"Deadpool: The Circle Chase" A Marvel Universe Original Animated Film

"Deadpool: The Circle Chase" A Marvel Universe Original Animated Film

A Fancast for a animated adaption of the mini-series by Fabian Nicieza and Joe Madureira.

Took me awhile people, but here's a new Marvel Universe fancast deal! This time of Fabian Nicieza and Joe Madureira's Deadpool story arc "The Circle Chase". Since this Deadpool we're talking about here, it'd be full of action, comedy (Including some forth wall breaking moments!) and would be PG-13, not as hardcore as "Welcome Back, Frank", but still. It'd also feature the actual slow dramtic moments of Deadpool's past with Copycat. The art style would be close to Madureira's art style with Nicieza's storyline in it. The cover art for the DVD/Blu-Ray would be original art done by Joe Madureira.

ONTO THE FANCASTING! (Just to note, i didn't cast a V/O for Louis Banque and it's not as long as my last one... Oh well, let's roll.)

Nolan North as the voice of Wade Wilson/Deadpool

Do i need to explain here?

Seth Green as the voice of Weasel

This was a choice i always knew i was gonna go for. Seth's voice is perfect for Weasel's sarcastic funny tone. Just works fine.

Mila Kunis as the voice of Vanessa Carlyle/Copycat

This i think was a good choice as Mila would be able to deliver that seductive, but calm tone of Copycat.

Jeffery Dean Morgan as the voice of Black Tom Cassidy

Jeffery just screams Black Tom, right? His voice would work awesome.

Charlie Alder as the voice of Slayback

His screechish voice of Starscream would work perfect, just make it less robotic and it'd be awesome!

Steven Blum as the voice of Garrison Kane

Steven as Garrison is just pure epicness right here.

Dee Bradley Baker as the voice of Zero

Another choice i did know i was gonna go for, Dee would do Zero's mono tone right. It'd be really good for him.

John DiMaggio as the voice of Juggernaut

No explanation needed for this choice.
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