Using the Futurama characters!

A fancast where cartoon characters are cast as movie characters. They are cast based on looks, and some personality traits. These characters are acting, not actually being the character they are cast as.

Phillip J. Fry as Captain America

Who better to portray the Man Out of Time than the Man Out of Time, Phillip J. Fry? I'll admit, I wanted Fry to be Thor, and his brother Loki, but I changed my mind because of the similarities between Fry and Cap. They were both frozen, went into the future, are the main characters, and have saved (or helped to save) the world. Or, in Fry's case, the delivery. All Fry needs is to dye his hair blond and a lot of CGI. Getting rid of that jelly belly might help too.

Zapp Brannigan as Thor

Both blond, both (while Thor is cured of it) arrogant, and both... wow, they don't have anything else alike. Larger than life? Anyways, Zapp was my first and final choice. I love both of these characters, and it wouldn't take much for Brannigan to become the God of Thunder.

Kif Kroaker as Bruce Banner

Both don't want to fight, both listen to reason, and both have a repressed anger. Watch 'War is the H Word', and you'll see what I mean. Well, Kif is a favorite of mine, and I couldn't think of anyone better for the role of Banner. Kif is shy, emotional, and downright awesome character. The same goes for Banner (although his emotions are... different). But what about Banner's (and Kif's) alter ego?

The Destructinator as the Hulk

Both big. Both mean. Both destructive. Can you think of any better Futurama character to play the Green Goliath? Thinking of Kif becoming this giant may be hard, but the Destructionator was too good a choice to pass up. At first, I couldn't think of anyone to play Hulk, but after looking at the Futurama wiki, I found what I was looking for. This giant robot wrestler has moved from the ring to NYC.

Flexo as Tony Stark/Iron Man

Originally I was going to go with Bender. But after a long, hard thinking process, I decided on Flexo. He's basically Bender, who's basically the playboy Tony Stark. Except for one detail. Flexo is rocking that beard, and a beard is what makes Tony Stark. There's not much else to say here except that Flexo doesn't need a suit. He's already one.

Larry as Hawkeye

When I thought of Mom's children, I thought of Walt as... you'll see. I also thought of Larry as Hawkeye. These two both have brown hair, both follow orders, and I love the characters of Mom's children. Sadly, I could not use Otis in this cast, but hopefully two are enough.

Leela as Black Widow

Both have extreme fighting skills. That's a must for anyone playing Black Widow. Leela fits the bill in every way except for red hair and two eyes. Eh, dye and CGI. With this casting, our Avengers are complete, but not our cast.

Barbados Slim as Nick Fury

What can I say? These two fit like hand and glove. Is that the right saying? Anyways, Barbados and Fury are extremely similar, physically. It would be hard to find a casting that could top this one.

Amy Wong as Maria Hill

Amy had to show up somewhere, right? If you put Amy's hair down, and dressed her in a SHIELD uniform, you'd get something close to Maria Hill. Only fun loving, and with the Professor's blood type.

The Professor as Eric Selvig

Both are scientists, both are older than most, both wear blue shirts, what more can you ask for? The Professor and Selvig have much more in common than most of these picks, which is why I chose them.

Walt as Loki

As far as physical appearances go, these two are alike. As far as mental similarities go, check and check. Walt is the devious, plotting, older sibling of Mom's children. He's evil to the bone, and there could be no better pairing (except Barbados and Fury). Walt has the evil grin, the skinny body, the black hair... it's a casting made in heaven.

Smitty as Phil Coulson

I know what you're saying. "What? That idiot cop? And as the Son of Coul no less? Curse you Comiccow!" Don't. Just don't. Smitty and Coulson just had a lot in common. Both enforcers of the law (technically). Both are in the line of fire, and answer to a call to action. So who better? Smitty's partner?

Coilette as Pepper Potts

This could be considered cheating, as Coilette is Bender. However, I'm going to go with it. Coilette is a Bending Unit, and Flexo is a Bending Unit. It could be said that they would be attracted to each other. Now, Pepper and Tony are dating. Makes sense to me. My first choice was Calculon's wife, so be glad I chose Coilette.

Decapodians as the Chitauri

I thought the Neptunions would be too much. The Nibblonians would be too little. We no nothing of Morbo's race. Then I turned to Zoidberg. Yes, his species was fine. They were strong, they fought, they had excellent craftsmanship, even with those claws. They were perfect for the role of the Chitauri.

Zoidberg as the Other

I casted Zoidberg as the Other before I cast Decapodians as the Chitauri. Wouldn't it make sense for Zoidberg to be there somewhere? Of course it would! So I chose Zoidberg to be Thanos' right hand alien, the Other. I know Zoidberg is a wimp and all, but he gets angry when he needs to be. And that's just what the Other does. He never really shows any powers, but he can get angry. That's why I chose Zoidberg.

Lrr as Thanos

What can I say? These two have everything in common. Warlords, aliens, it's all there! So why shouldn't I have casted Lrr as the Mad Titan? There's no reason against it.

Scruffy as Stan Lee

Who would say no? Scruffy is one of the best things in Futurama. Stan Lee is one of the best things in Marvel movies. There's no denying it. Not from me anyway.

So that was it! What did you think of my first fan cast? Comment below!
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