Captain America: the Winter Soldier possible Post Credits Scene

A possible post credits scene for Captain America: the Winter Soldier.

Captain America: the Winter Soldier possible Post Credits Scene

Steve Rogers arrives as Stark tower and sees Tony Stark working in his workshop.

“Hey Tony I hear your retired as Iron Man!” Steve greeted.

“Semi I am working on the Mark XXXXIII just in case Iron Man is needed for the Avengers again.” Tony said waving to the super soldier.

“Hey you’re Captain America!” said Trevor Slattery watching British football on Tony’s TV.

“Is that........” Steve asked.

“Yeah” Tony said “the public face that the Mandarin used, I felt sorry for the guy so I paid his bail and gave him a place to stay at the Tower.”

“Aren’t you worried he could find a way to become the Mandarin for real?” asked Steve looking worried.

“I spilt my beer in my lap!” complained Trevor.

“You are worried that he might I don’t know.......find ten magic rings and become a supervillain?” Tony asked shaking his head “do you realise how completely ridiculous that is!”

“Yeah you are probably right!” laughed Steve. Trevor looking at Tony’s work table sees a file that reads “RESCUE MARK I”, he just shrugs and returns his attention to the football.
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