DRAGON AGE ORIGINS Fanfic story for a film

DRAGON AGE ORIGINS Fanfic story for a film

DRAGON AGE ORIGINS Fanfic story for a film

"In War Victory, In Peace Vigilence, In Death Sacrifice"- Grey Warden motto
I wrote a story for how a Dragon Age Origins can work as a film. I showed it to some Dragon Age fans they liked it. Reason it can be on here it because 1. It's a videogame 2. It had a comic book series by Dark Horse. 3. It's getting a anime film. Warning it's LONG...

Dragon Age Origins is 1 of my favorite RPG games of all time if a movie would be made the movie company that should make it be New Line Cinema for how they made The Lord of The Rings. For me I want it to be into 4 films. Peter Jackson(Lord Of The Rings Trilogy), Guillermo del Toro(HELLBOY), Zack Snyder(300), Kenneth Branagh(THOR) or David Yates (Harry Potter 5- Deathly Hallows) to direct the films or direct each a film and producing them as well.

Also STARKILLER21 will be out of action til December I am his cousin I'll be taking over til then this is me and his well his mostly he wrote the story I came up with the music and endings.

Dragon Age Origins is set Ferelden, one of several countries that makes up the fictional continent of Thedas.
Here is a reason why it can or should be made into a film

The heavy plate armor on the cinematic parts of the videos I added onto here that's how the armor will look in film

Part 1- will be called Dragon Age Origins: Wardens Fall, 2 hours 30 minutes
The main song for 1st film will be This is War: 30 Seconds to Mars I know it's on above but this is the whole song

The 1st film opens with Duncan narrating the origins of the demonic creatures known as darkspawn, who dwell within the Deep Roads, an underground highway system created by the dwarves long ago, deep beneath the surface of Thedas.

Every few hundred years, the darkspawn swarm the surface world in a movement known as a Blight. Beginning with the first Blight which was 1200 years prior, Thedas relies on a legendary order of warriors known as Grey Wardens to drive the darkspawn back into the Deep Roads. The scene ends with Duncan saying the Grey Warden speech

“In war, victory. In peace, vigilance. In death, sacrifice.”

The Film begins on the eve of The 5th Blight.

1st film shall focus on The 7 Wardens arriving to Ostagar, the Korcari Wilds, The Joining, Battle of Ostagar, arriving and leaving Lothering.
I decided well me and my cousin decided the main "warden" should be the 7 Wardens from each Origin which means 2 Humans, 3 Elves, 2 Dwarves.

The 7 Wardens
Main Protagonist
- Aidan Cousland (Main Protagonist, Human Noble, becomes friends with Alistair)
- Draven Amell (Human Mage, sibling relationship with Neria)
- Neria Surana (Elf Mage, sibling relationship with Draven
- Theron Maheriel (Dalish Elf love interest of Kallian)
- Kallian Tabris (City Elf , love interest of Theron)
- Duran Aeducan (Dwarf Noble, forms a friendship with Faren)
- Faren Brosca(Dwarf Commoner, forms a friendship with Duran)

The 7, meet Alistair, Daveth and Jory go into the forest they confront Morrigan and takes them to her mother who has the Grey Warden scrolls. Her mother Flemeth gives them the scrolls. Daveth and Jory die in the Joining the 7 survive but all see The Archdemon in their dreams confirming it’s a Blight.

The Battle of Ostagar begins King Calin orders the 7 and Alistair to go light the top of Tower Ishal to let Loghain know when to aid King Calin. Tower Ishal is lit Loghain orders a retreat , King Calin died on the battlefield fighting an Ogre. Both die during the fight instead of getting crushed by it’s hand like in the game Duncan dies not long later by getting decapitated by a Hurlock after killing 12 darkspawn to avenge Calin's death.

Aidan, Duran, Faren, Kallian, Theron and Alistair are saved by 3 mysterious figures 2 are Draven and Neria while the 3rd is Flemeth in forms of GRIFFONS. Aidan, Duran, Faren, Theron, Kallian awake Morrigan tells them Flemeth, Draven and Neria saved them and he reason is because Loghain left the battlefield causing King Calin, Duncan and hundreds of soldiers to die in the battle.

Loghain already in Denerim say he is regent of Ferelden with Queen Anora his daughter. Informing they need an army to fight the Orlaisions, considers Grey Wardens traitors for causing Calin‘s death. Bann Teagon argues with Loghain saying if Calin died how come you have survived Loghain. Before Teagon leaves Anora says “Bann Teagon my father is doing what is best for Ferelden” Teagon replies “Did he do what was best for your husband Calin”.

Alistair wants justice from what Loghain did but needs Arl Eamon’s help due to Eamon being Calin’s uncle, Theron mentions Wardens still have treaties from the Dwarves, Mage, Elves. Flemeth telling them they got an army right there and asking to take Morrigan with them which Alistair doesn’t think is a good idea. So they head off to Lothering to recover from the injuries and decide where to go next to get allies and save Ferelden from The Blight..

Before the go Flemeth’s final request for the 8 is to take Morrigan with them which Alistair disapproves Faren replies’ “what’s the matter scarred she might turn you into a toad and eat you” Alistair “that too and you don’t know if she’s going to kill us in our sleep”. Duran replies “Fine each night someone will take shift to keep an eye on camp, Alistair you got 1st shift".

The 9 arrive in Lothering and see Sten a qunari in a cage, they ask the revere mother to release Sten into there custody, Duran, Faren decide to get ale in “order” to recover their strength. Alistair comments won’t hurt to have a couple “what can happen”.

They arrive at the bar/hotel some of Loghain’s men stayed behind incase Grey Wardens survived, One of the men has Arl Howe’s crest on his armor, Aidan having memories from “That fateful night“ was about to strike him, Draven and Neria grab him and said “Aidan not yet” Leliana tries to stop the soldiers from attacking civilian for being mistaken for Grey Wardens, the soldier whom had the Howe crest said “B***h we ONLY work for Teryn Loghain and Arl Rendon Howe we take orders from no one else”.

Aidan grabs the soldier threatens him saying “Is that a way to treat a lovely lady such as she, apologize now or I’ll dislocate your shoulder”. Before the soldier leaves he remembers what Loghain and Howe told him “Bring us Grey Wardens for betraying the king” (the guard only remembers Alistair, Aidan, Duran, Kallian descriptions) so he calls his men and they fight but lose badly.

Alistair tells them to send a message to Loghain saying “We really know what happened at Ostagar and we are coming to get him”. When the soldiers were leaving Aidan recognizes the war-hound with them. He calls for it turns out it’s his old dog Barkspawn which he takes from Howe’s guards. Leliana asks if they are truly Grey Wardens, Kallian being sarcastic “No were a musical group from The Chantry that gets easily mistaken for being Grey Wardens ALOT”.

Leliana tells them she’ll come with them to unite and save Ferelden to stop the Blight,and the "Maker" wanted her to join them. Everyone gladly accepts her except Morrigan. Reason is Morrigan hates religious groups especially the Chantry. Leliana introduces herself again to Aidan for helping her against the guard (hint, hint).

The Party save 2 dwarves from darkspawn named Bodhan and Sandal who are merchants and like to accompany them Aidan asks Bodhan if they can watch Barkspawn. Due to the fact it’ll take several months to go to Orzammar, Dalish elves, Circle of Magi, Arl Eamon to get there help against the Blight. They decide they’ll have to separate in groups of 3-4.

Duran, Faren, Morrigan go to Orzammar. Theron, Kalian go find the Dalish Elves which is in the Bracillian Forest. Alistair, Aidan and Leliana go to Redcliffe for Arl Eamon to help them against Loghain and The Blight. Draven, Neria and Sten go to the Circle of Magi for help.

Before they leave the group decide to make camp so they can recover there strength and injuries. Few hours after they have fell asleep Duran, Alistair, Neria and Leliana hear Aidan yelling in his sleep "Mother we can't mourn for them now Howe's men are gonna come soon later we got to go". Alistair tries to wake him up Duran asking them "What's wrong with him ", Alistair tells him "Duran his whole family was massacred he still has horrible memories from that night". Skips to the following morning the group split to the places they are going. During the credits all characters say "This would have been easier if we had horses"

Part II- Dragon Age: Unite Ferelden, 2 hours, 45 minutes
The Main Song for the 2nd film will be I WILL NOT BOW by Breaking Benjamin

2nd film will focus on each part of Ferelden, which Aidan finds out Alistair is the bastard son of the late King Maric making Calin his half brother. Arl Eamon is poisoned, King of Orzammar is dead, Werewolves in the forests. Circle of Magi attacked by blood mages.

