DC Marvel Alliance II: Civil War Final Epic Trailer

DC Marvel Alliance II: Civil War Final Epic Trailer

Ever wondered what will happen if the greatest DC and Marvel Superheroes joined forces to stop The Joker, Lex Luthor, Iron Patriot, Doctor Doom and Deathstroke? Check out the epic final trailer...

The Final Trailer:

And now, story time:

In the first movie of “DC Marvel: Alliance”, Brainiac arrives to Earth to do the one thing he knows – to destroy our planet.

As you all know, in the DC Marvel universe, both DC and Marvel heroes co-exist, and they all connected.
An Alliance is assembled in order to stop Brainiac and save the world.

All the heroes join fight Brainiac and his army. In the climax, Brainiac is about to destroy Earth with his massive ship. Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), who was on duty as a GL only for few months, is still very arrogant and thinks he can do anything. Batman tries to help Hal to be a better hero, and so when Brainiac is about to destroy Earth, Hal decides to scarifies his own life.

GL uses his ring, and he unleashes the full power of his ring, to blow up Brainiac’s ship, but in the process he kills himself.
The world is saved, and Green Lantern sacrifice will never be forgotten.


A year later, Batman blames himself for Hal’s death.

Few months ago, Superman finds Captain America in the Arctic, and now Steve Rogers tries to blend in this new world.
Wolverine comes back to America after a long time in Japan.

Peter Parker has been Spider-Man only for few months.

Black Widow is spying on Lex Luthor (on Nick Fury’s orders).

Lex Luthor tries to make the government sign on the VRA (Vigilante Registration Act), explaining that someone has to protect the world from the heroes that protect the world. But the senate dismisses it, and they tell Lex that they trust and needs these heroes.


Lex gets some help from unexpected source: The Joker.

The Joker doesn’t really care about the VRA, but he likes to see things blow up, and he wants Batman to suffer, so he helps Lex to assemble a Dark Alliance, and Norman Osborn (who is now part of the Government), Deathstroke and Doctor Doom join the evil team.

The first act of the Dark Alliance is to attack Batman. Deathstroke uses his ninja skills to sneak into the Wayne Manor, and after a fight, Deathstroke takes Batman out (who is little out of shape). The Dark Alliance attacks Wayne Manor. Lex gets his hands on all the information that Batman has guttered on the DC Marvel Alliance. They burn Wayne Manor to the ground, believing that Batman is dead.  


But The Joker has different plans, and he “saves” Batman. When Batman asks Joker why he didn’t kill him, Joker says that he wants Batman to witness what is going to happen to everything he cares about.

Few months ago, Lex got his hands on an Iron Man suit and his people use it to create a small army of robots. In the present, Lex gives Norman Osborn the Iron Patriot armor, to be the real All-American superhero.

Then the Dark Alliance use Batman’s Intel to take out Superman, Hulk and Thor. Superman is shot by Lex with a Kryptonite bullet, Iron Patriot uses a special device that Batman built to make the Hulk go back to Bruce Banner mode, and Doctor Doom takes out Thor. They lock the 3 of them in special cells. So what the world is going to do now?

Black Widow, who has been spying on Lex, learns that the Dark Alliance are about to attack more heroes and even kill the President. And she goes to warn the heroes.  

The Dark Alliance attacks Iron Man in his home, but Iron Man gets Black Widow’s warning and he manages to escape just before his home is blown up. The Dark Alliance send one of their robots (who looks like Iron Man) to attack Air Force One in order to kill the President, Iron Man tries to save him, but he fails, and the President is killed.

The Joker and Deathstroke attack and destroy the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier. While the attack on S.H.I.E.L.D., Captain America has a fight with Deathstroke, but then The Dark Alliance henchmen come to take over S.H.I.E.L.D. and Captain America has to escape and hide.      

Lex blames the superheroes for the President’s death, showing footage of “Iron Man” destroying Air Force One. Norman Osborn declares a martial law, and Lex becomes the new President.

Batman sees all of these from his cell, and he realizes that he has to help the other heroes and save America from The Dark Alliance. Black Widow, who saw where Joker took Batman, meets Wolverine and the two get in and free Batman from Joker’s prison.

The Dark Alliance henchmen start taking different superheroes out. They attack Spider-Man, and they are about to take him out, but Iron Man shows up and saves Spidy.

Batman, Iron Man, Captain America, Wolverine, Black Widow and Spider-Man meet up, assembling the 2nd DC Marvel Alliance. They join together to stop The Dark Alliance and save Superman, Thor, Hulk and the world.

But now, the heroes are considered to be public enemies. How will the Alliance will be able to stop the Dark Alliance, but also prove to the world that they are not the enemy.   

It’s time for DC Marvel Alliance II: Civil War…

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