CBM OAU: For Your Consideration Silver Surfer Excerpt

CBM OAU: For Your Consideration Silver Surfer Excerpt

Hey, guys, NovaCorpsFan here. I just started the script for my Silver Surfer arc and this is the opening narrative (which I finished this morning, I'm moving ahead with the rest of the script now). So, I figured I'd post it on here and see what you guys think before I go posting the entire issue. Also, if you fancy doing the art, my contact details are contained within.

I see… many things. To see is my skill… my occupation… but most of all, it is my curse. I have seen many things. Some incredible… others, much more diabolical.

I have seen the births of countless stars, planets and galaxies… and I have seen them die, seen them destroyed, ravaged by war, by pestilence and famine. All of which lead to death.

All things lead to death. Even life. There is no life without death. The two things work in tandem, without one, the other cannot exist. To defy death… is to defy the very nature of this infinite cosmos.

I know this because I am the all-seer, I am the clairvoyant, the one who knows all and sees all, the one who is and always will be…

(Pan out. Full body shot)

I am Uatu… the Watcher of worlds.

(Same basic design. Large headed robed figure, but a bit more flamboyant in terms of dress sense. I'm thinking pointed shoulder armour and segmented gauntlets. Kind of like the MUA suit).


So, there you have it. I know it doesn't involve Surfer, but it sets the tone for the arc (which is what I tend to aim for in opening dialogues and narratives). If you're interested in doing the art, you can one of two things:
1. You can send your drawings to me at [email protected]
2. Just leave the images in the comment section below.

Now, I'm no fool, I know you artists will want to draw more than just Uatu. I'll leave a few character descriptions at the bottom, you guys can do as you please with them, I want to see variation people!

Norrin Radd/ Silver Surfer
As Norrin Radd, he's gonna have the traditional bald human look. In terms of clothing, the more alien the better. However, as the Zenn-Lavians are a peaceful race, robes and tunics would be best. Colour-wise, greens, blues and yellows. Any variation of those three colours would be fine and by that I mean, gold, navy, aquamarine, lime, as long as it's those colours, it's a one up in my book.
As surfer, I'd like to stray slightly from the original design. He's still silver, but if you've read my origin synopsis, you'll know about Norrin being chosen as the champion of Zenn-La. To that end, I'd like him to have sort of tribal tattoos. Not too tribal, more elegant, than tribal. Feel free to take that whatever way you want. The tattoos would be on every part of his body, obviously not covering too much of the silver. The tattoo colours, I'd like to keep pretty simple. Mostly black with a few streaks of gold thrown in there. Here's a few references for the tattoo art.

Norrin's love interest, who will play into the arc a great deal, despite his never returning to Zenn-La. I'd prefer the women of Zenn-La to be wearing more effeminate colours, like pinks and purples along with the brighter shades of yellow, green and blue.

Just to put those things into perspective, here's an image which displays the traditional designs of Zenn-Lavian clothing.

Lastly, I want to see some alien designs. I want obscurity, over the top, freaky-looking beings and creatures. Alien animals, alien races, just go nuts, draw whatever the hell comes into your head, don't feel restricted. I want to see weird things completely outside the confines of normality.

Anyway, I certainly hope you enjoyed the excerpt, and I look forward to seeing some designs from people. I'm fine with rough sketches, by the way, there's no rush just yet.


If you email me, I'll be giving you design guidelines for the main antagonist, who I'd like to keep on the down low (Speculate away, friends).
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