Alistair, Aidan and Leliana arrive in Redcliffe Alistair tells Aidan, Leliana reason he knows Arl Eamon is because he’s the bastard son of King Maric making Calin his half brother and heir to the throne. They soon realize Redcliffe is under attack they help save the town later on that night but find out from Bann Teagon who is Eamon’s younger brother telling them Eamon has been sick for weeks.

Due to both being exiled they find themselves helmets to cover there faces, Morrigan tells the guards they are Grey Wardens and need the Dwarves aid to stop the Blight but the guard tell them King Aeducan has went to the stone. They arrive and The Council claims the Grey Wardens came to help them pick a king the only candidates Lord Harrowmount and Prince Bhelen while hiding Faren tells Duran can be King, Duran thinks about it.

Draven, Neria, Sten arrive in Lake Calanhand and asks the Templar to get them there but won’t let them, till Sten bribes him with cookies telling Draven and Neria he stole it from a fat kid a town before saying it was for the kids own good. They arrive to the Tower of Magi but find out the Tower is under attack by Abominations, blood mages, demons Knight-Commander Gregoir recognizes Draven and Neria. Knight-Commander lets them help saying they got less then 2 hours to save everyone including First Enchanter Irving till The Right of Annulment arrives.

Theron, Kallian arrive in the Bracilian Forest asking Keeper Zatherial if the Dalish can aid the Grey Wardens against the Blight. Zatherial agrees in “1 condition” save his clan from werewolves who brutally killing them, he demands them to bring back Witherfang’s heart as proof.

Bann Teagon calls Alistair, Aidan and Leliana Heroes of Redcliffe but Lady Isolde claims that her son Connor is possessed by a demon, Alistair is telling Teagon it must be a trap. Teagon tells Isolde to go he’ll catch up, he gives Alistair his family ring saying this opens a secret passage in the windmill. They enter inside the castle they encounter Jowan in a dungeon, telling them Lady Isolde hired him to teach Connor who is a mage and Jowan is the reason Arl Eamon is sick.

Due to Bhelen framing him for Trian’s death, Duran decides to help Harrowmount be king, and was the only one who believed he didn’t kill Trian. The Council say the Candidates find Paragon Branka in the Deep Roads shall be crowned King. Oghren the town drunk demands he joins the Wardens Duran accepts him because Oghren is a Legend for how many expeditions he did in the Deep Roads and Branka is his wife or use to be.

In the Tower of Magi Draven, Neria bump into Wynne who is saving apprentices from the rage demons Wynne recognizes Draven and Neria from Ostagar. Turns out Uldred is the one who’s causing everything. Uldred wanted to take over the Tower if so by force. The group confronts a sloth demon, Sten easily kills it saying “would‘ve been a waste of time if we just stood there“. Before Niall dies he gives the Latterly of Adria which can help them defeat Uldred and the blood mages.

When Theron, Kallian are in deep of the Bracilain Forest they confront werewolves were easily killed by Theron with his bow. Swiftrunner charges towards Kallian suddenly Theron pushes her out of harms way but getting bit on the left shoulder. Due to the bite he can’t use his bow so he “swaps” weapons with Kallian getting her sword while she gets his bow not long later they confront Witherfang. She explains she is the forest spirit and the wolf spirit which was created by Zatherial she wants him there to end the curse from both them.

Alistair, Aidan and Leliana confront a possessed Connor, Teagon is being controlled by him he orders Alistair, Aidan and Leliana to be killed but Lady Isolde managed to calm Connor for a few seconds before fleeing. Jowan arrives saying there is a way to save him. Jowan knowing blood magic, can send a person into The Fade to kill the demon to fuel it requires a life Lady Isolde sacrifices herself. Alistair telling Isolde “We can go to the Circle and ask for Mages” Jowan replies “By the time you come back Connor will become an abomination".
Alistair refusing to do this decides not to go in, leaving Aidan or Leliana to go in. Aidan decides to go in so Leliana won’t get hurt (hint,hint). Aidan goes in the Fade killing the demon but at the cost of Isolde’s life. Thinking Aidan didn't make it Alistair blaiming himself for losing a friend and comrade, Leliana springs a tear for Aidan sacrificing himself for Connor and themselves few minutes later Aidan wakes up saying "You really think that demon can kill me, only thing keeping me alive is wanting Arl Howe dead by my fathers sword".

Draven, Neria, Wynne, Sten confront Uldred who does not know the have they have the Lattery of Adira. Uldred tortures First Enchanter Irving but Neria shoots a fire blast at him which ticked him off sending his Abominations against. Draven tells the group that "remember when he uses his blood magic we use the Lattery got it". They defeat Uldred not long later Irving thanks the group for saving him and Knight-Commander Gregior saying "Irving thank the Maker your alive", Irving replies "if it wasn't for Neria, Draven, Wynne and this Qunari named Sten Uldred would've took over the Circle". Draven asks if The Grey Wardens have the Circle of Magi with them against the Blight which Irving agrees to aid them since they saved his life, Wynne decides to join them to re-persent the Circle of Magi which Irving supported.

Duran, Faren, Morrigan and Oghren arrive in Ortan Thaig and find out Branka is alive, trying to find the Anvil of the Void which Oghren decided to go next but it's been missing for over 800 years before they leave to the Anvil of the Void Duran and Faren see the Archdemon and it's army knowing this a Blight yet again. They arrive to the Anvil finding Branka insane from trying to find the Anvil which can help them re-build golems, they confront Caridin who is now a 10ft long Golem. Saying "in order to make golems a dwarf must sacrifice him/herself so they can be the body of a golem".

Branka wanting to use the Anvil to make more Golems and thinking it'll help Orzammar agaisnt the darkspawn but Caridin tried to persuade. Branka has a control rod for the Golems which froze Caridin ordering other Golems to attack them. During the fight Duran realizes as long the Golems are there they can't get to Branka which Duran told Oghren "Oghren but your the only one who can get close to her" which he says in a sad voice "I know but never thought it would be me" Oghren fakes to join Branka then he kills her. Duran asks Caridin if he can make a crown for the King of Orzammar which he does but Caridin asks if they can destroy the Anvil so he finally rest in peace in the stone.

The coucil is arguing wondering who should be King rather Harrowmont or Bhelen, the group arrive not long later due to Faren and Duran hiding there faces by wearing helmets the Coucil demand to let them see there faces. Duran telling his friend Faren "Together friend" both pull out there helmets the Council is disgusted that an exiled prince and a filthy commoner, helped the Council.

Faren explains "even though we are not allowed back in Orzammar but WE HAD sacrificed ourselves into the Deep Roads to search for a stupid Paragon, Caridin chose who shall be king, he chose Duran". Because "one after Trian died he wa next in line for King, second Bhelen murdered Trian knowing he wouldn't get the throne, third Duran cannot longer be exiled because he's a Grey Warden". The Council realized a Commoner outsmarted them they accept Duran as King but Duran said he would only accept the Throne if Orzammar fight against the Blight til then he elects Harrowmont as King til he returns, Bhelen reacts badly saying " Brother you chose Harrowmont over your own brother".

Duran replies "You are no longer my brother, you framed me for killing Trian you poisoned Father thinking if he died sooner you would be King". Bhelen challenges his brother for the crown Duran easliy beats Bhelen telling him before he died "It didn't had to end like this Brother" Bhelen replies "But it did". Duran then asks Harrowmont "1 Favor" asking if Faren and his family can be moved to his house. The group leave Orzammar, Duran and Faren plan to return after the Blight and Oghren decides to join them help to defeat the Blight.

Due to the bite Theron got Witherfang tells Kallian that he'll transform within less than a hour so Kallian runs to go see Zatherial wondering why did Theron save her. Theron asking Wihterfang why did Zatherial create them in the first place which Witherfang tells the story a group of humans attacked Zatherials clan. kidnapped his kids killing his son, raped his daughter and left her for dead but commited suicide after she found out she was carrying a child from a human. Before Kallian could leave the werewolf base Zatherial arrived saying "I was wondering what was taking you guys so long", Kallian talking to Zatherial saying "Theron was bitten and Witherfang said only YOU can end".

Zatherial follows her in the main hall which you can see Theron is starting to transform asking him to kill him or kill both Witherfang and Zatherial saying "Don't you think it has gone too far Zatherial, I know what the humans did was wrong but this won't bring your son and daughter back ,not all humans are bad, I know a human he saved my life and I have friends who are human". Zatherial opening his eyes realized what he did and decided to end it which he and Witherfang died the werewolfs turn back into humans and elves. Zatherial tells them before he dies that he already told his succesor what happened and you got the Dalish to help you against the Blight.

