Could've Eric Bana Returning As HULK Made THE AVENGERS Better Or Not?

Could've Eric Bana Returning As HULK Made THE AVENGERS Better Or Not?

This has been bugging me since I gave, Ang Lee's Hulk another chance. Click here to see what I think.

I really enjoyed all three portrayals of both Bruce Banner and The Hulk. A change of heart is all it took. I really don't have a favorite. Eric Bana played an out of control Bruce, Edward Norton plays Bruce as someone trying to find a cure who eventually gains control and Mark Ruffalo plays a Bruce that's in control (for the most part). That being said, The Incredible Hulk was a reboot/sequel (depending on how you view the film) to Ang Lee's Hulk and they redid everything. Personally, keeping Eric Bana and Jennifer Connolly would've been nice. So, would keeping Eric Bana have improved The Avengers or no? While I sit here and write, I'm still at debate with myself. Part of me thinks it would have made The Avengers interesting but another part thinks that Mark Ruffalo was the best choice as he is an amazing Bruce Banner and I loved him in the role. I would say Edward Norton as he is an amazing actor but, when you picture him in the same room as Robert Downey jr, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Sam Jackson, ect. It really doesn't look right. Obviously, Ruffalo looks right cause he has already been in the same room as those people before. Now, bear with me here. Try to picture it, Eric Bana in a room with the list of actors I mentioned. It looks rather interesting don't it?

Hulk is one of the most beloved characters Marvel has ever had. That much is obvious. Ever since, Ang Lee's Hulk. It's felt to me that it's been an uphill battle for Hulk to be huge again (no pun intended). Now, I do not intend to start a flame war with what I'm bout to say cause I've said it before, it's all about preferance. In my humble opinion, despite the fact that I enjoy Batman. I feel that, Hulk as a comicbook character is better and more interesting than Batman and Superman. That's just my opinion. Joss Whedon is right when talking about another solo Hulk film. It's the fact that he is really tricky to try and nail for a good or great film because of all the genre's you have to get in for it to be right (more-less what he said, I can't remember his exact words). Eric Bana is a great actor. The two that come to mind for me, when I think of him are the two movies I remember seeing him in: Hulk and Star Trek. Star Trek showed his more aggresive and vengeful side while Hulk was aggresion and vulnerability. I think as I write this, Eric Bana actually would have made a good Bruce Banner in Marvel's The Avengers. Maybe possibly, bring something to the role and movie that Ruffalo possibly couldn't. I can't tell you what nor could I begin to try.

I think the problems with the two Hulk films have been they have one but not the other. Hulk has the more psycological and emotional depth of the character while The Incredible Hulk had more fun and smashing. I think if it would've been done the first time, combining the two could've really got a Hulk movie fans have been eager to see. Cause the general audience wants to see Hulk smash things, the comicbook fans and readers of Hulk want to see how close with the source material they stuck with and if it's a proper portrayal of the characters as well as the character depth needed. Eric Bana and Mark Ruffalo are neck and neck for me (Eric Bana just brings something that Edward Norton doesn't). Due to the fact that it's the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Fans and general audience members are expecting a fun popcorn movie that they've gotten before and Marvel's The Avengers is that and more. Looking back on everything, it dissapoints me that Eric Bana never got to reprise the role because not only would we have had a different take on, The Incredible Hulk but also, The Avengers could have been more interesting in the aspect of, The Hulk than it actually is.

Final thoughts: I apologize if this felt more like a review somehow. But, Eric Bana's portrayal of Bruce Banner is something I think deserves to be in the top ten or fifteen portrayals of comicbook characters. Ang Lee's Hulk is hated for many reasons. My bugs with it are the scene changing with the comic panals and the anti-climax that they call a final battle. Looking back, I really wish they could've kept Bana. He really brought something special to the role and I think he could've made The Avengers that much more interesting if not better.

What do you think? Can you picture Eric Bana as Bruce Banner/Hulk in The Avengers had they kept him after Ang Lee's Hulk? Comment below with your respectful and civil thoughts and opinions.
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