Daredevil- The Devil Inside FANCAST

Daredevil- The Devil Inside   FANCAST

This is my take on the man without fear...

Matt Murdock/Daredevil

Joel Kinneman
Kinneman has quickly made a name for himself here in the United States with his role as Detective Stephen Holder on T.V's "The Killing" and his upcoming role in the Robocop remake. This native of Sweden is an amazing actor who has the ability to convey deep heartbreak in his face without ever seeming weak. He is also a chameleon like actor who is able to become the character and just live in in it. For these reasons I believe he would be the perfect Matt Murdock. Matt is a very dark character who lives in a dark world. With everything going against him, he just keeps getting up and fighting for his life and for the lives of the people of new York. Joel would be the perfect Daredevil.

Jack Murdock

Paul Johanssan.
Jack is the father or Matt Murdock and was a boxer. When Jack is killed for refusing to throw a fight, Matt decides to use his abilities to fight injustice in New York City, becoming Daredevil. Paul has been acting or nearly 20 years and I think he would make a wonderful Jack Murdock. Most Notable from "One Tree Hill" or depending how old you are "Highlander: The Raven, Johanssan is a great actor who brings so much warmth but could also believable as boxer due to his build.

Franklin "foggy" Nelson

Kevin Pollack
Foggy is Matt's best friend, confidant, and legal partner. I decided to cast Kevin Pollack for his comedic talent and his dramatic roles is movies like "A Few Good Men". I'm aware that Pollack is an older actor, but think it would add something to the part. Perhaps Foggy was one of Matt's teachers when he went to law school, and after Matt graduated they became good friend and decided to open a practice together. That would certainly be anew take.

Ben Urich

William Fichtner
Urich is an investigative journalist working for the daily bugel. He deduces Daredevil's identity and soon becomes an alli. Fichtner is powerhouse of an actor who never disappoints. I believe he has the ability to portray the chain smoking Urich.

Karen Page

Amy Smart
Karen is the secretary for Matt and Foggy's firm and later love interest for Matt. She soon becomes addicted to heroin and sells daredevils true identity for a fix. Amy is a very beautiful actress who play innocent and sweet and then turn and play dark and tortured. I think she would make for great Karen and would give us a Portrayal that would haunt us for years to come.

Elektra Natchios

Sarah Shahi
Elektra is an assassin who was trained in the martial arts since childhood and is a love interest for Matt. Sarah Shahi is sexy actress whose been seen in things like "Fairly Legal", "Chicago Fire", and most recently "Bullet to the Head". She is a very sincere actress who can play the seductive character perfectly. Much like Catwoman, Elektra blurs the lines from hero to villain and I think shahi can play the duality.


Walton Goggins
Bullseye is a psychopathic assassin who works for the Kingpin. He soon becomes mortal enemies with daredevil and later kills Elektra. Goggins is a rare actor who excels at playing a bad guy and would kick so much ass. Roles in shows like "The Shield" and "Justified" cement my decision for why I believe Goggins would own as Bullseye.

Wilson Fisk/ The Kingpin

William Forsythe
Wilson grew up as poor kid from the Bronx and soon became a successful business man, and secretly the kingpin of crime in NYC. Forsythe is a veteran actor whose been in everything under the sun. He has the looks and the demeanor to play The Kingpin. I think he would bring something new to the character and blow everyone away.
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