Theron and Kaliian grab Zatherials body giving him to the Dalish and left to Redcliffe for the Others to re-group with Kallian carrying an imjured Theron on her shoulder whom makes a comment saying "I like to thank you". Kallian asks "How come Theron, he replies saying "For not giving up on me, your a true friend and comrade" she says in a shy voice "We are Grey Wardens we got to stop the Blight and I couldn't let you die you took a bite from me"(which leads to a little laughter from both characters). Both characters were about to kiss then get interuppted by a Dalish scout saying aren't you Theron Maherial he replies "I am Theron what do you want", the scout tells him that Bann Teagon orders all Grey Wardens to return to Redcliffe.

Draven, Neria, Sten and Wynne are on there way back but wondering where to meet the others then they confront Bodhan, Sandal and Aidan's dog BARKSPAWN and Bodhan tells the group "The funny fellow Alistair said to go to Redcliffe and I got some bad news the Darkspawn have attacked Lothering I was told not many made it out in time". So the group goes to Redcliffe, within a day they see Alistair, Aidan and Leliana they learn what has happened and Draven recognized Jowan in the background grabs him yelling at him "Were you involved in this Jowan if you are I swear I'll..". Wynne calms him down "Draven even though what happened was not his whole fault remember Loghain ordered him to".

Teagon sends him back to the cell, wondering what to do next one of the guards mention that "The Ashes of Andrastate can heal the Arl". Teagon thinking it can work but no one knows where it the Ashes are, one of Eamons soldiers return saying he barely got out in time but said he was hired by The Chantry to watch Brother Genitivi, he found where the Ashes are and in Ferelden. But the cult who protected killed anyone who tried to seek it. Teagon asks Alistair and said "Alisatir I beg you can you go seek the Ashes out old friend", Alistair replies "Anything for the Arl".

Teagon told him "you can only bring 3 others with you just in case" so Alistair requests Aidan to join him which he agrees, Leliana goes due to having to involved with Andrastate, Duran, Faren, Morrigan and Oghren arrive the dwarves are too tired from walking and Morrigan says "they seem to be tired". Alistair thinks having Aidan and Leliana is good enough, Draven decides to go but Morrigan wants to go thinking it'll be fun mocking Leliana if Andrastates Ashes are not there Draven lets her go before she goes he gives her a black Grimoure turns out to be "1" of Flemeths true grimoures which she reads for a bit.
Alistair takes the wounded soldiers map and leaves with Aidan, Leliana and Morrigan Draven decides to stay with his best friend Neria trying to confort her from what she saw back in the Circle and most her other friends were killed or worse. Draven holds onto her saying "It's going to be ok I promise everything will be ok", which she replied back "You really think everything is going to be alright Draven The Circle almost got destroyed, we got an Archdemon to slay and unite Ferleden against Loghain".

While in Denerim Loghain is informed by Arl Howe that there are Grey Wardens who survived Otagar and plans to "deal" with them but finds out one of the Wardens description matches Aidan Cousland. The messenger said "One of the Warden wants you to have this"(which is the Cousland crest on the necklace) Howe laughs saying "So Bryce Couslands brat still lives, he thinks he can kill me, I'm the Arl of Denerim, Arl of Ameranthine now Teryn of Highever". Loghain telling Howe "Be grateful I send troops to help you take over Highever and thanks for telling me that Bryce was going to join the Orliasions"(false ofcourse). Howe brings in Zeveran an assassin from the Antivan Crows saying "Antivan Crows are the best assassin", Zeveran intterupts him saying "And the most expensive but we get the job done" Loghain decides to send him to "deal with the Wardens".

The film ends before the credits you can see Alistair and Aidan talking to one another Alistair asking "What do you think of Leliana", Aidan replies "what do you mean Alistair". Alisatir tells him "I mean WHAT do you think of her." He continues saying "Like I seen what you did back at the castle you risked your own life to save Connor and what did you said to her before you went into the Fade I'm doing this Because I don't want you to get hurt"(impersonating his voice). Before it goes into the credits you hear a punch and Alistair saying "That hurt".

Part 3:Dragon Age Origins- The Landsmeet, 2 hours 45 minutes
The film will Focus on saving Arl Eamon, Calling a Landsmeet, Anora getting kidnapped by Arl Howe (which Aidan leaves to "pay him a visit"). Aidan pulling a prison break after getting arrested for murdering Howe.

The main song for the 3rd film will be Awake and Alive by Skillet

The group arrive in Hevan finding it abandoned before they leave they hear music inside the Church which Morrigan saying "Sure go to the Church in an abandoned village souds swell". They go into the church, everyone seems to be dead turns out they comitted suicide during the ceremony, Alistair finds a wierd relic alongside Brother Genetivi who unlocks the secret door that leads into the mountains. Aidan talks to Alistair saying "I'm sorry for hitting you no hard feelings", Alisatir responds "no harm done you know I was only joking right, about the whole thing about you and her right" Aidan changes the subject right away.

Meanwhile Faren, Neria, Draven decide to go check out a expedition that didn't come back yet for over 2-3 days, Theron wanted to go but couldn't due to his injury from the previous film so Duran and Kallian decided to stay with him. They confront a frightened lady saying she needs help but turns out she is an Antivan Crow and gives Zeveran a nod which he looks at his clan saying "The Grey Wardens DIE here". Which leads to a battlewe all know they kill all but Zeveran, which he claims "I was paid to kill not to keep my mouth shut (laughing after he finished syaing it)".

Zeveran explains he was hired by Arl Rendon Howe to kill ALL surviving Grey Wardens except for Alistair and Aidan, Faren asking Zeveran "What does Aidan have to with this", Zevran replies "Loghain doesn't want him the one whom hired me does Arl Howe saying he a GIFT for him". Neria asking Zeveran "Why did Loghain and Howe hire you and why", Draven tells her right away "because Loghain does not want anybody stopping him from taking Ferelden even if it means killing his best friends son".

Zeveran makes a "Deal" with them saying "I can make you Wardens a deal I can give the information about what's going on in Denerim, how do I know this I spied on them incase they try to double cross The Crows in exchange for me aiding you against the Blight". Draven talks to his group saying "he tried to kill us and wants us to let him join us", Zeveran makes a remark saying "I can hear you perfectly" Duran decides to end the arguement by letting him join them saying "He knows how to get in Denerim and the castles so we can't get caught, also we need another rogue in our group".

An hour (claiming) they've been walking in the mountains Morrigan makes a sarcastic remark saying "lovely we can freeze to death while looking for the bones of a mad woman". Aidan tells the group to stop (a Dragon behind them) Morrigan shoots it with her staff, starting the fight against the High Dragon. Aidan orders Genetivi to get somewhere safe just in case while they fight the High Dragon they confront a guy named Kolgrim who wants to make a deal with them. Kolgrims claims that the Dragon is the reincarnated Andrastate telling them "We shall let you go into the Final Resting place of Andrastate and pour this Dragon blood into her ashes so Andrastate can rise again.

Alistair, Leliana tell Aidan not to trust them, Aidan tells Alistair and Leliana that he has to do it because they're outmatched and can kill them later. Not long later they enter into Andrastates Temple confronting "The Guardian" whom protects the Ashes talks to the group saying "why are you here", which Alistair replies "We are here to save Arl Eamon of Redcliffe and to see Andrastates final resting place". He tells them "In order to to see and grab a pinch of Andrastates Ashes you must prove yourself worthy". He looks at Aidan saying "You Aidan son of Bryce Cousland of Highever you blame yourself for not being able to take your mother with you leaving her to her fate by Arl Rendon Howe knowing he will not have shown mercy do you regret not saving your mother and father Aidan".

Which he replies "Don't you think I regret it (Showing his tears) I would've gave up my life if it meant they can be saved by Howe's wrath, I miss them both so much but I know they would have wanted me to have vengance" thus passing 1 of the 3 tests. Alistair, Leliana try to confort him and The Guardian grabs Aidan sending him to a dark room and seeing himself but the other Aidan grabs his sword and run towards Aidan. The Guardian tells him "you must face you fears alone" which Aidan fights the "Other Aidan" which shows Aidan's fears but kills the other Aidan.

The Guardian tells him he has passed test 2 and must face 3 which show Aidan's father Bryce saying "My son I am very proud of you but you must not let your hatred consume you, no matter how hard life gets NEVER forget where you came from and who you are", before leaving Aidan runs towards his father yelling "Father I'm sorry I couldn't save you in time " which he replies "Stop blaming yourself son it's not your fault it was never your fault and have you seen your...".

