Captain America 3 Theories and Predictions

Captain America 3 Theories and Predictions

What we might or might not expect in Cap 3...

Titles: Captain America: Reborn, Captain America: Return of a Hero, Captain America: The Rise Hydra.

Prologue: After the events of Avengers 2, Captain America has been killed at the hands of Baron Zemo. Now, Bucky Barnes must accept his duty as the Star Spangled Captain.

Now: All superheroes including friends, gather at the funeral for losing their once leader and friend, Steve Rogers.

Meanwhile, Hydra is setting up for an invasion upon America.

Bucky accepts his role as Captain America and has a montage sequence of him fighting Hydra.

Meanwhile: Steve Rogers is re-living WWII until he finds Hawkeye who saves him and returns to the present.

Bucky returns to his role as Winter Soldier and they both Stop the invasion of Hydra's new reign.

END CREDITS: Red Skull returns to the modern world./ Namor teaser
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