Dr. Strange Script Part III

Strange sets off on his epic journey

sorry for the wait! I`ve just been so busy I didn`t have time, but here I have it for you.

also I have found an actor that i think could play Wong:

Byung-hun Lee or Brian played the role of storm shadow in both G.I. Joe movies. i think if he can achieve the calmness of Wong then he could be the perfect fit.

now onto the script:

Scene cuts to Wong arriving back at the temple

Mordo is waiting for him

Mordo: why did you pick him?
Wong: why are you wishing to know?
Mordo: it`s bad enough that the ancient one wanted a human to be the sorcerer supreme but now you pick the this thing?
Wong: I picked him because of his will to live and to fight. We are all scared of what is coming… but this man can give us hope.
Mordo: I feel nothing but pity for this creature. (Exits)

Scene cuts to strange hiking in the snowy mountains
He has clearly suffered a few days of the snowy climate
He holds up a map: we see that the snow has drained the color out of it leaving it unreadable

Strange screams

The scene cuts to him finding a cave to sleep in
He takes wood out of his backpack and makes a fire.
He tries to sleep and almost does but is awakened by the sound of the fire going out

He gets up and realizes that he`s not alone. He hears growling. He sees his shotgun in his back pack.
He dives for it but the creature is too quick and sends strange flying out of the cave.
Strange looks at his hand and realizes that it is burning
He looks back to find the huge black panther ablaze with blue fire

It attacks again but Wong appears and blasts the beast with his spear
Strange gets up and stands by Wong
The panther circles them
Wong: run!
He attacks the panther but is blasted back and injured by the panther`s strike
Wong`s spear lands a few yards from strange. He sees how Wong used magic to try to attack.
He looks at his hands.
Finally the panther lunges at him but this time strange dives for the spear and stabs it in the ground

The ground explodes and the panther is thrown up in the sky
Strange points the spear at the panther and force rushes (best description I could think of) at the panther
Then the spear is turned into a dark mist and strange channels it to him
Right as an avalanche is about to bury them strange blasts the panther with his own magic.

The mountain side is avalanching down

Strange grabs Wong in mid air and they both fall down the mountain as it falls apart in an epic thrill ride
But just as they are about to die a huge dragon/bird swoops in and saves them
It has the body of a dragon and the beak and claws of a bird and Mordo is riding it

Mordo: (to Wong) what happened up there?!
Wong: (recovering from wounds) we have a problem
Mordo: what?
Wong: the dark dimension is open
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