The Guardian tells him he is worthy and Aidan takes a pinch of Andrastates Ashes, before he leaves he gives the Dragon blood to the Guardian saying "Kolgrim wanted me to pour this into the Ashes but I can not do". The Guardian tells them Kolgrim went mad 5 years prior and the High Dragon is not Andrastate so they say farwell to The Guardian and leave.

The group face Kolgrim and realizes they didn't do what he said so he orders them to die but Leliana used her bow and killed Kolgrim and other followers while Morrigan did the Walking Bomb on 3 followers. Before they can leave they face the High Dragon takes a while but they kill it not long later they do not know Aidan has a wound on him. Alistair looks at Aidan and tells him "Aidan can I talk to you", he replies in a low voice "No problem what's the matter". Alistair asks Aidan "Not trying to be an arse and all but did I hear say Howe will not harm her do you mean", (Morrigan and Leliana are ahead of them) Aidan tells Alistair quietly "Yes my friend I think I'm in love with Leli.." gets interuppted by Morrigan saying "Shall we get out of here I do not want to freeze to death and last thing I want to see if warming up with Alistair".

Before they arrive to Denrim Aidan asks the group if they can rest before he passes out from blood loss which scares the group which Leliana finds the wound which he says "We were too busy trying to save Arl Eamon and I didn't want to worry you guys". Arl Eamon soon recovers and wants to call a Landsmeet he sentence Jowan to return to the Circle for his crimes. Before they can leave Alistair and Leliana ask all the mages in the group Morrigan, Draven, Neria and Wynne if they can heal Dravens asks "What has happened" which Alistair explains what happened, Wynne warns them "We can heal him but the wound won't heal til a few days after we heal him". Skips 3 days Eamon asks the group " I only need Alistair, Teagen and Aidan the others can go explore Denrim but Wardens change your armor".

Before they enter Eamon orders Aidan "I'm sorry Cousland but you need to were this (a helmet which covers his face)", Loghain, Ser Cautherian and Arl Howe appear greeting them but Eamon argues with Loghain saying "Maric's only living son shall rule the throne not you Loghain" leads to an arguement Aidan tells them that "Don't forget Loghain you poisoned Eamon so he can' be a threat to you".

Howe looks at him yelling "Your a guard what makes you think Loghain poisoned Eamon", Aidan looks at him about to grab his sword but can't blow his cover so he drops it and but looks at Eamon and himself he says "Forgive Eamon but THAT MAN STOLE MY FATHER'S land and I'm the only one left so I demand justice". Howe laughs at him saying "SO Aidan your still alive too bad your father gave me his land before he can give it to Orlais", Aidan grabs his sword pointing towards him saying "I hope Denrim still hangs traitors to Ferelden". Cautherian looks at him saying "You must be stupid to threaten the Arl of Denerim, Amerathine and Teryn of Highever" Loghain says it's enough and leaves but Eamon tells him the throne belongs to Alistair not him.

When this was happening Duran, Faren, Draven, Neria and Leliana go look around the shops in Denerim Duran see's Gorim who is now a weaponseller who is glad to see his old comrade thinking he was killed. While Duran was catching up with Gorim Faren and Leliana talk he asks if she likes the ideal joining them to save the Blight and unite Ferelden. She tells them she wants to help save Ferelden and she no longer has a home since Lothering was destroyed by the darkspawn in the previous film, Neria accidently tells Leliana that Aidan has feelings for her which Draven, Faren get mad at her saying no one wasn't suppose to tell her.
They go to a bar called The Pearl which Zeveran tells them it's a good place which Duran thinks "If it's a bar I'm ok",Oghren agrees. When they arrive they confront a lady pirate Isabela whom recognizes Zeveran, they have a little chat then she looks saying She doesn't do groups which Morrigan says Such a whore. She looks at Draven saying I never had a mage yet, Draven being persuasive convinces her "To get to knnow each other better, if she teaches Theron and Kallian how to be a duelist". She agrees to it which she takes him somewhere private 45 minutes later Isabela teaches Kallian and Theron (well tips and pointers they have to actually find it within themselves).

Kallian takes Theron to her home in the Elven Alienage not long later which they sneak intobut find out theres a plague. Tevinter mages are in the Alienage, Kallian finds out her father is in the building so she asks Theron to sneak into the building, Kallian sees her cousin so she decides to catch up with her. Theron finds out that Loghain has been selling Elves to the Tevinters to help fund his soldiers which infurriated Theron so he killed ALL Tevinters in the building and finds out the plague is a hoax. Theron finds a letter containing those who have been sold and where they're at and Loghains crest is on the form..
Theron finds Kallian's father alive and brings him to Kallian. Theron talks to Kallian's father about that he is a Grey Warden and she is one as well, he tells him that she saved him a month back which he tells him that "You must mean a lot to my daughter". Kallian see's her father and thanks Theron for risking his own life to go save her father and 50 Elves which she gives him a kiss in return then he stares at her and telling her that he would like to be more then this which leaves to another kiss then leave to the Arl's estate.

Teagon and Eamon are mad at Aidan for what he did both tell him to stay at Eamon's estate in Denerim til the Landsmeet which is within 48 hours, while Eamon, Teagon and Alistair are talking about the Landsmeet Queen Anora's maid comes into the Estate asking for Eamon and the Grey Wardens.The maid tells Eamon and all of the Grey Wardens( except Aidan, Kallian and Theron) that Anora started to find out what really happened at Ostagar but Loghain wouldn't talk to her. So she went to go see Arl Howe to talk to him about it but didn't come back thinking Howe plans to kill her and blame the Grey Wardens for it so Loghain can win at the Landsmeet. Not knowing Aidan was in the room heard about Arl Howe kidnapping Anora decides to "pay him a visit".
Grabs his sword and shield alongside his new Grey Warden armor (The Warden Commader armor) made by Bodhan & Sandol which also bears his family crest inside the armor also the Sheld off the Sacred Ashes trailer. Arl Eamon wants 2 Grey Warden and 2 others to go rescue Anora which Alistair, Faren, Leliana and Wynne to go with the maid, before they left Kallian and Theron arrive asking where they are off to. Faren tells them they're going to go save Anora from Howe but Theron tells "Wait I thought Aidan was tasked for this we saw him 20 minutes ago saying it would be better for 1 to go save her", Alistair replies "Aidan is not there to go save her (in shocked voice) he has a score to settle".

Alistair comments to the others that is NO WAY to get in but the maid gets them guard armor which works well. On the way there they hear Aidan talking to Anora which she says she cannot leave until Howe''s mage removes the spell but gives too much info when she said Howe is in the dungeon room which he left running not seeing Alistaur, Leliana, Fren and Wynne. When they talk to Anora she warns them to stop Aidan because it's a TRAP because Howe has a "gift" for him.

When they finally catch up to Aidan within the dungeon room but find one of Howe's guards getting his neck snapped by a prisoner who turns out to be Riordan, who's Duncan's closest friend both went through there Joining's together and was at Alistair's Joining 9 months prior (meaning it's have been 3 months since the Battle of Ostagar). Who explains to them that the Empress of Orlais was worried about the Grey Wardens and Calin which he gives documents showing Calin was indeed having an affair with Empress Celiene of Orlais with her and Calin's crest to show she can bring more Warden's to help fight the Blight. Due to what happened at Ostagar Orlais thought it would be best to send 1.

When Alistair see's Aidan he tries to tell them they need to keep Howe alive so they can win the Landsmeet and to prove he tried to kill Anora. Who would then try frame the Warden's but realizes his armor asking in a jealous voice "Where did you get that armor", which Aidan replied "Bodhan and Sandol they made 1 for each of us, they're in your rooms in the Arl's estate".
Faren tells Aidan that revenge will not bring him happiness but more pain, which looked like he was going to accept it but then heard some yelling which he tells them to go save the victims while he went to go see Howe. Before he left Leliana went to kiss Aidan saying in a shy voice "that's for good luck to make sure you come back alive". The group saved the remaining victims 3 were son's, daughters of Nobleman who will help to give Alistair the throne.
When they hear Howe talking then Aidan breaks the door which Howe replies in a mannered voice "my, my Bryce Cousland's little boy still wanting to play slay the darkspawn", which leaves to a little dialouge. Howe then tells his mage to mass paralysis his allies saying it's between him and Aidan but before he accepted Aidan's fight to the death he tells Aidan in a villainy voice "I have a gift for you boy". Turns out to be Aidan's mother who has survived the takingof Highever but was tortured thenafter she begged her son not to killHowe since he knew where Fergus was (Aidan's brother). Howe told Aidan you got 2 options boy 1 Bow down to me I shall spare your mother and I will tell you where your brother is, 2 if not your mother will die.

