"DC Universe vs Mortal Kombat" A DC Universe Animated Original Movie

"DC Universe vs Mortal Kombat" A DC Universe Animated Original Movie

A Fancast for a animated adaption of the crossover fighting video game.

Well i been promising to do a new DC Universe animated movie fancast for a while... First one i did, the "Joker" one i took off cause i didn't think it was good. Anyway... Next fancasting i'm doing here is a animated movie based off the video game "Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe". May think "WTF?", well why not, i found besides the cr*p T rating, it was a good game. So that means this would be a more VIOLENT and BRUTAL PG-13, but hell, the MK movies were, so it works out, plus WB owns Mortal Kombat and releases the DCUA movies. The art style of the film i actually pictured like "Batman: Under The Red Hood" and the script be close to the game's Story Mode written by Jimmy Palmiotti and some of the MK crew with some added in story, just to make it better, both side's stories interlocking. The cover art of the Blu-Ray and DVD would be a brand new piece done by Alex Ross.

Alright, let's start this!

DC UNIVERSE (They're all voiced by those voiced them in past DC Universe media, not the game's voice actors. Shazam and the Guardians Of The Universe ain't being cast, oh well.)

Mark Harmon as the voice of Superman

I went with Mark as, while i love Tim Daly voicing the Man Of Steel, i thought he did a great job voicing him in "Crisis Of Two Worlds" and would be great having him in this... Plus i'm a huge NCIS fan.

Kevin Conroy as the voice of Batman

No reason for me explaining here.

Susan Eisenberg as the voice of Wonder Woman

Only one woman i say should voice Wonder Woman... Keri Russel! :Hears boos: It was a joke! No, Susan is the only one i know who truly does Wonder Woman's voice justice.

Michael Rosenbaum as the voice of The Flash

What would be a DC movie featuring the Justice League without Rosenbaum as The Flash? He still doing the voice and i ain't complaining, keep him as the Flash!

Nathan Fillion as the voice of Green Lantern

Another fan fave here, he still should have been him in the movie... Oh well! But still the best voice of Green Lantern in a long time.

Jerry O'Connell as the voice of Captain Marvel

So far the only person i think does his voice the best, even know Corey Burton did a good job in "Superman/Batman: Public Enemies", O'Connell pretty much is in my mind whenever i read any comics with Captain Marvel.

John DiMaggio as the voice of The Joker

Wish Mark Hamill was still doing Joker, but alas, he isn't. But hell, at least that means that DiMaggio would get another chance to be Joker. I LOVED him as Joker in "Under The Red Hood" and would love to see him come back. Plus him yelling "KHAN!". Awesome.

Clancy Brown as the voice of Lex Luthor

Don't have to explain here? Thought not.

Grey DeLisle as the voice of Catwoman

I thought she was the BEST voice of Catwoman in a long time, thank you "Arkham City".

Ron Perlman as the voice of Deathstroke

Ron Perlman already voiced him before in Teen Titans (Even with him being named Shade, who gives a damn!) and made him F*CKING epic, so him being darker is more awesome.

Michael Ironside as the voice of Darkseid

You all know why.

MORTAL KOMBAT (Different voice actors than the game's VA's... Well, maybe except Ed Boon. Quan Chi, besides all the other NPC will be cast, yay.)

Clancy Brown as the voice of Raiden

Yes, i choose Clancy to also voice Lex Luthor, but he also voiced Raiden in the MK cartoon series, so it'd maybe lead into a small recurring joke with both sides noting that both Raiden and Lex Luthor sound alike.

John Cho as the voice of Liu Kang

I know Cho is Korean and Liu Kang is Chinese, but hell, is anyone really gonna complain, don't think so. It'd be cool to hear Cho voicing Liu Kang, it'd be a different but great role for him.

Kelly Hu as the voice of Kitana

Kinda winged it with this choice, but she'd be good as Kitana, she does a lot of voice work, like in "Under The Red Hood".

Kevin Michael Richardson as the voice of Jax

Now this one choice i knew i was gonna go for as Kevin who would be awesome as Jax.

Rachael MacFarlane as the voice of Sonya Blade

For some god knows reason, i hear Haley Smith's voice whenever Sonya talks, weird huh? Oh well, Rachael would actually be good as her.

Jason Issacs as the voice of Sub-Zero

How's this for a outta nowhere casting? Instead of being a bad guy, a good guy? Figure Jason would use his General Zhao from "Avatar: The Last Airbender" voice for Sub-Zero.

Ian Anthony Dale (And a uncredited Ed Boon) as the voice of Scorpion

I really liked Ian when he played Scorpion in both "MK: Rebirth" and "MK: Legacy" and thought he played a good Scorpion, so having him come back to voice him would be sweet! Plus, Ed Boon would be uncredited doing, of course, Scorpion's "GET OVER HERE!" and "COME HERE!" yells.

Gary Oldman as the voice of Shang Tsung

Took me a while to think of this choice, but him voicing Lord Shen in "Kung-Fu Panda 2" made me figure out Oldman would be perfect as Shang Tsung.

Eric Bana as the voice of Kano

Well, clearly Bana's Australian and all, but it was his role in "Chopper" that made me choose him as Kano as he was pretty frickin' mad in the movie. Plus seeing as Kano (Besides from Scorpion and Ermac) is my favorite MK fighter, i wanted to cast someone who'd do Kano justice.

Frank Welker as the voice of Baraka

Hey, need someone to do a creature sound, who else other than Frank Welker? Right?

James Avery as the voice of Shao Kahn

Come on, the voice of Shredder as Shao Khan! James, who i share the same birthday with, would just be mind blowing.

Andrew Divoff as the voice of Quan Chi

I blame TheEmperor for this choice, it's just SO F*CKING GOOD! Divoff, the Djinn as Quan Chi, f*ck yeah! Only time i change a casting due to another, thank you TheEmperor!
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