Dr. Strange Script Part II

Wong pays a visit to the doc

If you haven`t read part one don`t you think you should?

The scene cuts to Dr. Strange waking up in the desert to find the moon

In the fire is the face of Nightmare laughing.

Fire: you will all fall to me. Earth will be the first to bow down and be imprisoned in the dream dimension. You are just the beginning. There is no way to stop me. You are nothing.

Then the scene changes and strange finds himself in a room full of sick people. The sick people call his name asking for help. But strange can only sit there and watch his friends die.
He cries out then once again the scene changes and he is chained up to the ground in a dark room. He sees the eye and then hears the voice of nightmare.

Nightmare: the eye will be mine and the ancient one will bow to me. I will win and his finest warrior will turn against him. The only one left to die will be his son and I will rip him apart limb from limb!

Strange wakes up breathing hard and clutching his head. He is in a hotel bed. He walks to the window and sighs.

We hear the voice of a man: I`m sorry Dr. strange. There`s just nothing we can do.

The scene cuts to strange in a hospital room with the doctor talking to him.

Dr.: if you want my advice stop looking. There`s no one on earth that can help you now strange. (Walks off)

Strange opens his wallet and finds a picture of a younger him and a girl. He smiles but then starts to cry. He wipes his eyes.

Then the voice of Wong is heard: the doctor was false when he said that no one on earth could help you strange.

Strange looks up to find Wong.

Strange: who are you?

Wong: my name is Wong and I represent the ancient one

Strange: why are you here and where did you come from?

Wong: I`m here to help you strange and as for where I came from you will learn that if you take this challenge

Strange stands up

Strange: tell me

Wong: I will help you get out of this curse but you must travel far and endure great challenges. But I assure you that if you succeed your problems will vanish.

Strange: (takes in the information) ok Wong where do I begin?

Scene cut`s to Gina and strange arguing over the phone

Gina: strange! This will leave you bankrupt!

Strange: I have too Gina

Gina: look strange it`s beneath you to go on some wild goose case because some guy in a bathrobe told you to! What the hel are you thinking?

Strange: Gina it`s all I`ve got. Now goodbye

that`s all for today but be on the look out for more!
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