DC Comics films can work with the Vision!

DC Comics films can work with the Vision!

DC movies...

It is no secret that in the world of movies some of them work & some of them do not and comic book movies are not exempt from that discussion either. DC Comics is one of the most respected and longest running comic book companies in the world and has produced some of the best comic books and animations in history. However there is something’s they are working on to better in their sights, which happens to be live action movies.

Many have stated that DC needs to step is up and "why don't they do this, why don't they do that" but people must remember just like many people on a job, you may not be able to do certain things because of someone called your supervisor. Marvel Comics have been successful for the most part with their films however Marvel characters are somewhat different from DC characters when you really think about it. DC deals more with fiction maybe they have so many characters that are similar if not the exact same as Thor.

For DC Comics that supervisor is Warner Brother’s studios. Warner Brother is arguably the biggest and greatest production studio in history but when it comes to DC Comics characters they have not given to many of them a shot at the big screen. With the exception of Superman and Batman, many other characters have not seen the light of day unless they have been smaller characters. Now as we look at today, one of our most beloved and iconic Superheroes will have his on film in a few weeks Green Lantern. I have always felt that Hal Jordan should be chosen to have a film because many can relate to him and he is not too far behind Batman and Superman.

I can understand why it has taken long because properties take awhile sometimes because of rights and also technology allows something like Green Lantern and a character like Sony's/Marvel's Spider-man to look better in modern day. But what makes a Comic book movie really work? Let’s think back to something that Christopher Nolan said before “When presenting these characters you must remember the purpose they were originally created and use that original creation.” I myself could not agree more because respecting the blueprint is valuable and that is what Nolan did in 2005’s Batman Begins. Nolan pumped life back into the fallen franchise that was once at a high in the early 1990’s.
Nolan presented Batman to us all on the big screen the way creator Bob Kane created the character which was originally named The Bat-Man. Though Nolan’s Batman films are some or and arguably the best ever, some have criticized Nolan for taking the fantasy out of the storylines of Batman, however Bob Kane did not have fantasy in his original creation. Kane created the Dark Knight Detective as a crime fighter even more so than a superhero and Nolan brought the character back to that stage. In life not everyone can be pleased however everyone has the right to their opinion. In 2008, Christopher Nolan brought to us yet again another masterpiece called The Dark Knight. The Dark Knight became the highest grossing Superhero Comic Book movie of all time and has the biggest opening weekend that any movie genre in history.

There are many reasons for The Dark Knight’s successful run but the first and main reason is because Nolan respected the blue print from the very beginning when talking with Warner Bros. about his take on Batman when heading to do Batman Begins. Now that leads up to present time, with the expiration movie franchise date Harry Potter is heading for, The WB will need to be confident and faithful in DC Comics to present to them some character’s who can possibly hold their own at the box office.

Let’s take a look of what could be a possible future for WB and DC Comics at the box office if given the opportunity:

Batman: The one character who has been brought back and better than ever at the box office. Nolan recruited a wonderful team of cast and crew and had faith in Academy Award Winner Christian Bale to dawn the cape and cowl twice and now for a third time. The Dark Knight Rises is set to hit theatres on July 20, 2012 and is possibly the most anticipated film of 2012. The film I personally think will be received well however Warner Bros. has announced that they will be rebooting the character. It is simple “if it is not broke then don’t fix it.” Batman is at times looked at as like what Michael Jordan has been to basketball and that is dominant. We need not to see Batman for a while in theatres to have us thinking back to the days of Jordan, “what and when he come back.”

After TDKR, Batman needs only to show up in film if He is in the Bat-suit or as Bruce Wayne in another DC character’s movie. I do want to see more Batman films in the future and Lord know there is enough great material to do many but there is no need to reboot the character any time soon, let that come later. Think of it at the casino, “You are winning big, but the down fall is you do not know when to stop & then you could walk away with nothing.” Please know what you are doing with you money making franchise WB. Possibly good news is that in rumor-ville Chris Nolan may be producing the reboot, so may that is a relief for many because Nolan keeps anything he works on above float.

Superman: Now here is a character that has been on everyone’s mind for a long time as in “When will we get the Superman film that the world really wants to see?” Well that time may be coming December 2012. Producer Christopher Nolan has hired 300 and Watchmen Director Zack Snyder. Snyder is looking forward to working on the film beginning next month and many look forward to it also. Now the question is what happens to the world’s first comic book superhero afterwards? We all know about the court cases going on between the DC Comics and the heir’s families but DC still will have some important things of The Man of Steel.

Future movies of Superman should acquire something similar to Batman and Spider-man movies and that is a good rogue’s gallery list of supporting characters who are allies villains of Superman. Many of us know that what makes a incredible hero or heroes is incredible villains so I hope Superman to have that in this future film world mainly a possible epic showdown with Darkseid that will have much of Apocalypse in the storyline and wonderful cameo’s or main appearance such as Big Barda, Mr. Miracle, Granny Goodness and Kalibac to name a few.

Wonder Woman: Sometimes I still find it hard to believe that the most popular female Superhero of all time does not have her own CMB movie yet. However looking at some of the decisions made I actually can believe she does not have her own film. NBC passed on the pilot and I think that was a good idea because from the looks of it, I think it would have become another reboot of the Bionic Woman only lasting about one season if it has of gotten picked up. Wonder Woman needs to be a series kick ass (no pun intended to the actual movie). The movie should have similar looks to Lord of the Rings, 300, and/or Clash of the Titans.

