Origins #2 Origins #2

What if everyone's favorite online battlefield was a real life battlefield? Who would live and who would die? Some will become idols, some will be hunted. Hit the jump to check out the second installment in the (fictional) history of, you might even see yourself!

Origins #2 by DEVLIN712
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Cipher is sitting at a bar, Yossarian is silting to his right, both are into their third drink. "So all these people are bitching about what's best," explains Cipher, "And I'm just like, screw it".
Yoss hold up his drink, examining it in the bar's light, "Those people are a special kind of stupid Ciph." He places his drink back down on the bar and frowns, "When'd this place become a hell hole, man?"
Cipher laughs, remembering the good days. He begins to reassure his friend, "It ain't too bad, the government are ironing out the idiots, things are getting better."
Yoss interrupts Cipher, divisively, "Please, with 0mega as Commissioner this city's become a criminal's paradise. For God's sake, he let Pasto back in! Who would even think to..."
A loud, forced laugh from behind stops Yoss mid sentence. "Yeah, what kind of idiot would let Pasto back in?" asks Pasto sarcastically.
Yoss takes one last gulp of his drink. He pushes the chair back, turning to face Pasto, "All yours kid, make the most of it."
Pasto slides in beside Cipher, the barman begins to approach. Cipher signals for two drinks before smirking at the sight of Pasto. Pasto takes a sip of his drink, his face shrivels up, unable to bear the taste. "To much for you?" laughs Cipher.
Pasto shrugs off the dig, "You know why I'm here Ciph," he announces, trying to sound intimidating.
Cipher looks at Pasto, judging him. "You lost me a drinking partner Pasto, and something tells me he ain't coming back this time." He lifts a newspaper from the end of the bar and hands it to Pasto, "You don't read that much, do you?" Pasto looks at the front page, his jaw dropping as he does so.

A newspaper is slammed down on a heavy, oak table by a furious BlackJack, he looks around the room at his followers and begins shouting, "This fool thinks he can take us down? He's nothing more than a clown in a [frick]ing red hood!" BlackJack walks away from the table in his study out throw two large doors onto a balcony. He looks at Sid, "I want every one of our men in the city looking for this asshole, I want him dead. Call up Gusto, tell him I want a kill warrant on 0mega's desk in half an hour."
Sid looks out over the balcony at the three pools that occupy the mansion's yard. "I don't know Jack, this guy doesn't look like the kind you mess with, besides, he hasn't shown any signs of targeting you."
"No, but he's the type of sick [frick] who, when his current line of work runs dry, will turn his attention to me," replies BlackJack angrily, "So send word out, this "Red Hood" is on my kill list."

DrDoom, Batz and Lozzy are sitting around a card table in a casino, Doom wins the hand and the trio begin to speak. Batz looks around the nearly deserted casino, it's late, "I don't know if it's the drink speaking, but weren't things better in the old days?"
Doom's eyes (or at least, what's visible) light up, "You know, what with everything that's happening around here..." he looks around the table presumptuously, "You think we could regroup?"
Lozzy begins to laugh, slowly. He, followed by the others turn their attention to the corner of the room. A man is sitting in the corner, laughing and mumbling to himself, rocking forward and back. "...and then, Johnny'll go on fire... and Ben's gonna smash a car..." he begins to laugh slowly.
"TUCKS!" shouts Doom from across the room, Tucks snaps out of his daze, looking startled, "You wanna go get your gun?"
Batz gets up from the table, "I guess I'll call Heis."

Pasto and AnthonyEStark are standing by the water's edge in the city port as the sun is rising, Stark looks out at the horizon, "I can't say I don't want in P," he looks up, hesitating, "It's just that now I've joined the council, I don't want to make any more enemies."
Pasto sinks to the floor, squatting and looking out over the water, "This one's different Stark, things are changing, and when all this goes down, when we can say what we want and do what we want without being scared, I'm gonna be there and I need your help"
Stark leans against a railing and looks down at his friend, "There was a time when we all got along, right? Back before Jack blew up the city center?"
Two men approach from behind, "I don't know if we were ever on the same page, but I hear you're... recruiting?" one asks.
Pasto turns around to see the men, "Remy!?"
"Don't forget me," adds Abary, "We might know a few guys who are interested in your just cause."

BlackJack is sitting at the table in his study, the highest ranking members of his gang are present, "At five o'clock move out, the job should be done by the end of the hour. Any problems arise meet at the rendezvous point in Features, no one will be there apart from me."
Sid steps forward, "What about the variable?"
BlackJack stands up, walking around to the front of his desk, he shrugs his shoulders, "If he's there, try and put a bullet in his head, that is, if he hasn't cleared this bank out too."
A knock on the door of the study breaks the uneasy silence, "You're late Soto," announces BlackJack angrily.
Soto opens the door, stepping into the dimly lit room, "Nova was busting my balls Jack, he's onto us, knows there's a rat."
"Shame," smirks Sid, "I always did like Nova."
BlackJack sits back down, signaling for the group to leave, "Don't forget Phoenix, you're responsible for the new recruits tomorrow."
The group leaves and not long after the lights flicker, BlackJack laughs quietly, "Are you here to try and kill me Dev? 'Cause that ain't gonna work for either of us."
"Not exactly," says the RedHood, stepping out of the shadows, "I'm trying to go with the Robin Hood route, killing was never really his style."
"You're a head case Dev, it shoulda been you locked up in the Institute, not me."
Devlin removes his helmet, setting it on the table, "Funny, I forgot the part where I killed a hundred people for no reason."
BlackJack smirks, leaning in close, almost whispering, "You really think that little old me could've afforded a Palladium bomb?" He leans back, "You're "council", the people who are helping this city aren't the saints you think." The lights flicker and BlackJack looks around the now empty room, "You're in too deep Dev, get out while you still can."

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