Casting Ghost Rider Epic Trilogy

Casting Ghost Rider Epic Trilogy

I am casting and telling brief story of my Ghost Rider movie.
Ghost Rider:Redemption

I love me some Ghost Rider! To capture my vision Guillermo del Toro would have to tackle this one. It would be a reboot but no origin story, just minor flash backs.
Johnny would be Ghost Rider already. I would like the stars younger to give it edge as well. This is part 1, this is
Ghost Rider:Redemption

Johnny is now Mephistos bounty hunter and has to try to live normal life and has to return to him when ever he is called upon.

Mephisto needs him to stop Blackheart and make sure he does not go further with his plans with a guy named Danny Ketch.

Johnny is married to Roxanne, who knows about his double life.

Danny is taking care of his sister while she witness a Murder by a mobster known by Deathwatch. He is out of his league and comes across Blackheart who wants to make a deal with him. Danny almost does in tell Johnny saves them both from Deathwatch

Danny's sister would play a key role showing the heart Danny an Johnny have. She would fit better if she was cast younger

(Deathwatch will most likely not have a mask)
Deathwatch is a demon mobster who wants Danny's adopted sister dead for witnessing the murder he committed with his demon powers.Deathwatch has kept this hidden and does not want the girl opening her mouth. Danny trys to talk to him and is almost killed and wishes to have powers to kill Deathwatch.Once Deathwatch sees the Ghost Rider is involved he wants his powers

Blackheart has been planting visions that Danny has been dreaming. He chose Danny to carry a new curse and to serve him, in hopes to corrupt him and the true Ghost Rider to destroying mephisto.

Lt. Badilino family was murdered by his dad possessed by a demon.He moved on and became a cop. He would have Nightmares but with age they went away. They returned when he was tracking down Deathwatch. He believes it's Deathwatch that possessed his dad . He Then see's the Ghost Rider form and believes it is him. He shifts his team after him.

Black heart teams with deathwatch pursuing Johnny,Danny and Barbra. Deathwatch tells Blackheart if he can get the Ghost Rider powers he will slay Mephisto for Blackheart.

Blackheart has deathwatch find a page of the darkhold they need to to unbind the Demon from Johnny. They get that page and he can now steal the Ghost Riders powers and can transfer it to a Medallion.

Once Johnny finds out what they are doing he fight both of them but becomes injured saving Danny. As he is weakened The plan works and the power is taken from Johnny to the medallion. As Deathwatch moves in for it Danny takes it freeing Johnny.

Danny transforms into the Ghost Rider and sends Deathwatch to hell. Blackheart used all his energy to move the powers and is weakened and taken back to hell by Mephisto. Mephisto says Danny has a lot of work to do now and tells Johnny he will be seeing him soon. Mephisto is gone

Johnny tells Danny he will take the medallion back but Danny says Mephisto says you will always be conected to it. Let someone else have the burden. Danny see's it as a gift as Johnny felt it was a curse.

Johnny jokingly says only for a little bit. Danny leaves to take Barbra to there grandparents.Johnny goes home to see roxanne but feels weird.
Then shows Lt.Badilono meeting with mephisto as he smiles at the camera with contract in hand.

This is not meant to be spot on like the Ghost Rider comics. I am trying to make it close to the source but made minor tweeks to make it work in a movie.
thanks for reading,please leave comments.
Ghost Rider: Vengeance is next
Ghost Rider
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