Becoming A Real Superhero

Becoming A Real Superhero

What Would It Take?

So I'm going to start off by saying that I am the biggest Batman fan on the planet...k probably not but I seriously love the guy!!!

He's the reason I have 2 black belts and he's the reason I'm halfway through a degree in Criminology.

So I was thinking why don't I just become a superhero??

I'm a blackbelt in Shotokan Karate and a blackbelt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I've also been doing Muay Thai and Boxing for 10 years.

Obviously I'm well trained in the martial arts and could take anyone down. But what else would it take? What kind of equipment or gadgets would I need?

I'm big on the whole "You only live once" thing. Does anyone think this is a good idea?

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