"Danger Girl: Revolver"--The Animated Movie

"Danger Girl: Revolver"--The Animated Movie

A fancast adaptation of the recent Danger Girl miniseries.

Well, after trying bouillabaisse for the first time--which made me think of the films Our Man Flint and In Like Flint, and also made me listen to Soul Bossa Nova by Quincy Jones (which I'm listening to right now)--I finally completed my reading of the recently-concluded Danger Girl miniseries "Revolver", written by original writer Andy Hartnell, drawn by up-and-comer Chris Madden, with covers by original artist J. Scott Campbell.

This new mini finds our fair (gun-toting, butt-whoopin') ladies on a mission to return a stolen sun medallion (the legendary Hochi Sunburst) for a Hochi farming village in the jungles of Peru, a mission that has both Abbey Chase and Sydney Savage running into familiar faces from their pasts. The story includes everything: a motorcycle chase through Italy on horseback, a wedding, a rope bridge being cut, and the origin of villain Donavin Conrad's eyepatch!

I loved the mini all the way through, it was pure spy-spoof/action movie parody magic. Pick it up if you get the chance! Anyway, I thought it would make a good animated flick, so here's the briefs: script would be adapted by Hartnell (extending the story a bit to fill some time AND some plotholes, if you've read reviews of the miniseries) and Kelly Sue DeConnick (I could really picture her writing something funny--I did ask her what kind of SNL sketch she'd love to write if she had the chance), Chris Madden's art style would be adapted and animated, and the DVD cover would be by....(NOT J. Scott Campbell for once) Amanda Conner! And now our voice cast, which has a few returning talent:

Our returning characters include the following--
Yvonne Strahovski back as the voice of Abbey Chase

Abbey's still toting the pistol in this adventure, AND she (nearly) gets married!!! How can this be? Read the book to find out!
Again, I feel Strahovski is a natural for voicing everybody's favorite Lara Croft-lite.

Rachael Taylor as the voice of Sydney Savage

Sydney drives everything in this one, including a plane, a train, a boat, and a bike--did I mention she has a sister?
This time around, I switched out my previous actress with my live-action Abbey Chase pick. Taylor I know could pull off an Australian accent, AND Sydney's character--she WAS British in the first Transformers film...

Lacey Chabert back as the voice of Valerie "Silicon" Evans

Valerie, oddly enough, doesn't have a lot to do in this outing--maybe it would be expanded upon in a film version.
Anyway, Chabert is still my top pick for this character's voice. Zatanna in Young Justice proves it, Eliza Thornberry proves it.

Darrell Hammond back as the voice of Deuce

Deuce assigns Abbey and Sydney the mission after being recruited by an old friend and colleague he's known since his glory days in MI6.
Again, Hammond's "wickedly ridiculous" impersonation of Sean Connery (whom Deuce is based on) is my reason for casting him.

Ashton Kutcher back as the voice of Johnny Barracuda

Johnny, at the beginning portion of the story (and movie, in this case) is with Abbey and Sydney on a mission in Venice, Italy, to retrieve a centuries-old Persian ring from a zillionaire antiques thief, and nearly misses the operation (Operation: Wedding Crasher) when he takes some time to lounge around in a hydrotheraputic spa surrounded by a trio of beautiful women.
Kutcher I still feel is the best choice to voice this CIA lothario.

Our new good guys are these three--
Elizabeth Hurley as the voice of Veronica Fox

Veronica is said old friend and colleague of Deuce's who recruits the team for the mission--though she shows a bit of distrust of Abbey because of her past.
I picked Hurley as a nod to the first Austin Powers film, and that her character has the same name as a character Hurley WAS supposed to play: Veronica Cale in the aborted Wonder Woman pilot.

Simon Baker as the voice of Nathan Wilde

Nathan is a treasure hunter and adventurer--and Abbey's ex-fiance. He's Abbey and Sydney's contact (appointed by Veronica), who himself has a partner on this mission (also hired by Veronica)....
Baker was picked because of his apparent wit on The Mentalist.

Amanda Righetti as the voice of Sonya Savage

Sonya is Sydney's sister, a former ASIS agent turned bounty hunter who is called a deity with a bow by world-class archers. Hired by Veronica to keep an eye on Abbey and Nathan (out of concern for their past actions).
I picked Righetti as a nod to her cameo as a SHIELD agent (which I still bet is Sharon Carter) in Captain America: The First Avenger, and I think she could pull off an Aussie accent for the role. Shouldn't be that hard, right?....Right????

Our new and returning bad guys consist of the following--
Joe Mantegna as the voice of Enzo Moretti

Moretti is the earlier-mentioned antiques "trader" whose wedding the team crashes. But that's not the only time he appears in the story...
I picked Mantegna since he's well known for voicing a mobster parody: Fat Tony D'Amico on The Simpsons.

Greg Ellis as the voice of Spencer Cross

Cross is considered by many to be the "crown prince of thieves", despite missing two fingers. This isn't the first time he's encountered both Abbey and Nathan: five years ago, he worked for Abbey's 'arch-nemesis' Donavin Conrad. He's the one behind the theft of the sunburst, and ends up leading the team to his employer...
Ellis is good with voicing devious characters, if his resume proves, hence him being picked for this role.

Lennie James as the voice of Malcolm

Malcolm is considered the most wanted smuggler in all of South America. He hires Spencer Cross to steal the Hochi Sunburst to add it to a vast amount of super-valuable antiquities to be sold off at the biggest black market auction in the world.
I picked James out of inspiration by his character Baptiste on Human Target. He really stole some of the show in each episode he appeared--and his voice would fit this guy.

Seth MacFarlane back as the voice of Donavin Conrad

Conrad gets bribed into helping the team infiltrate the auction with a specific condition--one that you'll need to read the book to find out!
MacFarlane has the right voice for this guy and can play an arrogant *bleep*hole easily--all three of his animated shows (well, actually, except The Cleveland Show) prove this.

Additional voices
-Hynden Walch as a young Hochi village girl
-Kevin Michael Richardson as a guard/hired goon, and a Hochi warrior
-John DiMaggio as a frustrated Italian artist, a Mafia goon, and a guard

C'est La Vie, people!

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