Deadpool... Straight to DVD!

A little something to look forward to while we wait for more news on our Merc with a Mouth.

A friend of mine sent me this picture he found the other morning. Apparently, Deadpool fans are rolling around like Bea Arthur in her grave waiting for this movie to be made. Speaking of... wouldn't that be hysterical to have in the upcoming movie? I can see it now... Ryan Reynolds gets some shocking news and the camera gets close to his face as he announces, "Holy Bea Arthur, Batman!" I'm sure DC would be a little upset, but hey... it's not like we took a character from them, right?

This was designed to be a short editorial anyhow, but a question to throw out there for all CBM friends and family... If they actually sold a latex Snake-Eyes costume, how many people would buy it just to repaint it to be Deadpool for Halloween?

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