Black Panther Fancast

Black Panther Fancast

Myself like many fans were a bit disappointed when we heard that Black Panther wasn't in the line up for Phase 2 of the MCU I would love to see T'challa go toe to toe against Thanos (or The Masters of Evil as some are speculating) in the next Avengers movie. Alas here's a little fancast I've put together if Mr. Feige cares to take a look at it.

First off let's begin with our Protagonist The King, The Politician The Scientist, The Warrior and The Strategist The Black Panther T'Challa

Chiwetel Ejiofor - Black Panther

Classically trained, highly accoladed actor with a very impressive resume, a commanding screen process and more than overdue his chance at full stardom. He has played Othello, The Operative in Serenity (Good enough for Whedon good enough for me) and also Luke in one of my favourite movies, Children of Men. He has the talent and presence to bring royalty to the Marvel universe.

Next up his beau who T'Challa will meet in his studies abroad, instead of a singer I believe Monica Lynne would work better as a Jazz musician and for the actress to portray her I choose

Sydney Tamia Portier - Monica Lynne

Beautiful Actress has a great screen presence and would be a great time for her to be more prominent in movie roles.

What's a superhero movie without an interesting antagonist? They should be more powerful or at least equal to the hero in strength but the parallel, Due to the death of T'Challa's father Wakanda would be in turmoil and there are many who see this as a time to take over the Panther Lineage and one of those gentlemen is a fierce power hungry warrior by the name of Erik Killmonger.

Micheal Jai White - Erik Killmonger

Great actor , very intimidating when he needs to be but also with a good sense of humour not to mention a notorious martial artist, I think he was born to play the rebel leader.

Supporting Characters

A loving, stern and commanding leader, you will see his presence wisdom and determination before his tragic death. King T'Chaka

Denzel Washington_ T'Chaka

Yeah I know, everybody ever on this site uses this pick, but let's be honest, can you think of a better choice?

Queen of Wakanda, caring and benevolent she keeps calm during the turmoil and knows the best way to move her country forward

Viola Davis - Ramonda

Academy award nominated actress, the idea came to me when I actually had an idea for her to play the lead role in a Nanny of the Maroons biopic, but as an aspiring Jamaican director myself I don't know if that gonna come to fruition for now. So let's se her as the Queen she can thoroughly portray

Princess, brash brave but not yet ready to leave nonetheless always willing and helpful.

Keke Palmer - Shuri

She's been around for a long time even though such a young age, always giving a great performance she would fit in well with the cast and as an emerging warrior for Wakanda.

N'Gassi Former Regent of Wakanda he steps up and takes the place of his deceased brother until a new King can be declared.

Andre Braugher - N'Gassi

Emmy nominated and extremely talented actor, he would be excellent as the Wakandan Regent.

An advisor and aid to the Wakandan Kingdom

Robert Guillame -Zawavari

One of my favorite actors most know would know him in a similar role as Rafiki in the Lion King, this would be a more calmer tone but still just as brilliant an advisor.

Dora Milaje are an elite military force in Wakanda and the King's most trusted bodyguards they will play a central role in the movie as T'Challa trusts them as much as his family these three will have main roles but they number in the hundreds

Yaya Dacosta, Tika Sumpter, Regine Nehy - Dora Milaje

These three actresses are all beautiful up and comers who've all been in smaller roles and now can take in these prominent action roles to give their resumes a bit more variety.

The Panther God will not only have a big role to play when T'Challa is tested to be the new King but will also serve as the narrator for the story to explain to the audience how Vibranium came to affect and help build the nation Wakanda is today quite an important role that belongs to one important actor

Djimon Hounsou - Bast the Panther God

From the moment this actor step foot in front of a camera most people thought he had to some way be involved in a Black Panther movie, he was excellent T'Challa in the cartoon and I still feel he should be a big part of the live action movie.

As a cameo in the beginning to set up a few things even though he won't be the main villain we should see a glimpse of Ulysses Klaw, he will be similar to his presentation in the Black Panther animated mini series as both an assassin and Genius Scientist but let's save that for the sequel. For now I see young T'Challa injuring him greatly after the assassination and we see his face after T'Challa rips off his mask right before he makes his escape leaving the young prince with nothing but a leering smile.

Daniel Craig - Ulysses Klaw

I admit in a search for an image of the actor I saw someone had previously used him in a fan cast, beat me to it but I gotta say he would be brilliant. Intense and action oriented Mr. Craig always looks like he could be the most dangerous man in a room and I haven't seen him don the villain role in a while and there's nobody better to take on the Panther the next time around.
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