My DBZ cast with a few new characters.

I’m back with my DBZ cast but this time I added a few new characters to my previous Dragonball Z cast.
The DBZ movies should start off with a Dragonball movie which should have Goku meeting Yamcha, Tien, Bulma, Krillen, Chi-Chi, Ox king, Roshi etc. Piccolo should be the villain for the movie and Goku should take down Taopaipai and the Red Ribbon army (Gero could make a cameo).
The next movie should introduce Gohan, Vegeta, Nappa, Raditz and King Kai. Gokus origins can be explained in this movie. The movie should end after Gohan, Bulma and Krillen land on Namek.
The following movie should have Goku fighting Frieza and the Ginyu force on Namek.
The next movie can have Trunks, Hercule, cell, Gero and the other androids and at the end of the movie they could so a grown up Gohan.
The last movie should introduce Goten, Kid Trunks, Videl, The Kais, Pikkon, Buu, Babidi and Debora and maybe so Pan at the end of the movie.

Chris Evans as Goku

There have been many different actors in Dbz fan casts that have been chosen to play Goku who is most likely the most famous anime character off all time…..I chose Chris Evans because he is original and he has done comedy roles as well as serious roles like Captain America. He is tall and has the built to play Goku as well as the acting ability to pull this role off. In my opinion he would a perfect Goku.

Matt Bomer or Tom Hardy as Vegeta

Matt Bomer is a great actor who is one of the actors I chose to play Vegeta who is one of the most famous anime Characters. I chose Matt Bomer because he isn’t that tall and because he is an excellent actor.
Tom Hardy is also one of the actors I chose to play Vegeta because he is short and really big. I thought of him after watching Bronson, Inception, Warrior and his role as Bane in TDKR. He in my opinion is one of the best actors around and would make a beast Vegeta.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt or Garret Hedlund as adult Gohan

After seeing JGL in the Dark Knight Rises and Inception I thought he could play Gohan because his character in TDKR Robin John Blake became a crime fighter (Batman , Nightwing or Robin??????) but by the end of the movie he was shown maybe upholding the legacy and that’s what Gohan does after the fight with Cell. I think JGL is a good actor and can easily pull of this role…….he just needs to gain a bit of muscle.
I chose Gareth Hedlund because he is a good young actor that has a good career ahead and just like JGL in TDKR Gareth’s character in Tron was upholding his dad’s legacy. All he has to do is bulk up a bit and I think he could make a decent Gohan.

Collin Ford as teen Gohan

I chose Collin Ford for teen Gohan because he is around the same age as Gohan when he fought cell and maybe because he slightly resembles Gareth Hedlund.

Djimon Hounsou or Idris Elba as piccolo

I really am stuck between choosing which actor I think should play Piccolo because both actors are really talented. I can imagine Djimon Honsou training a young Gohan for the coming of the Saiyans. On the other hand I can Imagine Idris Elba as Piccolo. Piccolo is meant to be wise, tough and tall and I think both these actors would nail the role as Piccolo.

Taylor Kitsch as Trunks

Taylor Kitsch reminds me of future Trunks with the long hair and he as the acting ability so I think he would make a good Trunks.

Dakota Goyo as Goten

Dakota Goyo is one of the few kid actors I know and the best of one of the ones I know. I first thought of Dakota after watching Real Steel. In Real Steel he kind of reminded me of Goten due to the positive attitude and cheerful personality. He also played young Thor where in my opinion was good. So I think he would make a pretty cool Goten.

Thomas Jane as Bardock

For Bardock I wanted somebody hardcore since Bardock is pretty hardcore. Thomas Jane does not have to be in the movie for long he just needs to fight Frieza and his men which would take about 10min. In my opinion he would be perfect Bardock.

Liam Neeson as King Vegeta

Liam Neeson is one of the best actors out there and is use to playing commanding roles like Zeus, (Clash and Wrath of the Titans) Aslan, (Narnia movies) Ras Al Ghul (Batman Begins and The Dark Knight Rises). He is also use to playing hardcore roles (Taken)…….King Vegeta is a hardcore leader so Liam Neeson would make a perfect King Vegeta.

