Deadpool preview

Deadpool preview

A preview of The Hawk's Deadpool story...

Wade Wilson aka Deadpool was sitting at home in his Boxers watching TV, E was counting down its list of the hottest actresses ever, and he was hoping to see his favorite woman up on screen. The voice on the screen was finally announcing the hottest woman of all time. Wade sat up in his seat “Bea Arthur, Bea Arthur. Bea Arthur”

-“And now we get to number one on our list.”
Wade sat up “Bea Arthur.’

-“This woman is a quickly rising star in Hollywood.”


-“Megan Fox!”

Wade bolted straight up “BEA ARTHUR!!!” Wade cried jumping up from his seat.

-“That’s right, Megan Fox is the hottest actress ever!”

Wade pulled a gun out from behind him on the couch “BEA [email protected]#&^ ARTHUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” He said firing his gun at the screen and fired until the clip was empty.
“……………Damn it” Wade looked at the clock 6:00pm, Wade walked over to the phone “Hey Weasel! Want to make a quick $10……….No not like that……No,and if we did I would were the Rachel Summers costume.”


Wade watched Weasel leave after delivering the new tv “Make this on last Wade.” He said as he left. Wade kicked back on the couch and flipped through the channels “Oh! Full House, you never know if it is Mary Kay or Ashley, and thus builds the suspense.”


Wade walked over to his computer and checked his email “You’ve got mail.” The monotone computer said. Wade searched through everything until he came to an email.
“This looks interesting, the possibilities are endless and chock full of porn “Dear Mr. Deadpool, this is to inform you that in a few months, I plan to write a FAN FIC ABOUT YOU! Singned NO!!!! ANYONE BUT HIM. Can’t I get the myth, Soul Eater, Shaman, hell I’ll even take Supermike, anyone but him, he can’t write consistently come on can’t I go back to Christopher Preist? Anyone but THE HAWK!!!”
Wade cried out as he was sucked into the computer.
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