Aidan was going to bow down but Aidan's mother grabs Howe's mage and kills him but Howe then slits her throat saying "Don't worry your son will be with you soon". Which Aidan in shock looking and holding his mother's body starts to cry then grabs his sword and shield telling Howe "YOU HAVE TAKEN EVERYTHING FROM ME, LET'S FINISH THIS HOWE YOU AND ME"! Which he laughs saying "Your father would be very proud of you, I on the other hand WANT YOU DEAD more then ever". They have a 4 minute fight then Howe mentions how he killed Oriana and Oren (Aidan's sister in-law and nephew) saying he raped her making her watch as he ordered his guards to kill the boy.

Aidan gets a flashack of Oghren telling him how to be a Beserker which makes you unleash you anger out in battle going beserk which he triggers(goes all Luke Skywalker off Return of the Jedi where he fights Vader after Vader threated Luke syaing if Luke doesn't turn to the the darkside perhaps Leia sould). Dropping his shield and runs towards Howe who is ready for him. Aidan throws a knife to distract Arl Howe but deflects then Aidan keeps attacking Arl Howe who is still blocking then finally gets Howe in the chest yelling to him"You shall die by the last remaining Cousland of HIGHEVER and THIS IS FOR MY FATHER AND FOR MY MOTHER". Before he dies he says "I should have deserved more... Hope you die by Loghains hands..." before finishing what he was going to say Aidan grabs his sword stabs him in the heart then twists it grabbing his father's Teryn ring from the corpse of Arl Howe. Before leaving he see's his mother still has her's and takes it promising he will return to give her a proper funeral.

Alistair is disguted by what Aidan and told him "Aidan why did you kill Howe he could have been useful but you took your personal life and F-ING murder him, Once your a Grey Warden you don't have your old life anymore".
Aidan tells him "Alistair you weren't there what he did he butchered my father's Kingdom leaving NO ONE ALIVE, I had to deal with this for 3 DAMN months and you knew I was not going to let anyone get in my way".
Alistair tells hims that he lost his respect for what he did but Aidan tells him "Your brother Calin said I have the right to kill Howe and said as long I had proof he killed my family which I do have proof killed my MOTHER in cold blood".

Alistair and Aidan argue but Leliana stops the arguement by saying they have to save Anora, they rescue Anora before they can leave Ser Cautherian is blocking the way out with ALOT of guards telling them "Grey Wardens by order of Loghain and Denerim you are ALL under arrest for the murder of Arl Howe". Aidan argues with her saying "Are you blind he MURDERED MY MOTHER IN COLD BLOOD I DID IT FOR VENGENCE", she tells him "Your a Cousland aren't you oh I didn't know I'm sorry your under arrest for Howe's death, The Couslands are TRAITORS to Ferelden for allying with Orlais".

Aidan looks at his friends Faren, Leliana, Wynne and Alistair and telling her "Arrest me ONLY they had nothing to do with Howe's death let them go they tried to stop me but I let my anger get the best of me, I am begging you please let them go". Cautherian says "Agreed come with me then" (removing his weapons and her guards carry him away) he tells the group "You must go (giving Leliana a kiss) I will return".
Faren, Wynne and Alistair are shocked at what he did Faren looks at Alistair saying "Hope your happy bastard prince he gave his life for us mostly Leliana and you due being the bastard son of a dead King and all to be honest Alistair I would have did the same what he did that man killed HIS MOTHER right in front of him I would have stopped at nothing if that happened to my mother".

2 hours later Anora, Alistair, Faren, Leliana and Wynne return Arl Eamon looks at them saying "Well job now we have a chance to win the Landsmeet" . Kallian and Theron have proof Loghain sold elves from the Alienage to support his troops, wait there 8 Grey Wardens who have came with us and there is only 7 of you now. Anora tells Eamon "Eamon the 8th Warden appears to be Bryce and Elanor Couslands youngest, he WAS suppose to RESCUE ME but once I have mentioned Howe he fled before I even finished talking Cautherian ordered ALL of US for Howe's death Aidan took the blame and is in Fort Drakon".

Draven and Neria mention how about rescuing him but Eamon says it's too risky saying the Wardens need to stay here. Skips to Fort Drakon Aidan wakes up in a prison cell and decides to get out by faking he's dying kills the guard takes the armor takes his gear. He confronts a gurad asking what the password is but tells him he is new and does not know which he complains "Rookies", when he is halfway there he confronts Loghain asking him "Where is the Warden who have slain Arl Howe", which he tells him he had escaped not 2 hours ago which leaves an alarm but manages to escape.

Aidan returns to the Estate tired telling them "I have ran from Fort Drakon to the
shopping district". Eamon is mad at Aidan for killing Howe saying he could have been useful to them for proof he was going to kill Anora. Eamon forgives him after hearing Howe slit Elanor's throat in front of him. Anora returns to her room asking to talk to the Grey Wardens except for Alistair, she explains to the Wardens they have 4 options and only she will join and support them if they don't agree on option 2.

1. Make her rule Ferelden due to being Calin's widow
2. Alistair rule Ferelden due to being Maric's son
3. Her and Alistair marry for Anora is Queen and Alistair, Calins brother and keeping the bloodline pure.
4. She marries Aidan due to being a noble from Highever and make Loghain feel
betrayed for marrying his best friends killer.

Draven agrees on 3, Neria 1, Faren 2, Kallian 3, Theron 3, Duran 4, Aidan 3 saying he is already has his eyes on someone, Anora is 3 years older then him and thinks he is too young to get married especially if he barely knows her. Anora agrees she will marry Alistair, but she said she can only marry him IF he agrees to it. Alistair feels betrayed by this but agrees to it if it means to keep peace in Ferelden. Before they leave Bodhan gave the Wardens armor and Weapons made from him and Sandol they have made for them since they saved them and let them aid them.

Theron got a Dalish Studded Leather Grey Warden Armor, Grey Warden dual blades
Kallian Same as Theron, Grey Warden Sword and Bow
Alistair same as Aidan's but has Marics famly crest on it but the crest is Silver,
Duran and Faren Dwarven Heavy Armor with a Grey Warden symbol on the left arm,
Duran has a Grey Warden 2 handed sword(Actually 1 handed but due to height)
Faren, 2 Dwareven Grey Warden Swords
Draven and Neria got Grey Warden Robes with the symbol in the middle, Grey Warden staff for both

Eamon tells the others that only Aidan, Alistair and 2 others can go to the Landsmeet Kallian and Duran go with them. Before they go Riordan returns asking after the Landsmeet he NEEDS to talks to the 8 Grey Wardens, which they agree. When the arrive to the Landsmeet Cautherian shows up looking at Aidan in disgut saying how could he have escaped Fort Drakon which is impossible to escape then fights them but loses and gets killed by Kallian.
The Landsmeet starts Loghain looks at Aidan telling them "This is the ONE whom slain Arl Rendon Howe".

Aidan tells him Howe killed his mother Elanor in cold blood which a tortued nobleman from before tells the Landsmeet "Howe tortued me and I saw from my own eyes he did kill Teryna Cousland", the nobles are in disgut because it was Loghain who gave Howe the Arl of Denerim rank. Loghain tells them it was Howe's fault but Eamon tells them he POISONED him, sold Elves from the Alienage to Teventirs and was the one who send troops to the Highever massacre. The Wardens win the Landsmeet but a guard says "Empress Celiene of Orlais is here", which disguts Loghain she appears telling them where is Calin.

Eamon tells her Calin died not 3 months ago at the Battle of Ostagar and asks why is she in Ferelden she says she has 2 reasons. 1 she wanted to talk to Calin, 2 she has papers of her and him which involves a new way for Ferelden and Orlais to have a pernament partnership. Which Anora reads which proves Calin was having an affair with her but asks why would he do it, Celiene said Anora couldn't bare Calin's child due to being "30".

The fight stops and Loghain challenges the Grey Wardens to lead Ferelden against the Blight which Alistair says He will fight him but Loghain says the one who actually is the leader which looks at Aidan. Loghain taunts him saying "Fight me boy you know you want to I am the one who gave the troops to Howe to murder your family, I am the one you want to fight". Aidan removes his helmet grabs his sword and shield has a 5 minute duel with Loghain get the upper hand then Aidan and Loghain have the classic Last Shot scene both run towards each other dropping their shields Loghain gets mortally wounded yeilding which Aidan accepts but Loghain asks for honarable death which Aidan does. Before Loghain dies he says I'm sorry Maric for leaving your son to die and for not realizing the true threat of Ferelden.

