BlackCat1's Static Shock casting

BlackCat1's Static Shock casting

Casting the Static Shock cartoon that I just recently started watching again on Disney XD...

Virgil/Static Shock - Little J J
He is a high school student in the city of Dakota. As a result of accidental exposure to an experimental mutagen in an event known as the Big Bang, he gained the ability to control and manipulate electromagnetism, and uses these powers to become a superhero named "Static."

Little JJ is perfect for Static Shock because he has the look and is funny.
Little JJ had his on show on Nickelodeon a few years ago called Just Jordan.

Richie/Gear - Max Theriot
Virgil's best friend and confidant. The first person to be clued in on Virgil's powers and a fan of superhero comics, Richie persuades Virgil to become a superhero. At first, he merely provides support for his friend, making gadgets for him and helping to cover for Virgil to protect his secret identity. In the third season, it is revealed Richie's passive exposure to the Bang Gas (assumed through his contact with Virgil) had given him super powers. His power is super-intelligence, which enables him to invent rocket-powered boots and "Backpack", an intelligent multipurpose device capable of surveillance and other semi-independent activity which he wears on his back. With this equipment, he adopts the superhero identity "Gear" and becomes Static's full-time partner in crime-fighting.

Max Theriot was in Kitt Kittredge and The Pacifier

Robert Hawkins - Tyler Perry
A social worker who runs the Freeman Community Center as head counselor, he is a widower and the father of two teenagers. Robert is a caring, understanding, but strict parent. He dislikes gangs and the destructive attitudes of most Bang Babies, and his work at the community center is motivated by a desire to counteract their bad influence on young people.

Tyler Perry is an okay yet funny actor.

Sharon Hawkins - Malika or Khadija Haqq
Virgil's older sister, a strong-willed, annoying, but caring young woman.

Malika and Khadija played in Sky High and ATL

Daisy - Logan Browning
A girl that had attended an academy for the gifted (Vanmoor Institute) in which she met Virgil. After the events involving two of her fellow students as the culprits, she enrolls in the same school as Virgil, Richie and Freida and quickly evolves into Virgil's love interest.

Logan Browning can be seen on Meet the Browns(tv show)

Frieda - Shailene Woodley
Virgil's friend at school and his initial crush. Though lively and popular in school, she tends to be short-tempered and impulsive, earning her the nickname "Hurricane Frieda". She is an active participant and the driving force of the school's newspaper.

Shailene stars on The Secret Life of the American Teenager

Rubberband Man - Lee Thompson Young
Adam Evans is a meta-human whose body structure consists of living rubber, which he can shape into a wide variety of forms, even to the point of altering his physical appearance into that of another person. Adam is also a talented musician who is on the verge of a professional career. His greatest personal weakness is a reading disorder which he has to struggle through. He is the brother of the villainous Bang Baby Ebon.

Lee Thompson Young is mostly known on here for playing Cyborg on Smallville.

Ebon - Michael Ealy
The head of a group of Bang Babies including Shiv and Talon, Ebon is a transmorph; a living shadow and inter-dimensional portal able to hide and become one with shadows, as well as transport others to locations of his choice. Ebon's real name is Ivan Evans and he is Rubber-Band Man's brother.

Michael Ealy was in both Barbershop movies and Their Eyes Were Watching God...he will be in the upcoming movie Takers.

Hotstreak - Sean William Scott
Hot-Streak (Francis Stone/F-Stop) was one of the gang members at the docks when the Big Bang occurred. After being exposed to the gas, Francis Stone became Hot-Streak. His powers added to his hotheadedness by giving him the ability to create and shoot blasts of fire. Hotstreak was one of Static’s very first rivals, giving him a challenge nearly every time they meet.

Sean William Scott was in many movies most notably American Pie as Stiffler.

Talon - Francia Raisa
A teenage girl of Hispanic and Latino Americans Hispanic American heritage, Talon is a meta-human whose exposure to the Big Bang transformed her into a humanoid avian bird, a fact which she was bitter about throughout the series. As a meta-human, Talon had claw-like digits on her hands and talon-like digits on her feet; she was covered in orange feathers, but retained her red hair color. The most notable attribute of her transformation was a set of feathered patagium patagia extending from her scapula to her forearms which enabled her to fly by flapping her arms.

Francia was in Bring It On:All or Nothing and is on The Secret Life of the American Teenager
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