CBM Fan Cast: BREAKING BAD (by IAmNotGroot)

CBM Fan Cast: BREAKING BAD (by IAmNotGroot)

CBM Fan Cast: BREAKING BAD (by IAmNotGroot)

Who do I think Bryan Cranston could play in a Comic Book Movie role? What about RJ Mitte could pull off? What about the rest of the regular cast of the hit AMC series, BREAKING BAD? Hit the jump to find out...

     Whether you like the show or not(If you don't, go to the doctor's office immediately, because something is wrong with you), its hard to argue that AMC's  series Breaking Bad has one of the best ensemble of actors we have seen in years. So I got to thinking, "What Comic Book movie role do I think these actors/actresses would fit the best in?". So, saying that, here is my fan cast of the main six cast members of Breaking Bad in a comic book movie role...


6. RJ Mitte/Walter Jr. "Flynn" White -- Peter Parker


With how much Walt Jr. is eating breakfast, I should say he should play someone like the Blob. But no,personally, I think RJ Mitte would best be Peter Parker. Let's face it, SONY is never going to give up the rights to SPIDER-MAN, so hopefully if The Amazing Spider-Man series gets canned, we could see a better director and cast come on the scene. Frankly, I would be perfectly fine with if I saw the headline, "RJ Mitte casted as the next Spider-Man!". At about this time, you might be thinking to yourself, "Wait? doesn't RJ Mitte have cerebral palsy?" Yes, he does. BUT, it is no where as severe as his counterpart Walt Jr. has. From interviews I have seen, I really wouldn't notice that much that he even had it. Also, not only does he look the part, he is a great actor! 

CBM Role Runner Up: Marcus from Deadly Class

5. Betsy Brandt/Marie Schrader -- Martha Wayne


Cop out, right? I struggled with coming up with this one to be honest. I had so many different characters run through my head. Ma' Kent? Aunt May(When she is older, of course.) etc. but I just could not really come to a conclusion on this one. So sadly, I decided to choose a character that only has a brief appearance, which is not what Betsy Brandt deserves in her Comic Book movie casting! So for now, it will stay as the lovely, Martha Wayne, the Dark Knight's mother, who was sadly shot in cold blood in Crime Alley. I want to hear your choice for her though, so this casting is subject to change. Let me say though, if Betsy Brandt was Martha Wayne, I feel that she would own that brutal scene of her being killed. If I were to direct a Batman film, I would even try to find some way just to have more of her in the film, just because she is so amazing at drama. 

CBM Role Runner Up: Ma' Kent?

4. Dean Norris/Hank Scrader -- The Juggernaut


Whenever I think of Hank Schrader, I think of his anger that he had throughout the seres. It seems if Hank wasn't doing his classic laugh, he was furious about something. When ever I think of the MARVEL villain Juggernaut, I think of just this angry guy. Now I am not a Juggernaut expert (And hopefully no one is, because he isn't that great of a villain). BUT, I think that Dean Norris could pull of this character very well, and make him into an awesome villain. Of course, Dean would need to loose the pounds ( or some CGI magic), but he could turn The Juggernaut into scary villain. Am I saying that I don't want Vinny Jones to reprise his role? 

YES! I never want to see this role portrayed by him ever again. Days of Future Past just got a clean slate, and there was Taylor Kitsch as Gambit in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and now Channing Tatum is set to be Gambit in X-Men: Apocalypse, so why can't we get the great Dean Norris as Juggernaut?

CBM Role Runner Up: The Kingpin

3. Anna Gunn/Skyler White -- Catwoman

Anna Gunn is currently 46 years old, so at first she may seem to old for this role. I thought through this again though after I remembered that Bruce Wayne is going to be in his  40's in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, so why can't Catwoman be older? I am one of those people that could not stand Skyler White, but that does not mean I cannot stand the actress. Actually, Anna Gunn is a phenomenal actress. After Sklyer started to become more and more angry with Walt, it seemed like she was becoming crazy in the end. 


Though Michelle Pfeiffer portrayed the chracter of Catwoman a little too crazy in Tim Burton's Batman Returns, the character is still pretty unstable. Anna Gunn is great at performing her unstability as Skyler started to become more crazy by the end of the series. Though I would prefer Anna Gunn to stick with a TV career ( By the way, she looks awesome in the series Gracepoint, based off of the hit BBC series Broadchurch). 

CBM Role Runner Up: Harley Quinn (If she was younger. Nothing all that make up couldn't cover, though.)

2. Aaron Paul/Jesse Pinkman -- Woody Van Chelton


What most of you are probably asking right now is:

Time for a short Comic book lesson:

In 1997, Acclaim Comics released a comedic comic series called, "Quantum and Woody" about two step brothers who get superpowers, but to stay alive, have to clang together two wrist bands once every day.

It ended a year later, and then returned shortly for a 5 issue release...

UNTIL in 2013, when Valient Comics announced the return of Quantum and Woody !

I can see Aaron Paul in the role of Woody (The one with the sun glasses in the picture above). Woody is a sleezy dirt bag character who puts himself before others all the time. Aaron Paul's Jesse Pinkman does this a lot of first in the series. Aaron Paul was great as Jesse, but I think Aaron also has a funny side that I would love to see more of, and I believe Woody would be the perfect character to see that funny side unleashed. 
BY THE WAY: Go to your Local Comic Shop and pick up Quantum and Woody if they have it. It is a hilarious series, especially issue #2. James Asmus is a comedic genius. 

CBM Role Runner Up: Boomarang

1. Bryan Cranston/Walter "Heisenberg" White -- Commissioner Gordon

Before it was announced that Jesse Eisenberg was casted as the Superman baddie, Lex Luthor in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, there were rumors that Bryan Cranston was up for the role of Lex. I was fine with this rumor if it was true, because really, Bryan Cranston could have been announced as Wonder Woman and it still would be an amazing performance. Out of all the roles for Cranston to be in though, I think he would fit best as Commissioner Jim Gordon, the one friend of Batman. Not only does he look the part, Cranston can play dark and serious(especially if DC's rumor of a no-joke policy is true, Cranston would fit right in), but can also give the charm of Commissioner Gordon that makes me love the character so much. Cranston already appeared in Argo with future Batman, Ben Affleck, so its not hard to picture Cranston standing next the Bat on a roof top discussing the current crime going on in Gotham City. Out of all comic book character roles to be casted, this is the one I hope for the most. 

CBM Role Runner Up: Wonder Woman (Jk. Probably Lex Luthor.)

Well, there you have it folks. That is just my personal opinion on what I want to see. What comic characters do YOU think would fit these actors/actresses? Thanks for reading. Please sound off with your thoughts below and please hit that thumps up button. 

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