Film ends with Anora saying she will marry Alistair after the Blight has ended so the bloodline will still be pure then Eamon asks the Grey Wardens to meet him in Redcliffe so they know where they can gather there army. Before the credits starts some darkspawn attack Redcliffe. After credits Morrigan slays Flemeth in her sleep sorry didn't have enough time to do this part. After the credits Aidan is carrying his mother's ring and wearing his father's as a neckalce, Oghren and Wtnne see Aidan. Oghren see's the ring and asks him if he is gonna propose to Leliana but tells Oghren and a Wynne "When the time is right I will and maybe after we kill the Archdemon"

Dragon Age Origins- The Ultimate Sacrifice or The Final Battle
2 hours and 30 minutes the film will have the biggest battle then the previous films also 1 or 2 main characters will DIE in the film to mkae sure not ALL characters will make it out alive
This film focus on a bit of the Battle of Redcliffe, the meaning of WHY the Grey Wardens are needed to slay the Archdemon, Morrigan makes an offer to the HUMAN male Wardens Alistair, Aidan and Draven so NO Warden will need to die in the final battle. The Final Battle begins who will make the Ultimate Sacrifice

The final film will have 2 main songs the film opens with
Time of Dying by Three Days Grace

During the Credits
The Chosen Ones: Dream Evil

The film opens with the 8 Grey Wardens arriving in Redcliffe but find in horror Redcliffe has been attacked the battle is 10 minutes lomg. After the battle ends Eamon, Teagon and Riordan let them in the castle. They got the army Dwarves of Orzammar, The Dalish Elves, Mages from the Circle, Anora sends Soldiers from Loghains Land which will agree to help since what Loghain did at Ostagar.

Riordan asks the 8 Wardens to go see him in his room after they talk to Arl Eamon, Teagon is surprised Alistair won the Landsmeet and will be King after the Blight ends. Duran talks to Faren telling him he is glad to have him in the Grey Wardens and considers him a brother since he outsmarted the Council in Orzammar and convinced himself to be king as well after the Blight ends.
Theron talks to Kallian asking her when they survived the Blight maybe he can go live with her in the Alienage since he can't find his Dalish clan (At Free Marches) which she thinks is a good idea. Turns out Denerim is going to be endanger because the Whole Darkspawn army will be there within 3-4 days.
Eamon orders the Soliders to get ready will leave the following morning, he tells the Grey Wardens to go rest for the night.

Neria goes to a quiet Draven she thanks him for being a friend and being there for each other. Which he tells her "Neria you are the closest thing to a family to me since I was taken I was 4 when I was taken, I consider family and your like a little sister to me". They have a little sibling moment then agree they both finish the Circle of Magi after the Blight then do Grey Warden stuff. Alistair talks to Aidan who is holding his mother and father's rings (meaning his father gave him his ring to represent the Teryn title) looking at them talking to himself .
"Father if you can hear me I was too late to save mother, I atleast slayed the bastard who killed you and mother I promise I will find Fergus after the Blight ends". Alistair has a talk with his friend telling him he is sorry for blacking out at him at he killed Arl Howe saying "I am truly sorry Aidan, I should have known that there was going to be NO way to convince you to spare Arl Howe but I'm truly sorry for what I said before the Landsmeet".

Aidan replies saying it's no harm since he didn not mean to say it then they have a bromance hug. Then the 8 Grey Wardens go see Riordan who tells them "Why do you think we NEED a Grey Warden to slay the Archdemon", Kallian being sarcastic "To make sure that anybody can slay an Archdemon". Riordan tells them "the reason we need to slay the Archdemon ourselves is because when an Archdemon is slain his essence will go to the closest to the taint which will go to the Grey Warden who slayed him and the essence will kill the One does the final blow, if Duncan may have not told you 8 the other Wardens will die within 30 years". Alistair in shock saying "Whomever slays the Archdemon dies so which of us shall do this", the others wondering who should make the sacrifice Riordan decides who has the shorstest twig will make the sacrifice.

Riordan brings in 9 twigs he takes the 5th smallest, Alistair grabs a twig it's medium, Duran the longest, Kallian the 2nd biggest, Theron the 3rd biggest, Faren the 4th smallest, Neria grabs the 2nd smallest, Draven the 3rd smallest. Aidan grabs the last twig which is the smallest so he must make the Ultimate Sacrifice shows him looking at the twig saying "It has been an honor working with you guys" (leads the group to telling him the same and giving him a hug). Riordan see's this and says "Aidan Cousland I will make the final blow due to the fact I am the Eldest member of the Grey Wardens the taint within me will give me a faster and painless death after I slay the Archdemon".

He tells the rest of the Wardens to go get some rest when Aidan was going to his room Alistair and Draven wanted to talk to him. Aidan wanted to go get some rest right when he opens the door Morrigan is sitting on the bed saying "Ah I have been waiting for you 3" which Alistair says "I have a bad feeling about this" (Star Wars reference), Morrigan makes an offer to Aidan, Draven and Alistair who already knew why the Grey Wardens are needed to slay the Archdemon, but admits if she told them they would not believe her.The offer is"1" must do a ritual with her to concieve a child with her, which Alistair quickly replies "Ok I am out of here"(he is about to leave but Morrigan uses her magic to shut it) she asks to explain.

She explains that if a Grey Warden can concieve a child with her the night before the death of the Archdemon who ever slays the Arcdemon will not die and the essence will go within the child. Which Alistair makes a sarcastic remark "What's worse having a quick painless death after slaying the Archdemon or have a child with Morrigan and surviving the Blight then marry Anora and become King". Morrigan tells the 3 that after the death of the Archdemon she will leave and demands NO ONE shall follow her amd will raise the child ALONE.
Alistair leaves saying he is going to married to his former sister in-law who will be his wife within a couple weeks which Morrigan makes a remark saying if he does this it can help during "there honeymoon" Alistair gets a disguting look then does a quick I'll think about it face. Leaves Morrigan saying "Please don't tell me you were not thinking about it you fool I was joking I would rather do this with that drunk dwarf then you".

After that Alistair decides to do this to piss off Morrigan, then Aidan says he is already with Leliana so whats the use and what "IF" if it does not work. Morrigan insures it will work so she needs to know who will do it and told Aidan that if "She" was here should would maybe let him do it if it meant to save his life. Morrigan forgot that it cannot be 2 mages to do the ritual, claiming the chance of a child to concieve is pretty low so Draven leaves.
Aidan and Alistair left wondering who is gonna do it before Draven left Aidan asked in a low voice incase I do this can you well put Leliana to sleep by using magic to do, which he will do. Morrigan gives them 1 question saying how old is she the closest gets to leave while the loser does the ritual. Both answer the question both got it right then Morrigan gets sick of it and shoots a speel at both Alistair notices right away delfects it, while Aidan gets hit gets up telling Alistair he'll do it. In confusion Alistair asks what happened Morrigan used a seduce spell explaining when they were talking and who delfect it goes who didn't stayed but Alistair asked what if both got hit, Morrigan tells him to leave.

Scene goes to Morrigan walking towards Aidan and blows the candle like in the game, skips to the morning which Aidan wakes up feeling like he got hit in the chest and see's Morrigans hand on him thinking WTF happened and tried to get his arm off her and accidently threw her off the bed. Aidan is freaking out asking what happened Morrigan explains to him but mad that he threw her off which he is explaining it was an accident. After the explaination Aidan leaves to go see the rest of the group he goes to see Leliana but is disguted with him since he slept with Morrigan the others are trying to explain to her why he did but refused to believe them and said after the battle she and Aidan are done and does not want to see him again. Alistair gets a new armor wirthy of a King made by Bodhan did another for him since he is going to be King gives him a Gold armor with his family's Crest on it replacing the gold on the graving with Silver.

Skips to the group arriving to Denerim 3 days later and the Darkspawn guard the main gate the army re-claim the gate. Riordan orders Alisatir that ONLY the Grey Wardens and the Witch (Morrigan) can go kill the Archdemons 2 generals while he distracts the Archdemon well wound it enough for them get the final blow. The group say there goodbyes to the party Aidan tries to tell Leliana asking her forgivness but refuses and asks "1" last kiss before he leaves which she refuses but Aidan tells her "If your not going to I'm gonna" kisses her and leaves. The party leave Sten and Oghren of the army when they Wardens leave, which they accept Alisatir tells Aidan to give Anora a ring incase he doesn't make it but Aidan grabs his friend saying "You guys are the closest thing to a family to me we are going to kill this Archdemon and save Thedas" which gives Alistair confidence.

