Catwoman DCCU Fancast

Catwoman DCCU Fancast

What does Batman's most notorious love interest do when he's out of town?

I'm pretty much just going to be laying out a cast for a potential Catwoman spin-off movie in the DCCU (if it could ever even happen after the disaster that was Halle Berry's Catwoman). Catwoman would be set up as almost a trouble making anti-hero working against the organized crime of Gotham while Batman is either away or dealing with the more meta powered problems of Gotham City. Selina Kyle is a great character who deserves a good movie and this cast could go a long way to give it to her.

Rooney Mara as Catwoman

Rooney Mara is an incredible actress. What sold me on the idea of her being Catwoman was her work in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. She is beautiful looking with a badass attitude. Perfect for Gotham's most notorious cat burgular.

Sophie Turner as Holly Robinson

Sophie Turner is doing a fantastic job on Game of Thrones as Sansa. Everything so far from her has felt very innocent. I feel that would contrast nicely against Catwoman's harder nature. Holly Robinson was a prostitute who Catwoman resuced and trained to defend herself. I would love to see Mara and Turner's energies on screen together in these roles, almost a big sister, little sister relationship.

Denzel Washington as Roman Sionis/ Black Mask

Denzel is a great actor. There's no denying that. The man was born to play bad ass, intimidating men. He would slay as Roman Sionis without a doubt, giving possibly one of the scariest comic book movie roles since Heath Ledger's Joker.

Steve Buscemi as Carmine Falcone

Buscemi has been in the industry for a long time. He has incredible facial recoginition on screen and he carrys a lot of credibility with audiences. I don't think Carmine has to be extremely intimidating. Truthfully, I would not even have him in the movie all that long, which brings me to...

Michael Emerson as Alberto Falcone

Michael Emerson is chilling in every role he plays. He creeped me out so much when he was on Lost. I think if they drew from the "When in Rome" Catwoman story and had Alberto kill his father and take over the family business, it could be another very deranged role for Emerson to crush.

Yunjin Kim as Detective Yin

Another former Lost actress who has gone on to do some fairly good stuff afterwards. I liked her a lot in Lost and think she could pull off playing this Gotham City detective. Detective Yin would kind of be Catwoman's in to the police department in order to bring down the crime bosses of Gotham.

Bryan Cranston as Jim Gordon

Mandatory Cranston as Jim Gordon. Need I say more?

Jorge Garcia as Harvey Bullock

Great, funny, sympathetic actor who reminds me a lot of the Harvey Bullock I grew up with in the animated series. Probably would not have a huge role in this movie, but would hopefully be a constant in the DCCU.

So there are my choices for the cast of a Catwoman movie in the DCCU. If you have thoughts on the creative team that should be behind it or other actors that would work well in these roles, I would be very interested to hear them in the comments!

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