Doctor Strange FANCAST (By the SoulEater)

Doctor Strange FANCAST (By the SoulEater)

Yet again, a doctor Strange Fancast by ME ^_^

The SoulEater


Since apparently the movie is going to happen, and has the researchers/writers from the THOR movie, I looked at some recent current actors who would be good as who to portray a well theatered version of The Doctors life.

For Doctor Stephen Strange, destined to be the Sorcerer Supreme, I choose Benedict Cumberbatch from SHERLOCK, and the upcoming STAR TREK II. He's got the demeanor, the arrogance, nobility..and bad assity in his arsonal to match his exquisite acting.

Benedict Cumberbatch

A Philadelphia born boy into a rich family along with his little sister Donna. Donna was the one girl who could bring a smile to the genius lad's face. Then one day she was inexplicably diagnosed with a rare and fatal condition, one which surgeon after Surgeon told Strange there was no way of correcting.

Refusing to allow his Sister's passing, he studied enough to graduate med school before turning 19.

Whether it was Strange's fault during the procedure, or simply her condition worsening to the point of no return, his sister did not make it.

Now suddenly his reason for living or smiling was gone, and all aspirations of destiny and meaning in life were sucked out of the man.

When losing his eskilled neuro surgeon hands to a car accident, the which and famous Doctor Strange sought help from a man who said he could repair him, mind soul and body. Humbled and re-shown lifes meaning and purpose, Doctor Strange realized at his core that he was a healer, a rescuer, a surgeon, and that his destiny was to cut out the Wicked forces from the world as the Sorcerer supreme.

For the Ancient One, his Master from the otherside...I choose Sir Ben Kingsly


For Stranges' lovely mystic aid, and love interest...I choose Gemma Arterton as Clea

Gemma Arterton

Clea possesses formidable abilities for manipulating mystical forces for various purposes, due to her training and partnership by Dr. Strange and her Faltine descent. Originally from the Dark Dimension, and her power equals that of the wicked Lord Umar who once was a tyrant there. She and Strange helped over through him as their love for each other grew through time and testing, until finally she came to live with him on Earth and the two wed.

For the Ancient One's pupil and friend to Dr. Strange as well as co mentor in the ancient arts, I choose THE WALKING DEAD's Steven Yeun as Wong.

Wong Seven Yeun

Wong was brought to the Ancient One when he was only 4 years old by his father, Hamir the Hermit. While there he became a martial arts master, but doesn't get a chance to practice much as a manservant. In this version he is an adept wizard but chooses the life of servitude so as to better himself as a Master under Doctor Strange. While he does learn much from the Doctor, even strange admits, "In some ways I am his master, and in some, I am his student." Giving validity to Wong's life choice.

For Dr. Stranges' Professor at his medical university and Chief Surgeon before Stephen takes his place, I choose Jeffery Wright


For Baron Amadeus Mordo, arch nemesis to Strange, I choose Javier Bardem from No Country for Old Men.

javier bardem

Baron Mordo is a dark wizard who has slain many a magical entity and magician in his path. He is ruthless, self serving, and above all bent on power. Learning from master, to master, how to better sate his thirst for learning more about magic, he soon became uncontent with the level he had reached, and delved into darker forms to accumulate more.

He sacrificed the residence of a city he saved, just to stay in power and insure that he became stronger. His ambitious plans align themselves more often then not with DORMAMU, a Tyrant of the ancient world, once imprisoned by Dr. Strange's Master.

He helped Dormamu escape in exchange for giving him reign over a dimension he felt would make him supreme, allowing Dormamu to do what he wished with the Earth, which later proved to be a focal point for Dormamu's plan to unleash his reality of misery on all the worlds and dimensions.

For Baron Mordo's buxom disciple Adria, I choose Rosario Dawson from Sin City and EagleEye for...


For the Ancient One's eternal foe Dormammu, a once powerful wizard who traded his mortal body for eternal astral energy, and ruler of the Dark Dimension..

I choose Clive Owen for his voice, and former self in a flash back.

Clive Owen Dormammu


so there you have it, You Owe me your Soul..

Tell me what you think.
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