Riordan confronts the Archdemon Urthemiel he fights it on top of Fort Drakon, before the Archdemon can flee Riordan climbs on him stabbing him in the back and on the right wing. Losing balace Riordan wounds the wing completly so it can't fly but dies from falling off the Archdemon. Duran thinks it is best if they split they can get the general faster, which they agree to Group A: Alistair, Faren, Neria and Theron go and Morrigan go together leaving to the Alienage roup B: Aidan with Duran, Draven, Kallian to go find the closest general in the market district. Group B: find 1 of the generals the group have a 6 minute fight Kallian slays the general while Faren save Aisan from a Ogre while Theron kills the archers. They deicde to go join the others as soon as they can.

While the party are defending the front gate they have a 9 minute battle Oghren unleashes his beserker mode killing an Ogre, Leliana snipes with her bow killing the archers and close Darkspawn. Sten admits that the Front Gates are fully protected and send word to the Grey Wardens. Group A: are outnumbered and Group B: arrives within a few miutes and have a 12 minute battle, before they leave the Archdemon (During Riordan was fighting him) broke the bridge so they cannot turn back. They go in Fort Drakon they find Riordans corpse and Aidan takes his Grey Warden sword to honor the fallen Grey Warden.

They fight and slay ALOT of Darkspawn they take a 4 minute break to get back there energy Neria (due to being the youngest of the group) asks if they are going to make it. Draven tells her they are indeed are going to survie which gives her hope, Duran tells Faren that no matter what they are going to live and tell stories of this after they get back from Orzammar, but Faren tells him he has no home once he return to Orzzamar but Duran tells he can live with them and tells him that Faren's sister is having Bhelens son which gives them the chance to live in his Estate.

They are about to enter to the final door to the top of Fort Drakon they see Sandol around him are dead Darkspawn and a dead Ogre behind him the group don't even ask what happened. They get equipment to help them fight the Archdemon and give Sandol some gear incase more arrive. The 8 Grey Wardens and Morrigan confront the Archdemon Theron see's Catapults orders Neria, Draven, Morrigan and Kallian to go and shoot towars the Archdemon due to him paying attention to himself, Aidan, Faren, Duran and Alistair while they can shoot at it.

The battle is a good 25 minutes plus dialouge, during the battle the Archdemon unleashes a fire blast goes to the sky and fades. Within a minute later Neria is hit which Draven runs towards her carrying his "sister" trying to use magic to heal her but tells Draven "Brother promise me you will kill that thing and I'll always love you as a brother I'll be with the others and take care of the others for me". Draven promises and kisses her on the forehead as she died Draven shows his tears crying WHY did it have to be her, forcing him to use blood magic he manages to freeze the Archdemon but is getting a bleeding nose telling the others to keep shooting and fighting only has 2 minutes.

After the 2 minutes Draven passes out DOES NOT DIE but Faren risks his life for Duran but Faren breaks both of his legs and is forced to leave the battle from his wound Morrigan suffers an injury during the process leaving Aidan, Alistair, Kallian, Theron and Duran to fight. Aidan see's the weakspot on the Archdemon ( the right wing) telling Theron to use his bow to shoot at it while the others fight it and when he yells Aidan orders the group to stay with the others when the time is right. The Achdemon finds out of the plan hits Theron cracking his ribs forcing him to be in Morrigan's barrier, Duran manages to stab the Archdemon on the side but gets whipped by it's tale breaking his left arm which Kallian grabs him and puts him in the barrier.

Alistair, Aidan and Kallian are left in the battle Aidan asks Alistair to do the "The Holy Smite" which he agrees to use manages to get the Archdemon in the eyes, Kallian stabs it in the chest but misses the Dragon's heart. Kallian gets burned but survives the blast Aidan tells Alistair to go stay in the Barrier and take Kallian to safety. Aidan has a 6 minute battle with the Archdemon, he finds ALL of it's injuries goes after the Archdemon. But the Archdemon hits Aidan and ends up breaking Aidan's family Sword in half, Aidan throws the broken sword to his allies in the barrier so it can be repaired later. Draven wakes up seeingAidan fighting the Archdemon alone he decides to join the battle again to avenge his "sister" Neria, Draven see's the Archdemon protecting his left side which gives him the chance to use his magic on the giant Dragon.

Draven summons Lightning in the sky strikes the Archdemon on it's wound and the Archdemon falls but he yells at Aidan to strike the final blow on the Archdemon. Aidan drops his shield before he strikes the final blow he throws a ring to Draven telling him "Incase I do not make it and promise me you will give it to her", Draven looks at the ring and nods. Aidan runs towards the Archdemon using Riordan's sword he stabs the Archdemon from the neck to its chest does the final blow on the Archdemon yelling "FOR FERELDEN AND FOR THE GREY WARDEN'S". The moment he the killing blow a bright light came around both Aidan and the Archdemon, the darskpawn soon retreat from the battle confrming the Blight is over before it can even begin.

Arl Eamon narrates the moment after the battle soldiers carrying the dead giving them a farewell, The Grey Wardens soon wake up. Morrigan was gone the moment Aidan killed the Archdemon, Draven grabs Neria's body carrying the body out of Fort Drakon. The other party members who were defending the front gate arrive to see what has happened seeing Draven cholding a dead Neria, Duran asks Oghren for help to carry Faren who broke both legs. Draven goes to Leliana and gives her Aidan's ring (actually Aidan's mother's ring) meaning he did not make it. Alistair conforts Leliana Draven goes to find Aidan's body but finds Aidan's family sword which is holds on to it, he finds there comrade looking like he died a hero Draven tries to wake him up but fails.The whole party see Aidan's body have a moment for both Neria and Aidan to their sacrifice to end the Archdemon (screen turns black).

A few days after the Blight ended the Grey Warden's are in Denerim honoring the Grey Warden's for risking there lives to end the Blight. Before the ceremony started Draven is telling someone to hurry up the ceremony is going to start soon (only showing the back of that character). The unknown character is revealled to be Aidan confirming the ritual worked asking Draven "Well I would have been ready if I wasn't in a 2 day coma", Draven tells him "just because you killed the Archdemon doesn't mean you can have a 2 day nap I never got that".

Aidan tells Draven that he is sorry about Neria, Draven tells him as long is she is happy, Aidan tells him he'll dedicate the ceremony to those who have died to end this Blight. Duran and Faren arrive Aidan wonders how is Faren walking Draven mentions he and Wynne healed him and those who were wounded or broken limbs. Theron and Kallian arrive Kallian still has the burn mark on her left arm Kallian is glad her friend is alive and asks how did he survive and Riordan said a Grey Warden who kills the Archdemon dies. Aidan explains to the others and is glad he does not remember what happened that night.

The Ceremony starts Alistair and Anora congratulates Aidan for slaying the Archdemon and is the 1st person to slay an Archdemon and survives the battle. Alistair gives Aidan the rank of Hero of Ferelden. Aidan stands calling the other 5 Wardens and says I did not do this alone they were 9 Grey Wardens who fought the Archdemon and 7 only survived so consider the remaining Grey Wardens Heroes of Ferelden. Alistair approves of the ideal and declares "1" favor from him each Duran and Faren ask for troops to come to Orzammar to retake some Thaigs Alistair thinks it can help decrease Darkspawn. Kallian asks if the Alienage can have a Bann in the Alienage in Denerim, asked for better treatment of her people which he grants, Theron asks if the Dalish can have some of there old land back which he grants.

Draven asks if Neria can have a proper funeral and remove the Right of Anullment in Ferelden, Alistair said he'll have to talk to the Chantry about it but can promise Neria have a Grey Warden funeral. Aidan just asks to help the new King which Alistair declares him Chancellor and gives Highever back to his family, the new Teryn will be his older brother Fergus who was lucky to be found in the Korcari Wilds by Chasinds and Amerathine is the new Grey Warden base in Ferelden.

The 6 remaing Grey Wardens talk to there family members Theron and Kallian go see her father Cyrion who is glad what his daughter did and says her mother would be very proud of her. Theron tells Kallian that he is going to Amerathine to help the Grey Wardens get more recruits and new base.
Duran talks to Gorim who tells him his father would be proud of him, which he tells Gorim he is going back to Orzammar because he is King.

Faren visits his sister Rica who tells her older brother that him and Duran are now Paragons, her son is named Edrin named after Duran's father but Faren tellshis sister that he would be glad to return to Orzammar but is going to Amerathine to help rebuild the Grey Wardens.

Draven see's his mentor First Enchanter Irving who tells him he is indeed proud of him and Neria for saving Ferleden and the Circle but is sad that Neria did not survive the Blight. Irving tells right away he can go join the Wardens in Amerathine to help rebuild the Grey Wardens.