Her costume should be some armor because that is what they wore back in the character days of Zeus and Aries. Do not get me wrong it can still resemble the classic outfit however maybe having her is the warrior goddess skirt high heel sandles will actually look more realistic than star spangeled strips. The story line should be based on her origin and a good example of that should be the Wonder Woman animated movie from 2009. Keep her mainly on the island protecting her world and then maybe one day she comes to the city for a Justice League team-up. Do not worry about how she will incorporate with other hero’s that will work itself out when it is time, maybe at the end of her movie she heads to the city and she will see another DC character in a cameo sort of like the animated movie when she saw Cheeta at the end. P.S. WB/DC Steve Trevor is a good character to use in this one.

Green Lantern: I think WB/DC Comics is headed in the right direction with this film. DC has actually had many characters at the box office but one of the problems is that there had only been two big names as said before and they are arguably the two biggest ever Batman and Superman. Batman and Superman does work but fans love alternatives and Green Lantern is a very good one. I like the fact that Hal Jordan will the main Lantern because he is the most popular and perhaps the greatest of all Green Lanterns. Green Lantern/Hal Jordan could also possibly start up a Justice League direction for the future. The great unique thing that Green Lantern has over many superheroes is that his storylines takes place on earth in space all the way to Oa. Green Lantern equal Epic Success.

The Flash: Another character worthy of a live action movie. The script has been turned in to Warner Brothers and possibly the movie will be out in 2013. Flash has interesting history in which the movie should use Barry Allen as main character and a connect to the original Flash Jay Garrick. On the television show Young Justice Barry, Jay and Wally are there goes to show that connections can be made. Villians who could be in Flash franchise are Captain Cold, Mirro Master, Gorilla Grod, &/or Zoom to name a few.

Flash is also a crime fighter could make for a good crime capper story. Flash movie needs to connect to Green Lantern. Maybe toward end Hal Jordan could show up looking to recruit Barry Allen to the Justice League.

Aquaman: At times not taken seriously as a superhero but Aquaman has a good history. Think about the battle talking place underwater and someone is starting a war between humans and Atlantis and then an invasion happens and Aquaman shows us why he is the King of the Sea with cool hardcore acrobatic moves under water such as we seen on Young Justice. Aquaman probably preferred would be Bruce Timms Justice League Aquaman. Btw CMB fans Aquaman movie will be possibly coming our 2015 or 16. Remember Justin Hartley who was Green Arrow/Oliver Queen on Smallville played Aquaman for a little on the Aquaman tv show which was actually will revieved so never say never.

Hawkman: Now here is a character many laugh at when the words of “a Hawkman movie” are said. However people might not want to laugh for too long because Hawkman is one of the biggest baddest and toughest heroes in all of comics. There was a decent interpretation presented of him on smallville but the key to get his live action movie working would be similar to Wonder Woman and that is keeping him in his native place even thought that is confusing, it depends on which Hawkman to be used. For example if Katar Hol, the story should take place on Thanagar and no were near earth at least not yet. The story should be about Hawkman and his people the Thanagarions. The effects could look similar to Avatar in which the Thanagarions could battle the Gardanians.

If Carter Hall is used, then it can take place back in Egypt times and his main villain could be the Shadow Thief. Either way makes up for a great epic drag’em out fight showdown. Of course may Hawkgirl can be in the mix.

John Johns Martian Manhunter: In a Justice League Movie, he is a valuable center piece of the league.

Justice League: Let’s be honest folks, when this happen this could be the biggest, whether you like it or not this would be bigger than the Avengers and further more Justice League has been around longer and is the greatest team ever assembled in Comic book history, it has a who’s who list so many popular characters. Green Lantern should be the go to guy to kick it off, just go back and read early Green Lantern/Hal Jordan comics you will see why.

Captain Marvel: A worthy hero, story needs to have a good back story mainly presenting Shazam himself similar Shazam’s backstory on Superman/Shazam the Return of Black Adam. Billy Baston receives the power of Shazam and of course has a showdown with Black Adam.

Green Arrow: This can be interesting because I know at one time DC had his film in the works but it maybe in what we call developmental hell right now but Arrow’s movies needs to be similar to Batman’s and that is based on realism and maybe just maybe a Bruce Wayne cameo could happen. Bruce Wayne and Oliver Queen, Two Billionaire meeting up would be cool. Villians in this franchise could be Merlin and Count Vertigo to name a few.

Teen Titans: We could finally see Robin get used the right way on the big screen. Robin is not really needed in a live action Batman flick but he is needed in Teen Titans and with rest of the Titans this could be great similar to Kick-Ass movie action just not as graphic. Many you kids and teenagers would love this flick.

Shining Knight: Can be epic if done right because Shining Knight takes place in King Arthur days and can have Clash of Titans, Braveheart, Gladitor, 300, and Lord of Rings feel. Other characters that would be great in the story would be Etrigan the Demon/Jason Blood and Morgaine le Fey.

Vigilante: Straight up western possible R-rated
The Spectra: Can be epic
Constantine/Preacher crossover from DC/Vertigo team up

There are many characters that can be done from the DC Universe. Big time Superheroes need to be at the box office during the summer and Thanksgiving/Christmas Holiday Season. Smaller heroes should be at the box office in parts of the year such as later January to April and September to October. Just think if Jonah Hex world have been brought out during September or October and would have been directed and done more like the Hex Thomas Jane of The Punisher voiced on the DC Showcase Superman/Shazam The Return of Black Adam. The movie would have turned out better.

I would like to see other companies maybe do similar to what Summit did with Red which is DC also. I know WB might allow that type thing to happene with their smaller characters but not the big ones. But hey WB, proud of the great job you have done with Batman and doing with Green Lantern, I will be patient but please get things steam rolling with the rest of the DCU, it will be epic!

So there have it CMB fans, some of this we may see some we may not but love to hear what you think ladies and gentlemen, any other DC character you vision coming to the big screen.
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