Dr. Strange Movie Script Part I

The begining of my Dr. Strange script.

I`ve been thinking about doing this for a long time now. when justiceavenger`s script came out it inspired me to move ahead and write part one. so thanks Justiceavenger and enjoy everyone!

Opening logos
we see nothing but fog in the night.

Then we see a faint light as we go closer the mist disappears and we see a truck approaching a huge hole in the ground. We think it is in the desert.

shield agents get off the truck and approach the hole.

Shield agent 1: I`m getting some serious readings

Shield agent 2: look guys fury wants us down here so we`re not backing down. Now who brought the climbing gear?

The scene cuts to them coming down the hole in armor and gas masks.
They reach the bottom and start looking around. Suddenly the room is light up with a green light.

Shield agent 2: stares at the thing producing the light (which we can`t see). We see his eyes start to change and glow like he is in a trance.

Suddenly a man appears and takes out shield agent 2 with one move. The others snap out of it and attack but he teleports to one of them and snaps their neck. He continues to take them out by teleporting until they are all taken out.

Man: goes towards the light. We can see that he is in a thick Asian looking robe with designs on it. He looks Asian. He looks down at the thing.

Then we get our first image of the eye: an eye that looks like a cat`s and is big and is hanging on a golden chain.

Man: picks it up and puts in around his own neck.

From the top of the hole a shield agent looks down.
The man notices the agent and looks up at him.
Finally his eyes turn into green cat`s eyes and he explodes into glowing green mist.

The blast blasts the shield agent back and everything

The mist disappears into the sky.

We are taken through the wreckage and we hear a radio going off

Radio: I repeat do you read me? have you subdued the energy source?

Finally the shield agent wakes up and grabs the radio
Shield agent: men are down we were attacked and the target was stolen.

Radio: what is the threat level?

Shield agent: I don`t know just tell fury to get down here

Radio: copy

Shield agent: and tell him to bring Pym. You need to see this

The shield agents are crawling out o the hole and walking towards him. Their eyes are green like cat`s.

Title comes on

Scene cuts to an office in the city
Woman: have you seen strange? He should have been here an hour ago.

Man: nobody called. Hm maybe he`s sick

Woman: do you remember a day when strange didn`t come in sick or not?

Man: maybe you should call

Woman: yeah…

Then a loudspeaker comes over and says: Dr. Gina Atwater you have a phone call on line 2
She hurries to a phone and picks it up

Gina: hello?

Caller: hi my name is Dr. Magi and I believe we have your coworker Dr. strange

Gina: is he alright?

Magi: well it`s altogether very complicated and I think you`d better come see for your self

The scene cuts to Gina arriving at the hospital she is escorted into Strange`s room and sees him lying on the bed

Dr.: his brain is not doing well. There`s a disease somewhere inside it that we have never seen before. The disease we think is blocking strait thinking. His condition is stable now but it will worsen. It seems to be bothering him very much and we don`t think he will make it mentally.

Then strange sees her and asks for a moment alone.
When the doc leaves Gina says: strange what is happening?

Strange: I don`t know Gina but it`s affecting my brain and my thoughts. It`s painful and it affects my feelings to. I might go mad if I can`t get it fixed… Gina I can`t do my research.

Gina: (looks at the brain scans on the monitor) strange you need to think logically this might affect your will to live so just think logically.

Strange nods
Strange: yes Gina but I don`t have much time I have to find a neurosurgeon who can take me. If not my career is on the line.

We see the monitor. Then the scene cuts to a palace with an old man sitting in levitation pose
Suddenly 2 men appear one is in a gladiator type armor and one is in a thick, green robe with gold designs on it. They walk forward and the one with the robe takes off the eye and sets it down next to the old man.

The bigger more strong man in armor speaks: you should have let me take the eye and killed the humans.

The other man looks at him
Man: it was not honorable to kill them and why you possessed them is still a mystery.

Other man approaches him and draws sword.

Old man: enough. The important thing is that you retrieved the eye. Mordo, Wong is right. you did not need to make those humans attack. But nevertheless nightmare`s forces are trying to get the eye and you`ve brought it here.

Mordo leaves the scene

Wong: father can the enemy`s forces come out of the dream dimension?

Old man: I do not know. They have been imprisoned for millennia but their power might get to the extent of causing sickness to the mind. But there must be a reason why the eye landed on earth. I sense that if nightmare gets the eye he will unleash it`s power on the earth. We need someone to fight for earth in its time of need. Wong I want you to find a worthy human to become the sorcerer supreme of earth.

Wong: It will be done oh ancient one

well that`s part one. tell me what you think about it please.
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