the past, given coordinates to where Superman may be hidden by Batman's deduction. They also state that Barry only has one chance to do this. If he fails, he will be unable to return to the future because time will have changed too drastically and there will not be that future to return to so they can try again.

In 2024, Luthor finds out about the team's plan and launches an all-out assault on the only three heroes left with their abilities: Wonder Woman, Batman, and Aquaman. These three fight on, not only for their own survival, but for the survival of the remaining people on Earth, just as their time-change plan may not work.

In 2018, Barry finds himself in a world without a Flash (the incident that gave him his powers has not-yet happened), a Wonder Woman and Aquaman (they have not yet revealed themselves to the public), a Green Lantern (Barry has Hal's ring), and a Batman (Bruce has yet to start training to be Batman). Barry's first order of business is to find Hal Jordan. He finds him and eventually convinces him to become the Green Lantern. Hal commits to his new identity, and they go search for Superman.

They find him and release him, only to find Superman has become disheartened that the public has rejected him. They tell him what the future holds and finally manage to get him to join up and take down Lex Luthor.

In the future, the battle rages on. Batman, Aquaman, and Wonder Woman hold back as much of Lex Luthor's totalitarian and robotic army as possible as Luthor now sees only three heroes standing in his way. The battles are long and heavy. And epic. Let's not forget epic.

In the past, Superman, Barry, and Hal start their battle with Lex. His army is small at this point, but he still proves to be formidable. While Supes battles Luthor, Barry and Hal take out the rest of Luthor's army, making a public debacle of the then-politician and completely taking away any public support he once has. The tides now turned, Luthor (in battle-suit) becomes desperate and tries to make his suit go nuclear. Superman grabs him and flies upwards to rid the city of the bomb, but as they fly, he is stabbed in the shoulder with kryptonite by his foe. Weakened, the bomb explodes and Superman falls to the ground, only to be caught by Hal Jordan.

They realize that the only way Superman can survive (the kryptonite has been broken off and secreted into his blood stream) is if they rush him to the future, where Batman's medical intellect could save him. Hal warns Barry that he doesn't know if that is possible, being that they don't know which future Barry will run into now that they've alternated the timeline. Barry tells him that he has to try any way and he runs Superman into the future to save him.

This leaves 2018 Hal Jordan to do the only thing he knows to do. Recruit the would-be members of the Justice League.

This leaves us with questions. Did the plan work? Is the future safe? Did Barry get Superman to Batman in time? Did Batman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman survive the onslaught? And it's from here we move into solo films.

The Flash
In an effort to create his best friend's superhero identity, Hal Jordan causes the accident that makes Barry Allen the Flash. This realization causes Barry to struggle with his own destiny; was he truly meant to become the Flash if someone else made it happen? Couldn't Hal have picked anyone? But time is running out, because Captain Cold and Mirror Master have attacked the city, and Hal Jordan has to go find the rest of the group!

Wonder Woman
While I don't have plans for Wonder Woman, yet (predominantly because I'm not well-versed on her mythology), she'd have a stand-alone story with maybe an end scene with Hal Jordan informing her of the group.

Honestly, the same thing with Wonder Woman. Give Curry a reason to come up to land, reveal himself, and then have Jordan give him the what's what on the League.

I've got a lengthy Batman-reboot story, but I'll save that for another day. With him, it'd make sense to get the entire (then) team together for his initiation, which he eventually turns down.

Then, we fall into Justice League 2 which has the second most clever title of all time. We get reintroduced to Superman, as time has come full circle and the year is now 2024, who apparently did survive, and there's a new threat headed earth's way. But that brings up the question...where is the Barry Allen that rushed Superman to the future?

...and that's the challenge I leave to Damon Lindelof.

What do you folks think? I wanted the first Justice League to deliver in terms of superhero team-ups, but in a way that it wasn't everyone physically working together, so it leaves you a bit longing for the sequel. I also wanted to invent a natural progression for these characters together and give them each a chance to really show their stuff. You get to see Wonder Woman and Aquaman take on major, badass armies with the comic book Batman you've been longing for, as well as getting a healthy does of Green Lantern and Hal Jordan without having to deal with a sequel or reboot. Also a good way to show The Flash's relevance to the team instead of just being a fella who can run fast.

And of course, it gives Superman a chance to rest and be longed for again. Tell me what you guys think in the comments below! I'm excited to read about them! And you can follow me on Twitter @Lumetian.

You can find a really cheaply-made, rough version of a trailer here, using clips from oldies, but goodies.

What exactly happens to Flash and Superman? Short answer: nobody really knows at the start. Since altering the time-line, Barry and Clark don’t know what they’ll run into in the future. Barry knows Bruce’s intellect, though, and trusts that if 2018 Hal gets the team together by 2024, Bruce will, by that time, be Batman, so the risk of running into a future with no saving grace for Superman is lower. It’s definitely still a risk, though. But they’re trapped. Superman dies if they stay and he only might die if they go. Barry takes the latter risk, leaving 2018 Hal Jordan to put the team together.

Why the six-year gap? Aside from the time-travel trope being used, where a gap of that size is fairly necessary, I figured six years would be the adequate amount of time for Bruce Wayne to become Batman. Bruce sees the battle in Metropolis and uses it as a catalyst to do good for his city of Gotham. That, his paranoia, combined with the loss of his parents, is ultimately what sells him on the idea to become Batman. When Hal meets Bruce for the first time and finds out that (by this time: 2022-ish), he is Batman, he tells him that Superman’s gone to the future to be treated by him. Batman then starts making a device in order to save Superman, hoping that by 2024, it will be finished.

If Flash is in 2024 after running Superman there, then what happens with the Barry Allen from 2018 naturally becomes the one in 2024? Simply put, they become the same person. The Barry that comes to the year 2024 naturally is the only Barry. The one that ran Superman into the future is gone. Barry has no recollection of saving Superman or of the battle with Lex in 2018 (because he didn’t do it and he was never a part of it), but his natural progression into 2024 causes him to become the only Flash. Time paradox!

What about Martian Manhunter or Cyborg or Hawkman? Simply stated, I’m saving Manhunter for the sequel, and it’s likely we won’t be seeing the likes of Cyborg and Hawkman (in my plans). I'd also want the sequel to be very Green Lantern focused, if possible. Considering he wouldn't have gotten a new solo film, I think re-introducing a team-up of the Corps with JL would be great, and a great segway into people like Stewart and Martian Manhunter if it weren't too stuffed.

And then maybe have Darkseid show up for round three and make JL3 more Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows-esque.
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