Chew Movie Fan Cast

Chew Movie Fan Cast

Chew is coming to the our T.V screens but this is what I want to See on the Big screen.

Chew is a story about an FDA Agent who solves crimes by getting psychic impressions by eating things, including people.

I love Steven in the Walking Dead series. I think it would be nice to have a more unknown as a lead. I think he can bring a great Chu to the movie screen. He seams to be able to pull off being a bumbling fool but turn on the action when he needs to. If they wanted a more establish name I can see them brining in John Cho.

T.J Miller is awesome. You may recognized him from Cloverfield and She is out of your league. He has great sense of Humor and can see him playing Chu's arrogant partner.

Ken is comedy gold and He would be perfect for Chu's older Brother.
this would bring people to see the film alone

Phillip is an amazing actor. He is a loose cannon and so is Mike Applebee.

Emmy is not blonde, yes I know this. I still feel she is perfect for the role. She is cute and bubbly and looks like she can fit in this cast.

I love Mason! I needed a aged bad ass actor. I could think of no one better than Jeff Bridges

Katt is not in a lot of movies but he was born to play the little man Gangsta.

You may recognize Elya Baskin as Mr.Ditkovitch from the Spider man movies. I wanted to cast a real Russian actor to portray the Vampire

Thanks for reading guys
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