Comic Book Movie Bromances

Comic Book Movie Bromances

We all love bromances. Some stand the test of time and some end in the most tragic ways. Click to check out some awesome and not so awesome bromances in CBM history

Loki and Thor - Bromance gone wrong

Both gods are sons of Odin but one of them is adopted - SPOILER ALERT! (Its not Thor). Being the god of mischief, Loki was already up to no good. Plus, he didn't have the luxurious Vidal Sassoon locks of Thor (talk about complex!) so he had every reason to be jealous of his blond and muscular older brother. But for Loki, the last straw was finding out he was adopted AND that he was the son of Laufey, the frost giant King. This information pushed him over the edge (i dont really blame him. Jotunheim does not look like a fun place). Talk about Daddy issues! I'm not entirely sure if they have family counseling in Asgard but even if they did, Loki didn't give a damn. He got his revenge by setting his brother up to be striped of his powers and banished to earth. To top it off, he decided to destroy Jotunheim, his real daddy's home! In the end, Loki was defeated and fell off the Bifrost bridge but he still had the last laugh.

Batman, Jim Gordon, and Harvey Dent - Bromance gone wrong

This was the holy trinity of crime fighting in Gotham city. Batman finds the criminals and delivers them to Jim Gordon the police commissioner and Harvey Dent prosecutes them. Seems like a well oiled machine right? Right? Well every bromance has its breaking point. Enter The Joker.

The most awesomely psychotic villain. The Joker is like the honey badger. He doesn't care. He doesn't give a shit. The holy trinity tried to bring him down but they failed woefully. Harvey and Batman's girlfriend (yeah, they were both totally in love with the same chick) got blown up and Harvey lost half his face and his grip on reality. He went psycho and became Two Face.

He kidnapped Jim's son and tried to kill the poor kid but was stopped by Batman. It was a mess. Unfortunately, Two Face fell to his death and Bats decided to take the fall for this in order to protect the symbolism of Harvey Dent, Gotham's hero. Bats goes into hiding and becomes Ebenezer Scrooge while Jim Gordon remains Jim Gordon but without his 2 crime fighting buddies. Also, his wife left him.

Peter Parker and Flash Thompson - Bromance with potential

Peter is a nerd and Flash is a jock. It only makes sense that Flash would make Peter's high school experience a miserable one. But in the stone cold heart of every jock, there lies a beating heart filled with compassion or something because Peter and Flash went from this

to this

Flash reached out to Peter after his uncle died. I dont know about you guys but that was one of the cutest things ever! Here is hoping these two kids make it last in the next Spidey movie.

Tony Stark and Bruce Banner - Science Bromance

Tony is a scientist. Bruce is a scientist. But Tony has a boatload of money and Bruce turns in to a green weapon of destruction when he gets angry. These two guys connected on a cerebral level with Tony doing most of the chasing.

After fighting the Chitauri in the Avengers, these 2 science bros drove off into the sunset for parts unknown. I hear this bromance will return in Avengers 2.

Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr - Ultimate Bromance and breakup

These two mutants found each other in a hopeless place (yes, i went there). Charles was a rich guy with a care free attitude who liked to hit on girls using corny mutation lines. Erik was a Nazi death camp survivor seeking revenge for the death of his dear mother. Logic says these two should hate each other. But they dont. They become very good friends. In fact, a movie is made about their bromance. It was the stuff of legends! But Erik couldn't let go of his anger and need for revenge (and i dont blame him) while Charles was looking to assimilate with the regular no power-having folks. Erik was having none of that. Charles believed humans would accept mutants but Erik knew you fickle humans would turn on mutants. And you all did. A whole bunch of stuff went down, the US Government tried to kill the mutants by bombing them with magnetic missiles (big mistake), some idiot chick kept on firing bullets at Erik, Erik told her to talk to the hand

and in the process, Charles got shot and became paralyzed. The two friends parted ways. Charles became professor Xavier and Erik became Magneto and you know how it goes from there. Poor Charles. All he wanted was to hang out with Erik, wear turtlenecks and cardigans, and hit on hot chicks.

Harry Osborne and Peter Parker - Tragic Bromance

Yes, your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. This guy likes his bromance. Peter is still a nerd and Harry is a rich boy. Unbeknownst to Peter, he killed Harry's dad Norman, who also happened to be the Green Goblin, a crazy ass villain. Of course Peter feels bad about this but doesn't tell Harry his dad was a crazy costume wearing lunatic. But Harry finds out anyways and tries to kill Peter.

Harry is surprised to find that his best friend is Spider-Man and spidey killed his daddy. Poor Harry is having an existential crisis so he does the only thing that made complete sense to him...he dons his dad's crazy ass green goblin costume and tries to kill spidey.

Harry ultimately comes to his senses and tries to help his friend destroy Venom and Sandman but unfortunately, he dies with his heartbroken bro by his side.

Rick Grimes and Shane Walsh - Ultimate Bromance in the time of Zombies (also known as "this love was not going to survive the test of time and zombies")

Shane loves Rick. I think that fact needs to be pointed out. Rick is the only man Shane has ever loved. You can tell he loves Rick with all his heart.

But Shane also has some demons in him. Or he was just a ticking time bomb psychopath. And lets not forget about his little obsession with Rick's wife Lori, also known as Lady Macbeth.

While Rick was recovering from a gun shot wound, the zombie apocalypse happened. Shane tried to save his friend from the hospital but he thought he was dead (yeah right Shane) so he hightailed it outta there.

Shane and Lori start doing the nasty in the time of zombies and Shane acts as surrogate daddy to Rick and Lori's son Sheriff Carl. Our boy Shane is getting his white picket fence ending in the time of zombies. Of course his perfect world is shattered when Rick turns up alive, Lori returns to her husband and Carl returns to his daddy. Poor Shane begins to unravel. I think some demonic power was working over time with Shane because with each episode, you could see his transformation from best friend to Sith Lord (nothing wrong with the Sith by the way. We are a very pragmatic people). He tries to kill Rick but Rick kills him instead. He becomes a zombie, tries to eat Rick's brains but he gets shot in the head by Carl. Very tragic ending for our dear Shane...i think he just wanted to be loved.

Edward and Jacob - Supernatural Bromance

Just kidding!!

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