Aidan see's his older brother Fergus who tells him "When I heard my little brother is not only a Grey Warden but led Ferelden to battle the Archdemon and still lives, I am very sorry I didn't get to fight with you like I promised little brother, I am indeed glad you are alright". Aidan asks his brother where was he the entire time Fergus tells him he was injured and didn't heal til after the Blight ended. Aidan tells him what Howe did to them, but Fergus told him "Don't worry little brother your girlfriend told me everything brother I am only glad that you killed that son of a b***h traitor". Aidan tells him, what happened to the family sword but Fergus shows him the sword reforged telling him "Your friends Bodhan and Sandol repaired it and upgraded the family shield as well".

Aidan tells his brother he will return to Highever but will leave after 2 weeks he going to Amerathine to rebuild the Grey Wardens and The First Warden gave him the rank of Warden Commander of Ferelden. Aidan goes see Leliana asking her if Draven gave her his mother's ring, which she tells him he did and if he did survive she would say yes. Draven also tells him "Aidan you owe me 6 soveriegns", which he asks what for Draven tells him "You survived and you bet 6 soveriegns you wouldn't".

Alistair talks to his remaining Grey Wardens telling them they are going to regret it for making him marry Anora then jokes about it. Faren tells him "look at the bright side Alistair, when you guys go for your honeymoon she is going to be more surprised then you"(meaning he is still a virgin).

The film ends with slides showing what happened after

Redcliffe: Arl Eamon gave the title to his brother Teagon, Arl Eamon moves to his estate in Denerim, his son Connor goes to the Circle years later he passes his harrowing becoming a full mage.

Orzammar: Duran becomes a successful King with Faren, Gorim and Lord Harrowmont on his side helping him, Alistair kept his word sending troops help with the Deep Roads several Thaigs have reclaimed by Orzammar. Duran will eventually marry having 2 sons Trian and Duncan. Faren goes to Amerathine to rebuild the Grey Wardens he ends up having 1 child with a dwarf naming his daughter Neria in honor of his fallen comrade.

Deep Roads: After the Blight King Alistair sends troops to help regain some of there abandoned Thaigs within 4 years 8 Thaigs have been reclaimed, Darkspawn have somehow dissappeared rumors have it the Darkspawn went to Amerathine (Awakening).

Dalish Elves: After the Blight King Alistair gave his word most of the land that was taken from the Dalish was returned. The Dalish were glad they have some of there land back.

Sacred Ashes: After the Ashes saved Arl Eamon the Ashes have became more famous and rumor has it that those who searched for it and did not return were killed for not worthy enough to see her Ashes.

Denerim: Alistair would spend a great deal of time at court, showing willingness to learn the art of governing, and ruling fairly (he marries Anora as well and his willingness to listen surprises her). He would prove quite popular, with his humor and grace winning them over as much as his willingness to sneak out of the castle and mingle in the lower-class taverns.
They rule together both in matters of court and law, and both making personal appearances together, supervising the reconstruction process, meeting the enthusiastic approval of the people to the point where it was considered that the chaos of the civil war and the landsmeet were worth it for delivering such beloved monarchs.

The Circle of Magi: The Circle is eventually rebuild they dedicated the new Circle of Magi Tower to those who have died fighting the Blight the most recgonizable dedication is from the late Neria Surana. Draven will return to the Tower to put flowers on Neria's grave every year of the anniversary of her death. Draven goes to Amerathine with fellow comrades Aidan Cousland, Theron Maherial, Kallian Tabris and Faren Brosca.

The Grey Wardens: After the Grey Wardens victory against the 5th Blight The First Warden of Weisshaupt promoted Aidan Cousland Warden Commander of Ferelden replacing Duncan who died at the Battle of Ostagar. The 5 remaining Grey Wardens were rank Senior Grey Wardens (Meaning 1st Officer or 1-2 rank(s) before Comannder).

Grey Warden Allies: Wynne returned to help rebuild the Tower of Magi and will stories to the younger mages of how she helped 2 of her students who were Grey Wardens who slayed the Archdemon.
Sten returned to his Qunari land telling his superior not to invade Ferelden one of his comrades tell them of another land where there is no one in charge (meaning Kirkwall).
Oghren went on to meet an old flame from the surface and joins King Alistairs Army as the General some bet they could out drink but would rather redo the training then lift another mug.
Zeveran went to go kill most of his Crow allies and eventaully fled Ferleden (Kirkwall) after 4 years fighting and hiding.
Leliana went on to help her ally Alistair about how to "woo" Anora, some advice eventaually scarred Alistair asking If what she said were even possible or human.
Morrigan is last seen traveling west through the FrostbackMountains, possibly with child

Heroes of Ferelden

Aidan Cousland becomes King Alistair's right hand, returns to Highever with his brother they spend 2 weeks cleaning it. Leliana appears to see where Aidan lived his whole life, Fergus was glad his little brother found someone. 4 months later Aidan got a letter from Weisshaupt telling him he is now Warden Commander of Ferelden, before leaving he asks Leliana if she would marry him after he return which she agrees on. Aidan says his farewell to Fergus and Leliana before leaving.

Duran Aeducan becomes King of Orzammar, with King Alistair's troop the regained some of the abanoned Thaigs in the Deep Roads. He gave ALL Commoners a place to live giving 2 of his families Thaigs to live in. The council tried to Assassinate him but all failed when Lord Harrowmont became pale and sick. 4 months larer he died. Duran wanted to rebuild The Grey Wardens but could not abandoned his people. He sends his right hand Faren Brosca to go to Amerathine.

Kallian Tabris and Theron Maherial went to go live Kallian's father Cyrion. Her father is glad to have his daughter back with him, Cyrion likes having Theron around due to the fact he saved Cyrion. Theron ends up proposing to Kallian 6 months later which she said yes on, 2 weeks later Aidan and Faren tell them "It's time to go to Amerathine".

Draven Amell becomes a respected Mage in and out of the Circle, weeks after weeks Draven visits the young Mage's that the Harrowing is part of the test and no need to fear the Fade and tells them how he became a Grey Warden, helped Unite Ferleden and helped slay the Archdemon. The Mage has not been the same since Neria was killed during the Blight, he eventually got word where her family is and wants to send a part of her with them knowing there daughter died a hero. Draven never found a good friend as her since then. 6 months later he finds out he has 3 cousins (DRAGON AGE II) Oldest Garret Hawke, the twins Carver and Bethany Hawke. Sadly he finds out Bethany died during the Blight but promised to meet them 3 days later Kallian and Theron tell him "It's time".

Faren Brosca became an elected Paragon he was well respected for outsmarting the Council. He is King Duran's right hand for his army and in politics , he became the 1st Commoner who became a Grey Warden survived the Blight and became a Paragon. Faren visits the surface there and back, spends the time to visit his old comrades (sometimes drinking with Oghren). He eventually leaves Duran's side for a while to go help the Grey Wardens in Amerathine promising to return to help his best friend.

The surviving Grey Wardens will always be remembered as the "Ones" who United Ferelden in it's darkest hour, fought the Archdemon against all odds and finally slayed the Archdemon Urthemiel.

Differences between the RPG game then the film
-Instead of 1 main Warden there are 7 Wardens
- Instead of going place to place as the game they split into 4 groups to do so
- NO side quests to save time
- film is bit darker then the game
- 1 warden died fighting the Archdemon (besides Riordan)
- Calin having an affair with Empress of Orlais fact it was actually suppose to be in the game but the writer was forced to cut it
- Calin and Duncan were given more Herioc deaths unlike the games
- More explaining to the other Grey Wardens
- romance is faster then the game
- Instead of 2 years to gather an army to slay the Archdemon took 13 months I forgot to add it onto the story
Similarities between the game and film
- Story is close to the game
- The Darkspawn origin stays true to the game
- Grey Wardens origin story true to the game
- Dark actions are made
- The plot for each quest is close to the game
- When Grey Wardens sense Darkspawn there eyes go icy blue like in the Cinematic trailers of the VGMV.
- Alistair and Morrigan still hate it each other
- There is romance
-They mention Andrastate ALOT
- Oghren still a badass dwarf
- Leliana sick skills with a bow
- Sten being well Sten
- Mention of the second game well Awakening at the end of Part 4
- Alistair still a virgin
- Morrigan making sarcastic remarks

Thanks for reading this the Fancast for it will be out tomorrow afternoon if you have anything to say just comment below. I do not want negative comments and I am working on the DRAGON AGE II film story for my cousin STARKILLER21 and fancast wait til a week and a half.
Also the Dragon Age Awakening story and fancast will be only "1" film and it will be on the DRAGON AGE II story arc well story for the film
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