Captain America 3D Review With Charcter Analysis

Captain America 3D Review With Charcter Analysis

This is my SPOILER-FREE review for Marvel's latest. Does it live up to the hype or fall in the trenches? Click to find out............

To start thing off let me say that this is my first review so go easy on me if I make any mistakes

3D Analysis
First of all i have seen the movie in 2D and 3D and the 3D is better espicially when caps sheild comes flying at the audience.However during slower scenes you don't even notice the 3D. Overall the 3D effects deserve 4/5 stars.

Charcters (Will be reviewing Evans,Weaving,and Jones)

Steve Rodgers/ Captain America (Chris Evans)

Evans does an amzing job as the scrawny turned super hereo steve rodgers. He looked and acted like he knew what was going on the whole time (unlike other actors.)He and Atwell have such a sense of chemistry together that you really feel like the actually care for each other. Overall i give his performance 4/5 stars.

Johann Schmidt/ Red skull (Hugo Weaving)

Weaving truly is the red skull. there was truly no other choice besides him (maybe mark strong but hed did green lantern.) Weaving just brought pure evilness to the character which made him feel like his character just jumped off the pages of the comics and onto the screen. The only complaint is that at times he would have an accent and others he wouldn't. Still i give him 5/5 stars.

Col. Chester Phillips (Tommy Lee Jones)

Jones acted like he had no clue what in the world was going on. His face was dull the whole movie. The only good part of his performance where the two one liners he got. there isn't much to say other then that. I give his performance 2/5 stars for those two lines.

Movie Review

This is a fantastic movie that must be seen by every comic book fan. The action is fun and exciting, the acting is mostly well done, the script is really good and funny, and the music captures the mood. And speaking of music, The Star Spangled Man is alone worth the price of admission just to laugh at the suit. overall i give this movie 5/5 stars. Congratulations to the cast and crew on making this much better than the old 1990's captain ameria movie.

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