Can Hip-Hop And Comic Book Movies Collaborate?

Can Hip-Hop And Comic Book Movies Collaborate?

Hip-Hop is more than just a genre of music it is an artform, made by bright people who have incorporated it into music well. How though, can Hip-Hop collaborate with the long running comic book franchise. Including artwork of comic and Hip-Hop amalgamation.

As a huge fan of Hip-Hop I have to state it's absence in comic book films. Not only just music but Hip-Hop artists/turned actors. Will Smith, Common, Mos Def, Mark Wahlberg, Andre Benjamin all great actors and fine artists who are perfect examples of bringing great performances. Mos Def in my opinion would make a very exceptional Black Panther or Falcon, he definitely fits the right tone for the two characters especially T'Challa. Doubt in Mos Def's acting ability is foolish, from The Italian Job, 16 Blocks, and even The Boondocks Yasin has showed his talents in both fields. Common would make a great Green Lantern, when all the buzz of his possibility in the role was debunked I felt robbed and John Stewarts role was not even memorable, Common is still the rightful choice. Then of course there is rapper TI's recent statements of involvement with Marvel which would be fine if a character fit him, hopefully the role he gets if any is for Falcon.

Music is a different story, because the soundtrack for a comic book film generally composes of rock songs which add great for fights or other scenes. Such as like Shoot To Thrill for Iron Man or Flash by Queen, probably not the best example. Though Hip-Hop has had minor connections to comic book films Fantastic Four, Iron Man 2, the 90's Batman Saga can original Hip-Hop have a place in comic book films. Such music like Run DMC, Native Tongues, Zulu Nation cannot as it has a to positive message I suppose. Contrary to that belief I have a perfect Hip-Hop song for a Luke Cage film.

Comics and Hip-Hop do have much in common as stated in this strip so a collaboration would be a good fit so readers, any thoughts, questions, opinions, rants, statements, pictures, trolls

Here's a test for any Hip-Hop heads on the site, name the album/artist of the original amalgams below and post the original, just for kicks.

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