Black Panther Fancast

Black Panther Fancast

My fancast for a Black Panther Trilogy

After my Doctor Strange I started thinking about other heroes and I could help it I had to do a Balck Panther Cast.

I also thought of a cameo for ach film for Stan Lee.

I found the poster online and thought it would be a brilliant teaser poster for a Black Panther Film

Film 1

Black Panther

It will follow the main story for the first arc of the Black Panther Vol.4 the story acted as a great introduction to the world of the Black Panther.

Villains - Ulysses Klaw
- Man-Ape

Stan Lee Cameo - Head of the meeting where T'challa refuses to help the world leaders.

Film 2

Black Panther: The Deadliest of the Species

This film would have T'Challa trying to keep Wakanda from changing too much after the fallout of the previous film, and fighting a threat from within Wakanda.

Villain - White Wolf

Stan Lee Cameo - New reporter covering a news story about Wakanda

Film 3
Black Panther: Klaws of the Panther

A group of Wakandan exiles attack T'challa when his in America, he returns to Wakanda and finds that in his absence Erik Killmonger and his group have taken the capital city by force. He recruits Shuri to help him take back the city.

Black Panther - T'Challa
- Shuri

Villains - Erik Killmonger
- Madam Slay

Stan Lee Cameo - EMT Who treats T'Challa


T'Challa - Nate Parker

A young and upcoming actor I've only seen him in a few things but think he would be a great Black Panther.

T'Chaka - Denzel Washington

He would be great as the King who gets killed when T'challa is young basically a small role but his perfect.

S'yan - Bill Cobbs also considered Ntare Mwine

Either one of these men would be great as S'yan my only concerns with Bill Cobbs is his age compared to others in the cast.

Shuri - Kerry Washington

She voiced the character in the Motion Comic and I would love to see her play the part in the live action film.

Man-Ape - Tommy "Tiny" Lister

A big intimidating presence on screen, Man-Ape would take the role originally written as Rhino during the Vol 4. of Black Panther.

Ulysses Klaw - Norman Reedus

His great in the walking dead and would love to see him take it to the next stage and play the first villain in My Black Panther Trilogy.

White Wolf - Djimon Hounsou

He wants to play the Panther but I would love to see him as the leader of the Secret Wanda police and he would become the villain in the second part of the trilogy.

Erik Killmonger - Chiwetel Ejiofor

He is a great actor and he was brilliant in Serenity as the main threat to the serenity crew and would love to see him do a comic book film.

Madam Slay - Danai Gurira

She's perfect as Michonne in Walking Dead and would love to see her on the big screen.

Let me know what you all think and also let me know what you would prefer next a Heroes for Hire Fancast or a Daredevil Cast.
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