Dragon Ball Z Movie Fan-cast

Dragon Ball Z Movie Fan-cast

Fancast of a Dragon Ball Z movie reboot and future sequels

Ok here’s my second fan cast and I decided to go with dragon ball z, I’m a huge fan of it growing up and was pretty excited for the movie that came out but it was a huge let down

The cast was ok I liked Justin Chatwin, Emmy Rossum, James Masters, Jamie Wong and Jamie chung but I think they would have to do it all over again, unless they carry it on with a sequel and go straight to the saiyan saga

So the story I would like to see them go with would be skip the origin story and straight to the saiyan saga but still loosely touch through it like they did with the incredible hulk but do flash back and show how goki got to earth and them all young training.

Most importantly have Krillin!

I’ve been working on this for a while and had all these picks for a long time now sorry only now I’m uploading and find the pics est.

im most probably going to get shit for this cast but i wanted to look for unknowns and people no one else have said yet

Sean Faris – Goku

Ok I’ve seen this guy in never back down and forever strong and did a pretty good job in them both! He defiantly has the look and the build for a young goku! he’s basically an unknown, I always thinking of putting him in my superman fan cast a while back when I did one, but I thought he’d be way to young

he's my number one pick but i could see the studio going going for bigger names like brandon routh,jake gyllenhaal ect.

but if they did go younger then maybe someone like aaron johnson, but right now faris is my number pick with Taylor Kitsch second.

Cam Gigandet – Vageta

ok sorry I’m choosing another never back down actor but I couldn’t pass up throwing this guys name forward! I really think he even looks like him! And would be pretty badass and was really good at playing the bad guy in never back down. Get his hair a bit darker and abit more of a Mohawk (not to much) and you’ve got him!

But a fan fave ive seen years ago was Ray Park and he’d be a pretty cool pick but not my number one.

Keiko Kitagawa – Chi-Chi

May have seen her in fast and furious Tokyo drift, she’s beautiful she can act she’d make a good chi-chi

Ron Perman – Piccolo

Ok so ‘’Apparently‘’ he got offered the part in dragon ball evolution and he’s a really good actor, I think he’d be awesome for the part

or Bjmon hounsou – Piccolo

ok my bad again, he’s was also in never back down Lol But this guy can act and has a good build to play him! He’s not my number one choice but I thought I d still throw his name forward

Jackie Chan – Master Roshi

I think he’d be awesome for roshi! And if they have this movie with a bit more of his comedy he’s perfect! They could even give him a bald head and beard! I think he could pull it off! Or even if they keep him the way he is I think he’d be a good/fun choice plus a big name.

Kristin Kreuk – Bulma

I think he’s perfect! Street fighter may have not been a good movie (I haven’t even seen it, but haven’t heard any good things). I think she pull off the action scenes and she’s really likeable just like bulma!

Also id like them to go more blue with the hair with the movie this time instead of the one blue highlight in the last one just give it highlights all over blend it in with dark hair. So they can keep it unoriginal like the cartoon but also more modern and current.


Ok for Krillin I have no idea who to cast but id say if they go with a more realistic version then just go for an actor who’s shorter had everyone else in the cast, they don’t HAVE to cast someone with dwarfism or a small person just someone who’s shorter than everyone else

BUT if they do then they could go with

Martin Klebba

Yamcha – Rain

He played the main character Raizo in Ninja Assassin and did a good job he’s really famous in South Korean with being a singer model actor est., was pretty badass in ninja assassin!

younger versions of the characters (flash backs)

Leo Howard – Young Goku

really young up and coming actor, he’s experienced in martial arts and he played a young snake eyes in G.I Joe: The Rise of Cobra and playing a young Conan in the new Conan movie coming up.

Jade Unterman – young Bulma

Well she played a young Lana for Kristin Kreuk in smallville I’m sure she’s still a young age she hasn’t don’t anything else apart from smallville thought!

Brandon Soo Hoo - young yamcha


Taylor Kitsch - Raditz

could even make a good goku himself! he's also my second choise for goki have Sean Faris

Dominic Purcell – Nappa

Or Jason Statham

Scott Porter - Tein

Future Sequals

Doug Jones – Frieza

He’s perfect good actor and what you seen from silver surfer and hellboy he would fit the part perfect!

Jackson Rathbone - Android 17

Katie Cassidy – Android 18

Tyler Mane – Cell

i dont know if he can act any good so maybe Ron Perman if he won’t play piccolo

also other smaller alien Characters in the movie that would invole cgi id like to see them used like they did in where the wild things are with someone there but with (good) in the face.

so there you have! hope you like it! i know im most probobly going to get shit for this lol but if u have any Differences say who you would play in the part instead ect. id like to see some feedback on who you would like.

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