Deadpool Casting by scmittydude

Deadpool Casting by scmittydude

First post on this site out of boredom. here's a Deadpool Fan-cast

This is my first post so I don't really know what i'm doing. so if no pictures show up i'm sorry go easy on me.

I'm sure we've all given up on seeing a Deadpool movie by now. but i'm doing this for fun, so the rationality of my choices matters even less.

I admit i did read the script for the Deadpool movie a while back and this is just what was going on in my head. let me know what you think. Now it was a while back so if i left any characters out from it i'm sorry.

Not a whole lot of reasons i picked these actors, other than what seemed to run through my mind while reading it. couldn't think of anybody for wyre

Deadpool: Ryan Reynolds
did i really need to say?

Ajax: Brian Bloom (I just watched the A-team and i kept thinking about the role)

Sluggo: Danny Trejo! d'uh!

Weasel: Jay Baruchel

Blind Al: Betty White (second choice is Glenn Close

Vanessa Carlysle:
I don't know about you but i'd pick an unknown. I couldn't really pick up anything that struck out to me that anyone would be perfect for the role.

CGI Steve Buscemi voice (you know you love that!)

and as for this no director thing... The writers are directing a movie soon anyway! get them to do it! they clearly have a specific vision!
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