Bill Goldberg as Nappa

I know wrestlers aren’t the best of actors or even former wrestlers but Bill Goldberg looks a lot like Nappa and Goldberg is tall and big. Nappa doesn’t need to be in the movie for a long period of time and he doesn’t need many lines either. So I think Goldberg could make a decent Nappa.

Joe Manganiello as Raditz

When I first thought of an actor for Raditz I thought of somebody who looked like Chris Evans (Goku) and since I could not think of anybody I thought of somebody big and tall his Raditz is big and pretty tall so that’s when Joe came to mind after seeing him in True Blood.

Tom Hiddleston as Frieza

Frieza is a really important DBZ villain so I got somebody who I know that would nail the role. Tom is an excellent actor in my opinion and his personality is similar to Frieza in many ways.

Robert Carlye as Cell

My choice for cell came to me after I watched once Upon a Time where Robert plays Rumple/The Dark one/Mr. Gold. He came off to me as sinister and opportunistic just like Cell. He can voice Cell but he can’t play him.

Jeremy Irons as Dr Gero

I think my choice for DR. Gero is pretty because he has the look and acting ability to paly Gero. Gero doesn’t have to be in the movie for long maybe 15 – 20 min max.

Ian Somerhalder as Android 17

I think my Android 17 choice is perfect because Ian Somerhalders character Damon Salvatore is just like Android 17. Ian Somerhalder has the look and the built to play 17 and therefore I think he would be awesome as 17.

Chris Hemswoth as Broly

I know Broly isn’t part of the main DBZ storyline but he is one of my favorite DBZ villains so I thought it would be fun to cast him. I chose Chris Hemsworth because he is tall and big and I can imagine him saying Kakarot perhaps the only thing Broly says but he would make a cool Broly.

Will Yun Lee as Yamcha

After seeing Dragonball evolution I didn’t really like Yamcha maybe cause Joon Park didn’t play him right or because the script wasn’t great but I think Will Yun Lee would make a pretty cool Yamcha. I thought of him after watching Hawaii 5o where he played Sang Men. He certainly has the personality to play Yamcha so that’s why I chose him.

Tuhmor Penikett as Tien

Tuhmor Penikett would make awesome Tien because he is a martial artist and therefore it won’t be that difficult to pull of the moves. He also is a good actor who in my opinion could play tien.

Ken Jeong as Master Roshi

I chose Ken Jeong because he is one of my favorite comedy actors he has the personality of Master Roshi and after seeing him movies like The Hanover 1 & 2 and even in TV shows as Senor Ben Chang in Community and there is no doubt in my mind that he would the make the perfect Master Roshi.

Nick Offerman as Hercule

My choice for Hercule is pretty good in my opinion because he has the look and acting ability. He just needs the uniform and there you have your Hercule.

Peter Mensah as Kami

Peter Mensah would make a pretty cool Kami he does play wise Characters like in True Blood and Spartacus. Since his Characters are dead in both shows he will have time to film DBZ.

Gary Oldman as Dr Briefs

Dr.Briefs is not a main character in DBZ but I thought it would be fun to cast him. Gary Oldman resembles Dr. Briefs and has the talent to play him. Dr. Briefs just needs to be in the movie for about 5mins.

Derek Mears as King Cold

I chose Derek is because he is big and just looks really mean and scary. He is pretty big just like king Cold. He could play king Cold and Maybe even voice him….but I think somebody else should voice him. King Cold doesn’t have to be in the movie for a long period of time maybe 10min max when he comes to Earth with Frieza.

Maggie Q as Chi Chi

I chose Maggie Q due to her role in Nikita. She does know martial arts so she will be able to pull of the moves.

Ian Anthony Dale as Taopaipai

I chose Ian Anthony Dale because of his roles in Tekken (Kazuya), Hawaii 5o (Adam Noshimuri) and Mortal combat (Scorpion) in most of his roles he is able to fight pretty well so he has the ability and the look to play Taopaipai. He just has to be in the first movie for about 10-15min.
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